Watch: Video of Anti-Gay Mobs in Kenya and Malawi


Last week I posted about the arrests of gay men in Kenya and the bloodthirsty mobs that called for them to be burned. Here's a news report with some very frightening video footage of those mobs, as well as the mobs that have been taunting Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga in Malawi.

In the screenshot above, a man clings to a building as police drag him outside where the mob waits. In another shot, the Malawi couple are hurried away in the back of a lorry.


The NYT reports that the recent attempts at marriage in Kenya and Malawi have stirred fears that a "homosexual agenda" is being imported from the West:

"Much of Malawi is riveted by the case. This is not just a matter of the state versus a same-sex couple; many here believe it is a matter of Malawi against the developed world. How else, they ask, could 'gayism' have crept into a place where it never before existed? 'These immoral acts are not in our culture; they are coming from outside,' said Leckford Thotho, the minister of information and civic affairs. 'Otherwise, why is there all this interest from around the world? Why is money being sent?' The clergy, especially, has accused foreigners of infecting Malawi with sexual Satanism. The Rev. Zacc Kawalala, the leader of the Word Alive Ministry and a member of the national human rights commission, said: 'The West has its gay agenda. It wants to look at Africa and say, ‘If you don’t accept homosexuality, you are primitive.’ But we’re not as wicked as the West.'"

More likely it is the American evangelists who have come to Africa to stoke and encourage this hatred against gays, an enemy perhaps many of these people didn't know they had until they were taught it by their Anglican pastors.

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