1. JT says

    North Carolina is the pits. Jesse Helms, Mike Nifong, John Edwards… and Durham is the pits of the pits. Something like, third worst murder rate in the state? No more articles on North Carolina.

  2. TANK says

    Meredith Baxter (who came out, what? Last week? Real profile in pride there…oh well…shalalala)…and clay aiken (another great example to follow and who I’d like to talk on my behalf) sounding off on gay rights in north cackalacky at a dinner hosted by the HRC to raise money for itself and give itself a warm hug for all the…it has accomplished. I loathe that organization.

  3. Dan says

    The guy is just finding his footing. Give him a little time to get his bearings and he will be a real asset. Its time to stop chewing up and spitting out everyone who’s approach isn’t exactly the same as we want them to be. Give him a chance.

  4. says

    Pam Spaulding is as useless and self-serving as Joe Solmonese. She is as much to blame for the sorry state of our civil rights movement as anyone at HRC. Her hypocrisy and lies aimed at anyone who questioned Obama’s veracity before the primary election (you know, when it mattered) will not be forgotten.

  5. MCnNYC says

    WOW gaylib u are ridiculous …

    And Andy appreciate the even handedness u applied to this post…not like your SNARKY earlier post on the weekend where you slamed the various events of the weekend….

  6. DumpSolmonese says

    Joe Solmonese has to go. He was at the Saint Louis Dinner back in Sept and promising AT THAT TIME we would see ENDA pass by the end of 2009. I knew it was BS then and it’s even more fundraising BS now. He knows that if nothing major passes between now and summer, HRC’s goose is cooked when it comes to raising fund going forward.

  7. robert says

    Salmonese and Co. need to take a hike! Their arms must hurt from all that patting themselves on the back for a job not even half done! Two words for you Clay Gayken FUCK YOU! Miss Mary come to the party lately! HRC is nothing but a bloated,over rated blundering ineffectual PR dinosaur! Thanks ,but no thanks!

  8. andie says

    Lots of anger from some folks and little acceptance for the differences people have in how they deal with being gay. That equals lack of tolerance. So, perhaps you may believe these celebs are too little too late but their impact can and will make a difference because they have a bully pulpit.

    Intolerance is the thing that makes it so hard to be different in any way. It’s really a look in that mirror kind of thing. I admire Meredith for having the courage to come forth and same with Clay. Since when is it okay to call people childish names? Grow up if you want to have adult treatment and equal rights. No one will take you seriously.

  9. says

    Some of you all need to be ashamed of yourselves for your comments. But I guess it’s easy to throw barbs behind pseudonyms. If you really want to know the reason behind the supposed sad state of gay rights, then read some of these comments. I swear if some of us were as insistent in gaining our equality as we are in tearing each other down, we would be unstoppable.

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