News: Mike Pence, German Soap, CPAC, Brad Ellsworth, Saturn

 road Robbery and stabbing in Seattle had homophobic element, victim says.

Mimas roadNew shots of Saturn's moons Mimas and Calypso.

 roadRep. Mike Pence calls for constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage at CPAC.

 roadLMFAO: Turns out it was Mitt Romney doing the assaulting on his flight from Vancouver.

 roadNew Zealand billboard featuring 'gay-o-meter' called socially irresponsible: "The advertisement for the online polling site, which was displayed on the corner of Cuba and Webb streets, consisted of a large graph titled 'gay-o-meter', with the axes labelled 'degree of homosexuality' and 'degree of homophobia'.

A diagonal line running between the axes drew a correlation between the two."

 roadPredictably, Christians outraged over Elton John 'Gay Jesus' claims.

 roadMilo Ventimiglia joins the clan of the bearded.

 roadWATCH: The Cato Institute Forum on conservatism with Nick Herbert, Andrew Sullivan, and Maggie Gallagher.

Christian  roadGay storyline from German Soap Verbotene Liebe to get U.S. adaptation?

 roadNOM issues threat to GOProud at CPAC: "Many reporters, including Politico, have asked us how we feel about the fact GOProud is just a few booths over from us. We welcome everyone's right to participate in the democratic process, but we have a message for GOProud on marriage: If you try to elect pro-gay marriage Republicans, we will Dede Scozzafava them. The majority of Americans, and the vast majority of Republicans, support marriage as the union of husband and wife and NOM is here to make sure these voters and their voices are heard loud and clear."

 roadScientists discover secret behind Supernovas.

 roadRoyal Navy recruit Tristram Gay to change name: "In the Navy everyone is called by their surname so I would get a lot of stick with my name being Gay. It was different in the old days when gay meant happy."

 roadWar in Iraq renamed Operation New Dawn.

 roadMan who bought London pub which features Banksy's largest artwork says he'll paint over it: "I'm not a fan of modern art, I can't say I know much about it really. All I was concerned about was getting this great building for a good price, I'm going to turn it into luxury flats. I might leave the Banksy on the wall until last, just to see how it looks, but it will have to go to get the look I want."

 roadVassar grad Meryl Streep to deliver commencement address at Barnard.

William  The story behind Prince William's full, black head of hair.

 roadNYC subway conductor who pushed rider and used homophobic slur wins job back: "According to the arbitrator's decision, conductor Jack Grissett and a passenger got into a tiff on a platform. Grissett is accused of calling the man a homosexual slur, prompting the man to call Grissett's late father the same name. Grissett then 'forcefully' put his hands on the man, the decisions says.

The arbitrator ruled that two months without pay – not firing – was sufficient punishment."

 roadLiz Cheney apes father on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': "It's time for it to end. The joint chiefs, certainly the chairman of the joint chiefs, has been clear about that and I think that the country really is at a place now where it's time for it to end."

 roadBrazilian TV series CaRIOcas needs your donations.

 roadBrad Ellsworth will run for Evan Bayh's Senate seat. Why we should worry: "Ellsworth's social conservatism might serve him well in a portion of the state chock full of Appalachian white evangelical Christians and Joe the Plumber types, but it hasn't earned him many friends in the LGBT community. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT political organization, ranks Ellsworth as one of the ten worst Democratic Congress members when it comes to LGBT issues; he scored a meager 30 out of 100 possible points."


  1. says

    RE Ellsworth…yabbut, what score out of 100 does Dan Coats get? Negative eleventy?

    RE Banksy…yabbut, you can be NOT a fan of modern art and still realize how fucking stupid it is to paint over a work by a man whose stuff goes for tons of money!

  2. unruly says

    The Royal Navy Recruit blurb is hilarious. A 21 year old wasn’t been alive when “gay meant happy” in common conversation. The kid seems to have no balls, honestly. He’s changing his first name too because people call him Tristan instead of Tristam. He’s got to be quite the wussy if he can’t stand up for himself… and is joining the Navy; good luck with that to man up. (Ok, I was really thinking a word starting with “p” but I know the commentariat will call me a misogynist if I use it.)

    @Andy, the Banksy article doesn’t have a working link (the one included is just text)

  3. says

    I’m curious to know more about why Elton John believes Jesus Christ was homosexual. Hopefully, he wasn’t just yanking people’s chains. I think he’s right, although I’ll allow for the possibility that the Christ was bisexual. He was definitely an LGBT person, which I define as someone of blended gender. God is portrayed in the Bible as both male and female (read Genesis 1), so why would His Son not be the same?

    Every Christian has read the passages about the male disciple Christ loved (reputed to be John, although Lazarus is also a possibility), but most are in deep denial about what those passages signify. A close reading of Matthew 19 (perhaps the most important chapter in the Gospels) reveals that there were Gay men (called “eunuchs born of their mother’s wombs”) among Christ’s disciples. Gay men are also associated with Jesus Christ in the book of Revelations (Chapter 14).

    We make a huge mistake when we allow the Right Wing to define the Bible for everyone. It’s not the kind of document that you can pin an ideological tag on. I wish more people would dare to read this very sexual, very violent and often very boring book, and read it in a good, modern translation. Every LGBT person should do so, if only for survival purposes.

  4. Marty says

    Sorry Elton, but the myth of the “super evolved, compassionate, loving gay” is just that…a myth. I can say honestly that gay men are no less racist, sexist, misogynist etc. than any other group…we just know how to hide it better.

    I have many, many gay friends and I love them all, but some are assholes and some aren’t, just like in the straight world.

  5. Paul says

    i think Maggie Gallagher should shut the fuck up!! who cares what that fat bitch thinks!! She is vile human being!! I would love a shot at her!! I would rip her a new one!! who the hell does she think she is demonizing a whole group of people!! We are tax payer God Damnit!! we deserve to have rights!! and what does she care if two loving individuals men or women are married legally. What impact does it have on that bitch’s life!! she needs to get on a diet and get on with her own life these people waste so much energy on taking away individuals freedoms!! They should spend more energy trying to create jobs and build security and feed the hungry!! fuck these people!! !

  6. Bill says

    Ellsworth is from Indiana, Appalachia refers to the mountainous areas much further East. While many Hoosiers are hillbilly types there are no mountains in Indiana. I know its hard for you sophisticates to keep your flyover states straight, but show some respect for the simple mountain folk by not confusing them with rednecks who should know better.

  7. GregV says

    “I can say honestly that gay men are no less racist, sexist, misogynist etc. than any other group…”

    I don’t believe that that’s accurate. If gay men were somehow magically the ruling class, there would be no Propositions H8 to keep gay women or straight couples from marrying. Gay-led and gay-friendly churches have always been at the forefront of working for both racial and sexual equality while anti-gay churches are pretty much exactly the same list of churches that belittled racial minorities and fought to keep women from voting.
    What out-and-proud gay senator, mayor, or clergyman has ever said ANYTHING against women or racial minorities? We’ve never had the gay equivalent of a Pat Robertson telling us that hurricanes are the sinful woman’s fault, or a gay Maggie Gallagher-like characater sending around petitions to take away blacks’ rights to marry. Such a person would be dismissed in the gay community as nothing more than an looney idiot with no significant support whatsoever.
    Gay American couples are, for example, nearly four times more likely than those in opposite-sex marriage to be of different races. Four times! I can’t name one gay real, bona fide gay individual I’ve ever met (i.e. the occasional internet troll of unknown identity doesn’t count) who didn’t support racial and sexual equality under the law.

  8. John says


    If you live in America – and you simply don’t see any racism or sexism – then you are blind by choice. I don’t care if you live in “liberal” New York, San Francisco, Miami, or wherever. There isn’t a city, town, or village in this country where they have successfully eradicated chauvinism and racialism.

    Not one.

    That’s all I have to say about the matter.

  9. Marty says

    Greg you are clearly blind by choice or you don’t know ANY gays of color. The racism in the gay community is as deep as in the straight white community. The funny thing is that white gays react like white straights when asked about racism in their respective commmunities..”what racism??”. Like I said, the only difference is white gays are more politically correct, but no less racist. Don’t believe me? Read the comments on this blog when a black person does or says anything. I could go on and on about examples of racism, sexism, misogny etc. in the white gay community, but likely most white gays, you will simply dismiss it.

    Again, ask gays of color or women or any non-white gay about the REAL gay community.

  10. Mike says

    Ellsworth: the county from which Ellsworth was Sheriff and the state of Indiana both went for Obama in 2008.

    Why is it ok to stereotype people in Indiana with negative labels when this site spends so much time fighting such stereotyps of LGBT folk.

  11. marty is a bigot says

    I just wanted to fix your post since it was so racist.
    The racism in the gay community is as deep as in the straight black community. The funny thing is that black gays react like black straights when asked about racism in their respective commmunities..”what racism??”. Like I said, the only difference is black gays are more politically correct, but no less racist. Don’t believe me? Read the comments on this blog when a white person does or says anything. I could go on and on about examples of racism, sexism, misogny etc. in the black gay community, but likely most black gays, you will simply dismiss it.
    You bigots come in every color.