1. shane says

    so it’s between the latter two contestants. the first two, good riddance. let there be no mistaking that. good luck pennsylvanians, and i hope $upport pours in.

  2. Patric says

    So 2 of 4 Dem candidates support full marriage equality? Well, that’s certainly not as good as Minnesota, where all 10 contenders for this year’s DFL (Democratic) nomination for Governor support marriage equality, but it’s also much better than the race for the Republican nomination of Governor of Pennsylvania, which features two homophobes trying to out-bigot each other in order to appeal to their party’s homophobic base.

  3. JT says

    It’s better than not that they said so, but how do we know anyone here is telling the truth? They are politicians, after all, before an audience at the…..(rolls eyes) Progressive Pennsylvania Summit.

  4. Steve says

    What would happen if a candidate simply said, “We should do it. It’s about civil rights for all. There should be no debate.” And then just shut up.

    What would happen if a politician actually grew a spine on this issue?

  5. Chris says

    2 of 4 is better than I would’ve thought — Pennsylvania is basically Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in the middle. They don’t call Central PA “Pennsyltucky” for nothing.

  6. Mike_in_Lancaster says

    As a Central Pennsylvania “Pennsyltuckian” (please note, non-native), I have to strongly advise not wasting any campaign contributions on this race.

    Pennsylvania will probably be the last state north of the Mason Dixon to advance same-sex marriage. Any progress is many years away.

    If you doubt me, check out any of the newpaper editorial pages in the central region.

    The focus should be on states where there is even a remote possibility.

  7. Name says

    Why should the 2 be outcasts. They don’t support gay marriages and Obama and the White don’t support gay marriage. They’re just following the White House agenda.

  8. Tyler says

    I wonder what Steve Gerlach’s position on same-sex marriage is.

    And as someone who goes to school in central PA, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  9. says

    Ah yes, I remember having to tell the Mennonite nurse (in Lebanon, PA) tending my father that the other guy was my husband….
    “Your brother?”

    “No, my husband.”


    That said, all the hospital staff treated my husband as part of the family.

    And then there was the very nice male respiratory nurse with blue eyeliner.

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