NY Governor David Paterson to End Election Bid

Paterson The NY Daily News reports that NY Governor David Paterson will drop his election bid:

"Embattled Gov. Paterson has pulled the plug on his bid to seek reelection, a source close to the governor said Friday.

Paterson will announce the decision later Friday.

Paterson has been under fire for having contacted a woman who accused one of his top aides of domestic violence.

The source said the governor has agreed not to seek election, but he will not resign – opting to serve out the remainder of his term."

And the NYT story that led to this decision, if you missed it.


  1. Kevin says

    Andy, thanks for calling this what it is: an end to an election bid. The main stream media is calling this an end to a RE-election bid. Patterson was never elected in the first place. He only did the best he could for a job he may never have wanted. We’ve been so critical of Patterson, but I think he did a fine job, given the mess in Albany that some call a State Legislature and the state of the economy, in general, when he took office.

  2. says

    This makes me feel very sad. I liked Governor Patterson. He was one of the few outspoken gay rights allies in politics. It’s gotten to the point that everyone in politics is just screwed–they’re either ineffectual (Democrats in Congress), evil (Sarah Palin), idiotic (Michelle Bachmann), disappointing (Obama), or scandal ridden (Edwards).

    Pattersongate seems sort of fishy to me. Perhaps he is corrupt and I just don’t want to see it. But the way Diaz went after him recently and the Times seemed to be relishing in their uncovering of the scandal, I can’t help but feel this was all a case of using the poor guy as a whipping boy.

  3. patrick nyc says

    He has said himself that he did not want the job, he only ran hoping Hillary would win and he’d get her seat in the Senate. A job where he could do what he is good at, sit back and make deals in back rooms.

  4. Joe says

    Here is the way I see it.. He was at times ineffectual and did battle and came up with nothing but he was refreshing and new and bought about wonderful ideas for us and understood our plight and reasoned with people to understand. Yet due to his being ineffectual the Dems and our supreme leader Obama wanted him out and we all know it. He was pressured at every step and he knew that he was done long before this incident. Sadly they were just waiting for him to pull a screw-up like he did and he got the call.

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