1. jk says

    Anyone ever see that Simpsons episode, where Lenin comes back to life and busts out of his tomb? The statue sorta looks like zombie Lenin

  2. Tonic says

    Something is off about the legs – they look stumpy in comparison with the long torso, which wouldn’t be an advantage for a soccer/football player.

  3. robert says

    I love this guy I think he’s one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen.That being said, why in the world would they choose that ugly piece of excreta to represent him? It’s totally ugly and looks nothing like him. I think the people who live there should get together and tear it down and demand that a better likeness be created (perhaps a nude life size version )be installed.

  4. Perspective says

    It looks out of proportion because it’s supposed to be viewed (and photographed) from below.

  5. tania says

    He is sooo very gay

    what kind of guy meets another without a shirt

    and he’s the only one without one!

    Also check out youtube for all gay vids of him

  6. Nuno says

    Look!! He spelled Madeira right! And how about donating one of his millions to the island? Yeah right

  7. yaaah69 says

    It is too stubby , should be on the order of the massive float for Portugal Fiesta a few years back , with the outline of his nice Schadrule , and a ball hanging out of his shorts. He is a very hansome Man , but he is not stocky , more on the lithe side. At any cost he is still a delight to watch on the football field…