Watch: Every So-Called ‘Violent’ Act in 2010 Super Bowl Ads


Between last night and this morning, someone was hard at work putting together a montage of all the nut-punching, bitch-slapping, and tackling that went on in the ads during the Super Bowl.

Seems to me most of this is slapstick, though, not what I'd call violence.

There are plenty of articles out today about how CBS and 'Focus on the Family' punked the critics and the exasperated blogosphere because the Tebow ads were so tame in their execution and never mentioned abortion.

That was known from the onset, however. The real issue is that a hate group was allowed to splash its URL across the living rooms of America in the guise of a gentle, "family" message. And that was perhaps the most violent act of all.

Watch the clip reel and the Tebow ad that aired during the game, AFTER THE JUMP...

And here's the Tebow ad that aired during the game: