News: NYC, Taylor Lautner, Moscow, Lawrence King, Prop 8

 road Americans more open to "gays" in the military than "homosexuals".

 road  Anti-gay Liberty Counsel wingnut Matt Barber calls for removal of gay Prop 8 judge: "This is no different than having an avid gun collector preside over a Second Amendment case, or a frequent user of medical marijuana deciding the legality of medical marijuana."

42nd  road NYC to get massive gay entertainment complex/hotel/club? "Officially described as 'The Out NYC: a hospitality and entertainment destination geared to the gay community,' the project, due to be completed by early next year, is informally dubbed 'a hetero-friendly urban resort' by its developers."

 road  VIDEO: Rihanna gets rude.

 road  Vigils organized for second anniversary of murder of Lawrence King.

 road  Empire State Pride Agenda executive director Alan van Capelle blames gay senator Tom Duane for hold-up on transgender rights bill GENDA. Action item.

 road  Kenya blocks gay wedding.

 road  Taylor Lautner no longer jailbait.

 road  San Francisco Unified School District strengthens protections for gay and lesbian students: "The new policy will require the district to track harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation, provide cultural sensitivity training to school staff and give parents educational materials each year. It also directs staff to seek outside funding for its program."

 road  WATCH: John Mayer makes apology from the concert stage.

Francis   roadConnie Francis gets a gay porn escort.

 road  8: The Mormon Proposition finds distributor: "ABC 4 News has learned that '8: The Mormon Proposition' has now sold its North American rights to distributor 'Red Flag Releasing.'…'Red Flag' plans to release the film theatrically and on VoD in the spring of this year."

 road  Snowstorm to delay marriage equality in D.C.

 road  Gay "kiss-in" planned this Sunday at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Protest planned for same day at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral.

 road  Pastor prayed for death of John Murtha.

 road  Britney Spears test drives a Maserati, from the passenger's seat.

Explosion road  Radio Shack explodes on Sixth Avenue in NYC. Yikes!

 road  Moscow Gay Pride organizers head back to court to complain about ban for fourth year.

 road  Marc Jacobs shuns celebrities. Lorenzo Martone confirms marriage, dick size.

 road Madonna and Jesus get hot and heavy in Brazil.

 road Origin of HIV transmission revealed: "Until now, it had not been established whether HIV RNA or DNA is transmitted during sex. By analyzing the genetic differences between these two forms and the virus that was ultimately transmitted to newly infected individuals, we found that it was the HIV RNA form present in seminal plasma that was transmitted."

 road  Hate crime charge added in lawsuit by HIV-positive man alleging he was beaten by officers in Blue Island, Illinois: "According to the lawsuit, Demetrius Anderson, who suffers from mental illness, attempted suicide in April 2009. Officers arrived on the scene and chased Anderson, who panicked and fled when EMTs arrived. Anderson claims that the officers battered him by shooting him with a taser, standing on his hands, feet, back and neck and handcuffing him tightly.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that the officers made comments regarding Anderson's religion, mental illness and sexual orientation."

 road  Transgender group turned away from Boston-area restaurant: "Ashley Bottoms, 42, of Saugus is alleging that she and seven others from Sisters Family were not let into Capone's Italian American restaurant on Summit Street because their appearance did not correspond with the photographs on their identifications."


  1. Brad says

    Send an email to Wiley Drake the so-called “Christian” pastor who prayed for the death of Congressman John Murtha. Here’s his email address: Let him know what you think of Christianist pastors who pray for the death of any human being. Truly, a disgusting pastor who personifies exactly why I don’t believe in organized religion anymore.

  2. tim b says

    That Radio Shack is on a doomed block… a couple years ago, a building around the corner on the 19th St. side also blew up (the sign printing business on the ground floor had some kind of chemical mishap).

    This is not cool for a lot of reasons, but the main one on my list is the fact that I live right around the corner…

  3. GregV says

    The editor of that article on Marc Jacob’s boyfriend has to be a myopic size queen to have interpreted the answer “I can’t complain” to mean that Marc’s penis is extra large.
    It could mean “I don’t like them too big” or it could mean, “I love him and that issue doesn’t mean a thing to me.”

  4. Craig says

    “This is no different than having an avid gun collector preside over a Second Amendment case, or a frequent user of medical marijuana deciding the legality of medical marijuana.” – Liberty Counsel.

    Except there doesn’t seem to be a problem with Alito, Scalia, and Roberts deciding these kinds of cases, especially Scalia. Any Bush appointee seems to be “free” from any and all bias on these cases. It’s great that a straight judge sits on this case, just don’t anyone gay. That’s “fair” in their eyes. What a bunch of hypocrites!

  5. Paul R says

    Craig, the funny thing is that the Prop 8 judge *is* a Bush (senior) appointee. And Pelosi and others tried to block his appointment because they felt he was antigay.

  6. Brian says

    I don’t like that the kiss-in link goes to an anti-gay site. Why support anti-gay sites (through ad revenue)? I understand if it’s for something related to the negative response, but for general information I would rather support an LGBT-friendly site.

  7. jamal49 says

    Kiss-in in Catholic church=dumb idea=p.r. disaster for LGBT community.

    Happy birthday, Taylor!

    Tom Duane is a dick. Tom Duane has always been a dick. Tom Duane will always be a dick.