Towleroad Guide to the Tube #609

THE SIMS: Football player Brian Sims talks about how his team came out to him. From I'm From Driftwood.

SMIITH COLLEGE: Loves Rachel Maddow. This is the announcement that she'll deliver their commencement address. She'll also receive an honorary degree.

JIM BEACH: Straight dudes slam the NJ Camden County Democratic Committee chairman for refusing to vote on marriage equality.

MO ROCCA: Spent a night as a male escort.

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  1. says

    It’s important that we hear stories like Brian Sims to remind that there is understanding in this world and that working for equality is a full-time job that will pay off.

  2. Bayley says

    Is Mo Rocca gay? I’ve always wondered this but always hoped for an official (or unofficial) answer.

  3. Bryant says

    I find Brian Sims’ story very inspiring. But… and I hate to admit this since it makes me feel like a silly teenager… I think I am in love. I can just see us driving our adopted kids to school in the Prius. *sigh*

  4. unruly says

    “Is Mo Rocca gay?”
    Very much a yes. Dated Frank Bruni (ex NYT restaurant critic.) Frank tells a story of going to review the Penthouse restaurant and took Rocca and, of course, the waitress/stripper starts making the moves until Rocca says something to the essence of “you’re not going to get any tips from this table for that.”

  5. Ben says

    SERIOUSLY!! Brian Sims is SMOKIN’ HOTT!!! Nothing like a big footballer to hold you YUM!
    Is he on Facebook?? Cant find him and I feel like FB stalking him right now!!!

  6. Fred says

    Sims is yummy. Also, how could anyone think he was NOT gay? I mean, come on, no coming out was ever needed LOL. Which is what I think he says in the interview.