Towleroad Guide to the Tube #601

THIS IS WHO WE ARE: Tom Goss and Matt Alber sing against 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'.

TIM TEBOW: O'Reilly and Jehmu Green, President of the Women's Media Center, face off on the Super Bowl ad.

JEFFREE STAR: New video for "Get Away with Murder".

FCINO: Is Carly Fiorina's campaign video the worst ever?

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  1. sparks says

    I got Matt’s CD “Hide Nothing” a couple months ago after swooning over his video. It’s fantastic. If you thought true gay romance was dead you haven’t listened to Matt Alber.(Oh yeah btw. Front of CD cover is a picture of his face. Back of CD cover is the back of his head. You gotta love this guy.)

    Really though, he seems like a sweetheart and a gentleman. Never mind the cute scruffy face and the pretty eyes…

    Okay I have a little crush. Don’t judge.

  2. Campell ain't bad says

    I like Campbell–he’s pro-gay and a republican, so I don’t think he’s liable to go crazy either way. But man, that’s gotta be the worst ad I’ve seen. That was a person in a sheep costume with red eyes at the end, right? Ridiculous.

    Frankly, it’s disappointing to see the CA GOP put up Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, when the other guys (Poizner and Campbell) are legitimately independent/progressive types. But, this being the midterms I’m sure some base crazies will ruin any chance for a reasonable alternative to Jerry Brown (wah wah…shitty AG in Prop. 8 case), or Barbara Boxer–who’s cool and all, but between her and Feinstein it’s time for some new blood.

  3. Paul R says

    I bet Carly Fiorina is happy that her initials can stand for Conservative Fiscal. Someone should buy up the tout de suite and sell it to her for a fortune, because clearly her advisers are on crack.

  4. Leo says

    Re: Tebow ad

    CBS didn’t just approve the ad, they helped develop it.

    Greene was well-spoken and kept her cool while being bullied by O’Reilly.

    Tebow was sitting in front of an UnderArmour ad. I’m going to let UnderArmouur know my opinion about this, and I hope others will, tool.

  5. Jason says

    Good for Bill O. I like his point to keep the attacks focused on the Ad and its message. Granted “Focus on the Family” is a despicable organization and is radical in their views, however that doesn’t take away from the message that there is an alternative CHOICE to abortion which likely results in a more positive outcome.

    I don’t understand why the radical pro-choice organizations are so adamant even against providing the idea that there is an alternative to abortion. It makes them look like they are pro-abortion not Pro-choice. Since a fully educated Choice requires factual data on the pros and cons of keeping the baby and of aborting the baby, one would think, advocates of Choice would fully support positive stories of choice being used like that coming from Tim and his Mom.

  6. says

    The Carly ad is aimed right at those teabagging morons who love the conspiracy crap. I’m sure they’re eating that up. The only thing that would make it better (worse?) would be if the ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’ pulled off his mask and it was Obama under there–The wingnuts would go crazy-excited over that!

    I like Tom Campbell, knowing that the Democrats will surely eff this election up (they’re so good at it), I won’t mind Tom as governor.

  7. Mike says

    I couldn’t believe that Fiorina ad; it is simply bizarre – let’s hope she gets the nom from the republicans cause she would definitely lose in the general election. I still remember her giving a speech during her illustrious HP days calling offshoring jobs to India as “right shoring”. I about barfed when I heard it. She is a piece of work. Don’t get me started on Meg Whitman. If either of those two get in, we’re doomed.

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