Towleroad Guide to the Tube #604

TRANSGENDER EQUALITY: Democratic strategist Bernard Whitman debates Sandy Rios, president of the Culture
Campaign, over the U.S. tax court's ruling on tax deductions for sex change operations.

HORROR MOVIE RULE #1: Don't look in the mirror.

SNOWBOARDING: Taking to the streets in South East D.C.

DADT: Richard Socarides on FOX News Sunday.

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  1. says

    The very phrase “allowing gays to serve openly in the military” is so patronising…..
    I feel we should be so fucking grateful to be considered worthy to be treated as equals……
    let’s have a poll on gays, …..but not give them equal rights until it is politically expedient to do so…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.OK , I’m in meltdown

  2. Blake says

    Sandy Rios is a woman who slept her way to be where she is, which is not much considering all she does is sleep her way in to getting more “segments” like these I’ve observed of her where she trips over her words, has no concrete basis to her ignorant, uneducated and bigoted view points and just spews her drivel in a format where appreciated and not actually countered. Basically, she knows better than to debate with a real transexualtransgendered person because it wouldn’t end pretty for her and her fried brain cell. Back to the botox you go Sandy Rios…and p.s, you’re nothing more than a glorified stepford wife with awful plastic surgery and great lack of intellect. Keep on sucking on unil your jaws hurt lady 😉

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