1. Walter says

    agree – yawn

    tired of “fitness” careers = seriously the reality is move “fitness” obsessed people are f-ed up narcissists

    he is nothing but another cock tease come-on whore = at least he knows his “audience”

  2. Drew says

    His YouTube videos are some serious eye-candy and his fitness tips are quite good because he shows you every movement. I’m into health/exercise, so watching him show techniques is sexy and informational all at once. He is a jock intellectually, but seems like a very friendly guy.

  3. huh? says

    He’s sure a piece of eye candy, but I also find him to be even hotter when he opens his mouth. I think he has a nice sense of humor, and I melt when I hear that Massachusetts accent.

  4. says

    Oh, yeah — yawn. He’s so awful. If he came up and spoke to me in a bar I and my standards would immediately turn around in a huff and walk away. I mean, how dare he objectify himself AND do a narcissistic pro-gay ad at the same time. The nerve!

  5. Brent says

    I know Scott personally and he is a great guy who is genuine about his appreciation for and support of the gay community. He is a friend and ally to us, which should be obvious by his participation in the NOH8 campaign, among other things.

    Fitness is certainly not for everyone, but to hate on the guy and calling him a whore and a cock tease when he’s actually supporting us and the marriage equality movement seems to me to be more f-ed up than being a narcissist.

  6. says

    Usually I don’t waste my time with dopes such as the few of you who left the nasty comments above. However, the time has come.

    Who are you to judge me and say those nasty things when I am the one putting myself out there in the line of fire to fight for YOUR rights? What have you done with your lives that gives you the right to judge anyone?

    “Smart as a brick”?
    I have my Bachelors from the Girard School of Business Management at Merrimack College and I was at the top of my class. I have my financial advisor license. My real estate license. My personal training certificate. I run my own fitness website and talent management business and have ran my own businesses since I was a kid. When I was a sophomore in highschool I started my own DJ business with my own money I made from doing busywork and ran it successfully for 8 years while working full time at a gym.

    So again. What have you done with your lives that gives you the right to judge anyone?

    You might think one man can’t change the world. Well the world just hasn’t met me yet and you know what? As rude as the few of you have been; I will still be the first person to protect you if the time came because that’s just the kind of person I am.

    The Captain is back and for those of you who said the nice things. Thank you very much, you know how much your support means to me.

    PS: Incase you didn’t realize it. The fitness information I provide on YouTube is free. So again, what have you done to help your fellow man?

  7. TANK says

    Nothing against this guy or anyone who participated in this “campaign,” but this isn’t activism, and it’s a joke…the very premise of it undermines itself. It’s about quasi celebritay mugging for the cameras and pretty people showing off their bodies; not protesting unjust legislation or promoting gay equality. And those who say “both!” are the reason why lgbt’ers aren’t taken seriously; why DADT will remain on the books for years to come; why DOMA will not be reversed; Why ENDA won’t be passed.

  8. Daniel says

    Amen Brent!

    More straights supporting gays is how we are going to get eqaulity in this nation.

    Gays can’t do it alone! Thank you Scott!

    He is a great guy, and shouldn’t be reduced to being an idiot just because he’s a fitness nut. I’ve been watching his vids on youtube for awhile now, and he has a great personality to go with his training tips.

    Bitter fags on this site should go away.

  9. Brent says

    @tank- NOH8 is not really a protest per se- it’s a way of showing support and a way to promote awareness. I would hardly call it a joke. There are as many avenues to protest unjust legislation and promote gay equality as there are “types” of gays themselves. People used to (& maybe still do) say that drag queens in our parades were a joke and why we aren’t taken seriously, which is ridiculous. So pretty people are getting their picture taken (Steve-O in a dress is hardly “pretty”)- I’m appreciative to have an army of “pretty” people at my side supporting me.

  10. Bosie says

    NoH8 has become a joke. It was meant as a protest now is “chic” “cute naked guys” bla bla bla…IT DOESN’T do any good.
    The LGBT can’t stay focus…thats why we tend to go backwards then forward everytime.

    then a few blame someone else for they shitty choices.

  11. TANK says

    “@tank- NOH8 is not really a protest per se- it’s a way of showing support and a way to promote awareness.”

    Per se?! PER SE?! ha ha ha…Now what kind of person uses that in a sentence? Huh? The only thing is is raising awareness of is “hot bodies” and minor celebrity…it’s cool to be perceived as “socially aware” and “tolerant” when you’ve nothing to lose and get to promote your new tan.

    “I would hardly call it a joke.”

    That’s because you say things like per se.

    “There are as many avenues to protest unjust legislation and promote gay equality as there are “types” of gays themselves.”

    There’s no wrong to protest, huh? Did you attend CPAC? Per se? LOL!

    “People used to (& maybe still do) say that drag queens in our parades were a joke and why we aren’t taken seriously, which is ridiculous.”

    Well, drag queens aren’t really taken seriously. They’re entertainment…largely for heterosexuals. Though, I do get a kick out of a good drag performance…but no, they’re largely still not taken seriously as a political group advancing lgbt equality.

    “So pretty people are getting their picture taken (Steve-O in a dress is hardly “pretty”)- I’m appreciative to have an army of “pretty” people at my side supporting me.”

    Per se?

  12. Brent says

    @ tank: Just the fact that you’re making fun of me saying “per se” shows what kind of judgement person you are bro. I had made my comment without putting you down or making a personal attack on you.

  13. A. Gay says

    I won’t say my name, but I’m an out gay personality that’s been trying to get in contact with the NoH8 campaign for this, and they won’t even get back to me, but they have straight people for the “cause” when we’re nothing but another target demographic for them. It pisses me off that we’re more interested in straight acceptance than actual change, and our community spends more time worshiping straights for accepting us than it does lifting up actual out gays that have something to lose by fighting for gay rights.

  14. RJ says

    Dear Scott,

    I will challenge you that I have dome MORE for my fellow gay men than you have done with your entire life.

    I had the honor of posing for Adam last month and I chose to hold the Book of Mormon with a piece of duct tape around it rather than flaunt my psyique. I also wrote a play that appeared Off Broadway in ’08 about a gay Mormon who committed suicide in 2000 on the Church steps called Missa Solemnis or The Play About Henry.

    I am currently finishing my first book based on the Mormon Church’s treatment of homosexuals called a Stranger at the Table.

    Your picture isn’t serving anything except your ego.

    Get a grip.

    As I said before…ywr6awn.

    Roman Feeser

  15. Mark says

    Tank, you are either very old and out of touch, or very young and extremely ignorant. I can’t really tell which, because you have no respect for people either way. I find it amazing that someone that is so mad at DADT and DOMA and (of all things) CPAC would throw drag queens under the bus, the very drag queens that helped start the gay movement at Stonewall. Do you not know your history?

    And what exactly is an out gay personality that won’t say their name? A hypocrite. Boy you are just all up in a whirl complaining about how we are glad straight people are accepting us. How dare they!

  16. Mark says

    Well Roman, you are GAY- hello. Is it surprising to you that Herman hasn’t done as much as you have? You saying he is serving his ego when you are saying “look at me and what I have done” doesn’t make any sense. You are BOTH contributing! Why suddenly do you put down someone else that contributed to the same campaign honey? You each contributed in their own way. You are both promoting yourselves, clearly by what you’ve said.

    Jesus Mary and Joseph, the straight hatred here is just amazing!

  17. TANK says

    “the very drag queens that helped start the gay movement at Stonewall. Do you not know your history?”

    You’re quite right. The gay hustlers and drag queens were the ones putting up a fight at stonewall. I have to be honest…in the bar fights I’ve accidentally wandered into, I’d prefer to be on the side with the drag queens throwing down.

    Doesn’t change reality, though. Of all the things the HCR does wrong, having joe solmonese dress up like reba and sing fancy to a group of politicians isn’t one of them.

  18. Cory says

    Thank you Scott, and don’t let the few bad apples discourage you…even oppressed classes have their assholes but the vast majority of us appreciates your and every other straight ally’s support. Thanks again.

  19. RJ says


    I don’t have straight hatred at all. I LOVE straight people. After all their the ones who keep creating all the gay people!

    I was simply responding to Scott Herman’s question What have you done for you fellow man?

    My yawn was directed at his unoriginal definition of NoH8. Mr. Herman’s photo doesn’t seem to serve any purpose but his own.

    I’m sure he has creatively contributed to someone’s life. Kudos for him!

  20. TANK says

    Oh ignore mark. Look, the personal attacks on scott herman are entirely unjustified. If you want to criticize something, criticize this ridiculous marketing tool masquerading a civil rights protest. People like mark will defend straight men with their last breath…they’re the self-inflicted fringe, who have so completely absorbed the gender binary that they’ve fetishized straight men. He’s walking wounded…not worth getting your fists dirty on.

  21. says


    I am from a small town and didn’t even know transgendered people REALLY existed until I met Katelynn on Real World: Brooklyn. I’d say the amount I’ve done, learned, and accepted in the last year is more than enough to prove I am doing something I personally believe in.

    Mark is right… we are on the same team. I was responding to the comments of those saying I wasn’t intelligent.

    Also, use your brain. I am a model and an actor. My body is my product. If I owned a car dealership I would make sure every single one was shiny and clean so I could sell them.

    I’m not getting hired for underwear shoots because my six pack came from hoe hoes.

    This is my last post here on this topic. I am just going to keep supporting my gay friends and the dopes that are talking smack whether they want my help or not because it is the right thing to do.

  22. Bruno says

    The Huffington Post for example (not to mention just about all the male-centric gay blogs) draws readers in with salacious, sexy stories, in order to possibly draw their attention to the political slant elsewhere on the site. I think Scott’s body will draw at least some readers to look up and ask what that “No H8″ means written on his face as well.

  23. says

    For anyone thats a hater against my friend Scott is purely jealous. I know him personally and he is just as hard a worker as myself ! None of you have any right to judge what so ever. So many of you people have got no clue and probably do jack shit with your lives. I had to check out the BS being posted here. Usually i stay away from crap like this but i had to say something. Think before you speak , Stop talking crap about someone who actually does a lot for people.

    -Jamie Dominic

  24. Maplewoody says

    A. Gay,

    NOH8 does many Photo shoots, all are listed in advance on their NO H8 Campaign Facebook page under the event tab. All you have to do is show up, pay your $40 donation to pose for Adam. They had their first NYC 2 day NOH8 shoot Jan 31/Feb 1st. The first day was for VIP & Celebs in the NY area.

    Scott, Keep on Trucking, love your Youtube fitness clips!


  25. Dwain says

    @Tank and others, you folks need to get a grip. Our movement needs every idea and every proponent, gay AND straight, that we can muster. Unless you all have forgotten, we are in a small, maligned minority, and cannot gain our rights without allies. Scott is proving himself to be a terrific ally and your criticism of him, and the avenue he is using is just plain wrong-headed. I have a number of friends in the NOH8 campaign and they are not celebrities. But the use of celebrity is an important promotion tool and there is nothing wrong with it. So get over yourselves, please. We have much bigger fish to fry than your distaste over a beautiful man who has a shirtless photograph taken. @ Scott, THANK YOU. And don’t let these naysayers stop from supporting us.

  26. Ray says

    “He is a jock intellectually, but seems like a very friendly guy.”

    Whats that supposed to mean? and other snide comments like it, whats impressed me following his videos is that hes NOT just another body with no brains, nobody who has honestly watched his videos (all of them) could insult his brain power, or call him a narcissist, I’ve seen the guy specifically post videos the odd time on his personal channel saying he’d just eaten (insert crap foood here) and wanted to show you nobodys perfect and you don’t have to be a complete fascist to have a good body, a self absorbed asshole woudn’t do that, he’d conceal that kind of thing and project an image of perfection.

    Some gay people are just little bitches, its as simple as that. Here we have a sound, decent, down to earth (and hot) straght ally and what do you do? Bitch and whinge, because thats all some of you are good at, at the end of the day.

    As for the other thing, there is a certain class of gay hippocrits out there who bitch about what they call “gym bunnies” all the time, but then they drool over them.

    For a group of people that are demanding equality, gay people can be a very narrow minded bunch, I’ve personally had to put up with faux shock that I’m gay and into sports from self hating fags who think those two aren’t meant to go together. THe assumption that having a good body makes you an asshole, and therefore you can’t be ripped and a nice guy, that absurd assumption in fact shows you to be the ones lacking in intelligence.

    The guys spending his career promoting health and fitness in a country that, from what I saw when I was there, is full of grossly unhealthy and overweight people.

    As for his support of NOH8, do you know how ununsual it is to stand up for the rights of another group? Check out what happened to white people who marched with black civil rights protestors in the 60s “N-lovers” etc.
    The guy already has a huge gay fanbase so he’s nothing extra to gain by doing the NOH8 campaign, and you could make a good argument he’s a lot to loose by standing up for the rights of a small minority thats widely steriotyped (and self steriotyping…). Given that he’s little to gain and a lot to loose, I think that alone is a testament to his character.

    Lay off the guy.

  27. TANK says

    It’s an important promotion tool, but they’re not promoting anything but themselves…so it’s not important to gay rights.

    Dwain, you’re gonna lose this one. Look at the responses…this isn’t about gay rights; this is about the person posing for the photos… That tell you anything? Didn’t think so.

    “Our movement needs every idea and every proponent, gay AND straight, that we can muster. Unless you all have forgotten, we are in a small, maligned minority, and cannot gain our rights without allies”

    Right. Even bad ideas like this one are needed, huh? Every idea…even ineffective ideas…so long as the “heart” is there, right? Well, that and a desire to promote one’s “assets”.

    Now you can defend your crush all you want. That’s what you’re doing–this has nothing to do with gay rights. I’m not attacking him, and think it’s foolish to do so…but to call this an effective campaign to draw awareness and support to gay rights and prop h8 is naive at best.

  28. RJ says


    Sometimes I would prefer gay men (and I know you’re not gay) use their intellect to fight the hate rather than their bodies.

    When I saw this photo I may have jumped to the conclusion (not knowing who you were)that this was just another gay man who feels like sexuality is going to change minds. I was mistaken. Being gay and sexuality go hand and hand. If we as a communtiy would take just as much time taking care of each other as we do taking care of our bodies we would be a lot further than we are.

    Your shot is beautiful and I wish you much success. Thanks for putting yourself out there for our community. Keep up the good work.

  29. Marcus says

    I personally am not gay, but I fully support legalizing gay marriage. I never knew about NOH8 until Scott promoted it on his fitness videos. Please don’t hate on a guy just trying to help out people he supports. If you flame everyone who does their best to support your cause, you could end up without ANY support. Count your blessings.

    p.s. Sex sells.

  30. says

    Wow….what a great discussion. This can’t be all bad for the cause. I think all this has done more for Adam Bouska’s photography career than anything else. Adam has sort of hijacked this to further his career.

  31. TANK says

    Yeah, marcus…sex sells. What most people, including you, don’t get is that sex sells sex, and that’s about it. From cars to drinks to whores. Not rights.

  32. says

    Really… sometimes I really just don’t get you guys. And yes, I mean you guys from the US.
    That is such an important theme for you right there. Don’t forget: Here in Europe gay marriage is possible in most of the countries.
    Now… there is a cute young guy, doing a lot of reality tv and promoting his fitness on youtube.
    He is definitely not an a-lister celeb, but he is someone who cares for *you* – the american gay population.
    You may think that the campaign is not working, but why do you have to bash the model?
    Sure, he wants attention – tha may have been another part why he volunteered… but what the hack!
    Be glad, that some people car!
    Really… it is depressing to read these commentaries!

  33. crispy says

    Wait, did somebody honestly claim they’ve done more for gay rights because they’re holding the book of Mormon in their Adam Bouska portrait?

    Good lawd, Mary, you’re like a 21st Century Harvey Milk! Can somebody get this girl a pedestal? No, wait, who’s got some wood? This calls for a crucifixion. I’ll bring the cocktail weenies.

  34. Mark says

    Oh Tank please get off your high horse and get to the gym honey lol. Absorbing the gender binary haha such a clever analysis of someone you don’t even know. Damn right I will defend straight men, especially straight men who RESPECT who I am, which is obviously not how you operate in life. Give me a sexy gay man who respects others, not some criticizing, complaining bully like yourself.

    No one is asking you to be involved in NOH8 so why are you so worried about it?

  35. Mark says

    Crispy- you said it honey. And Caliban, you’re right- some in this crowd are just never happy with anything, always judging, always criticizing. And RAY, wow- you said it baby! Too bad it’s so long- it’s gonna take some time for Tank to cut and paste then rip apart what you said. Kisses!

  36. TANK says

    Mark, I’d put money down that I’m in better shape and younger than you, ya fat old cunt.

    Of course you defend straight men. You fawn over them, and go away of your way to flirt with them. You’re a dime a dozen, piece of shit self loathing faggot. Now fuck off, before I start to have some real fun at your expense.

  37. J.Wo says

    I love this website but the bitchy catiness of the people who write in the comments has me completely turned off. I applaud Scott and love his site and am so sickened by the few people on this site that feel the need to hate on EVERYONE and post nasty comments about EVERYTHING. Can we pleeeeeease just stop being so bitchy people?

  38. Mark says

    Haha oh honey don’t make me laugh! Your true colors have shown right through in the way you cut down others. You are obviously not a leader in the gay community, and you never will be, and this is why…

    You’re just a bully who’s got no problem calling another man like me a FAGGOT, just like all the straight people who hate us already.

    All your fronting on how you are such a fighter for gay rights is completely destroyed by what you have just said. Shameful.

  39. TANK says

    “Haha oh honey don’t make me laugh!”

    You fey effete loser. Only a self loathing straight chasing queen like you would say something like:

    “Jesus Mary and Joseph, the straight hatred here is just amazing!”

    Oh those poor maligned straights. Trash like you bring down this community. You have decided to make this a personal attack on the first page. Don’t forget that. And you will pay the price.

    “Your true colors have shown right through in the way you cut down others. You are obviously not a leader in the gay community,”

    And you’re a spineless straight chasing homophobe who happens to be effeminate and homosexual. Tell me, after your fourth round at the bar, do you and your glassy eyed cohorts snipe at each other through your overdone makeup? You’re an anachronism…a reminder of the painful past. No room for you at the inn.

    “and you never will be, and this is why… ”

    And you will die a lonely drunken fool at the end of some nondescript bar.

    “You’re just a bully who’s got no problem calling another man like me a FAGGOT,”

    Oh, it’s too early to be claiming victim status when you were coming down hard on all that so-called straight hate when your heterosexual crush was being put down…to the rescue, huh? Don’t forget your bag, bag.

    “just like all the straight people who hate us already.”

    And self loathing fags like you don’t help our cause. Okay? You support the notion of the predatory queen always looking for a straight guy to blow. Loser.

    “All your fronting on how you are such a fighter for gay rights is completely destroyed by what you have just said. Shameful.”

    By treating you, a POS who has basically attacked anyone who would dare criticize this campaign because you can’t distinguish it from your straight boy crush? I think not. You are nothing.

  40. Mark says

    Haha Tank, you keep digging yourself a bigger hole and showing everyone on here who reads your comments exactly who you are and how you talk.

    It’s ironic that this was about NOH8, when that’s exactly what you’re all about – hate.

    I may be fey and effeminate, and even a queen- I don’t drink however, I’m sober, so you got that all wrong. But at least I’m not full of hate like you.

  41. John says

    You know how when you hear about something bad happening to a stranger and you hope it at least happened to someone like “Tank”, instead of a decent person who has value? Whatever issues he has with straight people can’t be worked out here, and frankly I don’t care. If he got beat up as a kid he probably deserved it for being such a prick.

    Congratulations to those associated with the NoH8 campaign for doing a good job, and thank you to Scott Herman for his participation. It’s nice to see people doing things to make a better world.

  42. TANK says

    “I may be fey and effeminate, and even a queen- I don’t drink however, I’m sober, so you got that all wrong. But at least I’m not full of hate like you.”

    Oh, you’ll fall off the wagon. Your kind always does.

  43. Liam H says

    The No H8 campaign is sheer vanity. It does nothing but alienate the straight people we need to secure our rights in two ways:
    1. it automatically alienates people by calling them haters — you win more flies with honey than vinegar.
    2. it presents gay people (and their straight allies) as privileged narcissists.

    Sure the pictures are pretty, but this campaign does more damage to average gays and lesbians than good.

  44. Cory says

    If everyone notices there’s only a few negative comments about Scott and/or Noh8, they’re just coming from the same couple of morons. Anyone reading this, especially our straight allies, just know that the vast majority of us (on this site and in the community as a whole) are eternally grateful for what you do for us.

    We’ll never win this fight alone and you guys are an immeasurable assistance, thanks again.

  45. TANK says

    “No Tank, I’m only afraid of gay people like yourself. I have huge tankophobia issues hahaha.”

    Have a drink. It appears that every troll I’ve sleighted is jumping on the bandwagon. Hilarious.

  46. says

    i see a lot of sniping comments and it strikes me as jealous hateful bitchy drama queens that would rather claw at someone than appreciate what they do – with or without a rocking hot body.

    i don’t know scott in depth, and i haven’t known him for a long time. but everything i -do- know about him suggests quite a different person than the sniping attacks going on here. are you vindictive and spiteful because he hasn’t slept with you or spent a whole day doting on you?


    give it a break people. learn how to say thank you instead of “azzhole!” once in a while

  47. Zach says

    And we wonder why the gay community struggles. The comments conservatives make are sometimes nothing compared to the nasty and bitter comments gays direct towards each other or those who lend us their support.

  48. Steve Morales says

    I really don’t understand the reason you guys hate Scott so much. He’s an incredible role model for all of us and is incredibly talented. I really wished our beloved hollywood celebrities were this focused and healthy, and dedicated their time to promote a healthy lifestyle instead of getting waisted all the time. We love you Scott and thank you for your incredible support.

  49. Chris says

    I normally don’t post here but I am going to have to jump in to defend Scott. I don’t know him personally. I’ve only watched a few episodes here and there of the real world. Yes—Scott is sexy eye candy (in my opinion), but what I most remember about him while on the show is how genuinely nice the guy is. To all you people hating on him, you have no basis to. The guy is helping to fight for a good cause and all you can do is find things to criticize about him?! He could have simply chose not to help, but he went out of his way to help the campaign.

    Scott if you come back and read these posts—-thank you and please keep up your support for the community. And don’t let some of these haters get to you.

  50. Scott S says

    I find it bizarre that anyone would even take the time to h8 on the NoH8 campaign or on Scott Herman here. Because he’s good looking and shows his abs, he’s automatically stupid? Or you think you know who he really is just from a picture or some video? Or you know his motivations for doing this (or anything else)? Give me a break. Anyone who knows anything about him knows 1. he’s no dummy and 2. he’s an ally against homophobia and the anti-marriage equality movement. Jealous much? The people hating on him for doing this have no clue. As someone stated above, it’s a real shame that some people within the LGBT community are just as bad for the community as the radical right. They need to learn some common sense and respect for others. Scott, I hope you know that the vast majority of us appreciate your support in the fight against homophobia and marriage inequality.

  51. David McCrory says

    (shakes his head)
    Someone offers you love and support, and this is how you treat them?

    I will not be a party to all of the negative comments about Scott, or any of the other negative comments for that matter.

    I know, Love is everywhere.

    We must first give, that which we wish to receive. If you want love and respect from others….you must first give love and respect.

    Scott you have a beautiful body, but it’s your heart I like the best. Stay focused and positive.

    If they cannot see Love…we have to be the example and show it to them.

    One Love, NoH8

  52. bobo says

    gay men spend way too much time cutting each other down. I didn’t even have to read the comments, i just saw the photo, saw the number of comments, and knew exactly what was going down. Tearng each other down is a waste of time, boring, way too easy, straight people are already good at doing that for us. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, taking off your clothes and being bare-assed naked loving it is NOT activism. Here are some things that i found to be a much better use of time: staying up late with your friends and silkscreening pro-queer fliers and posters, learning an instrument and starting a band with other queer men, starting a queer/feminist-theory book club, volunteer to do legal research for pro-queer advocacy groups, protesting with your friends at the city council meeting about making restrooms trans-friendly, voluntering at LGBTQ homeless shelter, etc.

  53. Mike says

    That’s great to support NOH8, but what about Scott’s support for the GOP and McCain in the last election, as shown on episodes of the Real World? There’s a disconnect between support for the equality cause and support for politicians and parties that seek to undermine that.

  54. AM says

    Tank would you PLEASE STOP TURNING ME ON with your nimble wit and your (at least on the first page) genuinely intelligent analysis? Seriously Tank, it’s hard (pun fully intended) for me to get through all these comments when yours keep giving me a raging hard-on.

    I think Scott is a nice guy, but Tank is right about this campaign being pointless, and right about the straight white male worship that pervades gay blogs like these and the gay community at large (and I’m not exempting YOU EITHER ANDY).

  55. Ken S says

    Bunch of fucking little ingrate bitches.

    “Waaahhh, he’s just showing off his abs! He’s a cock-tease!” (Hints at bitterness that you get to see them but not give yourself a concussion against them)

    “Waaahhh, this isn’t accomplishing anything!” (Ignores the fact that *every single person* who advocates for gays’ legal rights is a vote for ‘our side’ in the almighty polls that influence social attitudes and government policies,and in elections. Also ignores the fact that celebrities of any stature can help shape the opinions of their followers, and if hundreds or more people- including other straight people- listen to him at all then that sways opinion ‘our way.’ Plus, some of us accomplished a moment of pure aesthetic enjoyment, and that’s something.)

    “Waaahhh, he’s in shape so he must be shallow and dumb!” (Shallow? Who’s the one jumping to conclusions about intelligence and character based on appearance? And dumb? Well he seems to be doing alright for himself and he seems capable of negotiating the small amount of backlash from his homophobic straight fans while he grows his admittedly-visually-oriented homo fan base. So… dumb like a fox.)

    Y’all need to get over whatever this pathology is that leads you to lash out at someone who– in a still largely homophobic culture– stands to lose more than gain by lending his support to a just cause that doesn’t even directly benefit him (unless his next business plan involves half-naked catering of gay wedding receptions). However big or small the contribution, these aren’t his rights he’s supporting. He already has his. Now he’s telling others that you should have yours as well. And you’re going to slander him for it? I’ll say it again: fucking ingrate bitches.

  56. Corey says

    I totally agree with S C O T T! You guys have absolutely nothing going for yourselves, and are just angry and bitter ASSHOLES who are never going to get anywhere in life until you stop being quick to judge someone else on what they do (WHICH IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS)and look at your self and find out what’s burning you up inside so much that you feel you have to steal someone else’s shine. You guys are im-freaking-possible.

  57. Drew says

    Scott, not sure if you’ll ever read this, but I apologize to you. I complimented your efforts, but inadvertently labeled you an ‘intellectual jock’. To be sure, you’re the complete opposite; it’s just that promoting any gay cause with your shirt off gives the immediate visual impression that someone is using their body, not mind, to extend their support. I know it’s one and the same essentially, but I typed faster than I could think… Personally, I would be happy just to see you — not necessarily shirtless — in any future ad supporting our search for equality. Thanks!

  58. Matt says

    Roman Feeser…lemme see…where have I heard that name before? Ummmmmmm…oh, yeah: nowhere. But, apparently, you have issues with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Don’t blame you. However, after reading your post, I was left feeling sorry for you. How sad that you let envy and resentment lead you to make such disparaging remarks about someone who is trying to support a cause that, based on the content of your post, is of great import to you. I’m assuming it was due to envy and resentment. This assumption made because a Google search of Scott Herman’s name yields the results of a celebrity, while a Google search of your name yields the results of a local middle school student who won first prize at last year’s talent show for her a cappella rendition of “Frog Went A-Courtin.”

    Roman – is it really so far out of the realm of likelihood that someone who’s known for fitness and personal training would pose sans shirt? And even if he wasn’t known for that – what’s the big deal? So he posed with his shirt off, and you with a book. Which do you think will garner more attention? Which do you think will drive more people to the NOH8 website? Which do you think will lead more people to click on the “About” link once there? And that’s what it’s all about: education. The more people we educate about our issues, the better our chances of achieving our goals as a community. The more allies we have, the better our chances of achieving our goals as a community. The more people like you discount the efforts of allies like Scott Herman, the worse our chances of achieving our goals as a community.

    Anyone who has taken the time to watch one of his fitness videos knows that Scott is an intelligent, articulate individual who radiates positivity and sincerity. The gay community is lucky to have Scott as a friend, and a friend to the community he has been: hosting events at gay nightclubs, giving an interview to Feast of Fun, issuing a “special” congratulatory video gift to Micah Jesse upon the launch of his website (gratuitous? you bet, but all in fun, and not something done by someone who has qualms with gay people). And when he takes substantive action in direct support of our causes, you belittle him and you discredit him? In your post, you challenged that you have “dome [sic] MORE for my fellow gay men than” Scott Herman has “done with…[his] entire life.” Well, I challenge that your negative, caustic post hasn’t done our community or causes any favors. Take your own advice, Roman, and “get a grip.”

  59. iKerry8 says

    Man, no wonder homesexuals have such a hard time being accepted, there are always some elements that try to fight down EVERYBODY; gay’s, bisexuals, straight’s who support the cause for equality… and end up making a bad name for all.. Keep it goin Scott, you’re the man..

  60. Jenna Montalbano says

    Screw any one who is posting something bad about Scott. First off he isn’t stupid in the slightest he is a very intelligent individual and very stimulating in conversation I am in Premed so I would know. Second off he isn’t doing this for attention he has enough attention without doing this campaign he is simply doing it because he does believe in equality. Therefore anyone who posted something that degrades him in any way is quite ignorant.

  61. Jesus hates me. says

    Hasn’t Andy installed that blog filter software that limits the number of stupid hater posts? Maybe he’s storing msgs for some anthropology review, or perhaps it’s a goofy government sponsored social experiment to re-channel REAL social concerns to effortless backbiting….

  62. Toto says

    Although it is a nice sentiment for a straight or even gay “celeb” to pose for this campaign… its really getting stale, shallow and Ambercrobie and Fitch in its presentation… or maybe its more American Apparel . After the first hundred or soo half naked people covering their mouths and doing their best impression of coyness, I want to see something bold and moving. I’d just like to think social change is more than an accessory or a fashion statement. Again, cudos to anyone involved.

  63. says

    Hi Scott, I followed your fitness channel and used your lessons in the gym. I,for one , am grateful for your fitness programme and also for your gay-friendly communications.
    Your further support for the gay community is really praise worthy……and these bitter nasty comments from the disillusioned shouldn’t get to you….there will always be the begrudgers to drag you down.
    Congratulatiosn on your channel and on your personal success…..I, with others, wish you well.

  64. says

    I’ve often used “per se” in a sentence…..and I’ve even used “sine qua non” after a beer… don’t put people down for their terminology !
    And Scott Herman has always been a polite, friendly, helpful character….what’s with this bullshit hate ?

  65. Robert says

    Thanks, Scott, for the support! Blogs like this don’t represent the general LGBT community…instead you have a lot of bitter, ugly old (rhymes with maggots) who are jealous and resentful, and come on here, anonymously, to say things behind your back that they wouldn’t say to your face. They do it to everyone on here, not just you. So, don’t take them seriously!

  66. Robert says

    Tank, you’ve had your say. Lay off and let’s hear some other voices.

    By the way, NoH8 is WINNING, you’re the one that’s losing. And I don’t keep score by bitchy comments from little piranhas on Towleroad. When I see John McCain’s wife on NoH8, you know it’s making inroads into the mainstream thought. The whole point is, if our rights come down to majority vote (which they shouldn’t, but still…), then 40% of the “pro-gay-marriage” votes must come from straight people, even if 100% of gays voted. Think about that.

  67. Robert says

    As for Adam Bouska…he was ALREADY famous before “NoH8″ came out, photographing the likes of Ryan Barry (then Reichen Lehmkuhl’s boyfriend) for DNA Magazine, Ooh La La Paris, etc. This started as a personal protest, it only grew because others wanted their own Facebook NoH8 pics, too.

  68. Mike says

    Myself and 6 others formed a 501c3 8 years ago to raise fnds for the housing of AIDS infected/affected persons in our community. In that time we have (with the help of many others) opened/operate three apartments and one hospice home. The reason I bring this up is that I have have learned that any positive press coverage is a good thing. If by writing a book, or by posing half naked inspires even one person to support what they would otherwise appose, we as a community have won. Keep up the good work, all of you! Young/old, gay/straight, together we will overcome.

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