1. Mike says

    Discrimination against gays still remains socially acceptable in 2010; especially when hidden behind the veil of religion.

  2. Rann says

    Is the guy pictured a Democrat or Republican? On the picture it says one and in the posting it says another? Just curious but this is similar to the bigots here in Indiana.

  3. NancyBoyDrew says

    West Virginia. Like it’s sister, Alabama, is a vast wasteland of ignorance and intolerance. Of course they don’t want to vote on it. The nays will then become public and might possibly cost them a vote or 2. Discrimination will always be acceptable in states like WV.

  4. David in Houston says

    Delegate Ricky Moye sounds like a self-loathing closeted gay guy. Tim Armstead talks about safeguards, like gays are going to overthrow the government. Stupid asshole. These are the same bigots that would have been trying to protect marriage from interracial couples, sixty years ago.

    I’d love to ask Tim, “So if gays can get married in your state, how exactly will that harm heterosexual marriage?” Ten bucks says that he wouldn’t be able to answer that.

  5. Barry says

    I love the way Nancyboy Drew (comment before last) described the “Mountain State.”

    It’s perfect, and I know it’s correct, because I had the misfortune to reside in them thar hills for a period of time. Thank God, I’m out of there.

    “Mountaineers are always free,” NOT.

  6. NancyBoyDrew says

    Barry, I have not had the misfortune of living in WV. I have had the misfortune of having had personal, legal dealings with a few of the WV residence. It was like living on a different planet.

  7. bobbyjoe says

    Every time they push hard on something like a gay marriage ban, the correct question everyone should ask is “what piece of corruption is going on right now that they DON’T want people paying attention to?”

    Some of ’em are real bigots, but a lot of ’em are opportunists first and foremost. They push these “controversial” issues hardest when they want to throw up a smoke screen for something else. Gay rights activists should always try to find out what that is, then throw it back in their face, making sure to keep talking to the press about whatever they’re trying to keep everyone from noticing. If we do this enough, they’ll be worried about coming after us again.

  8. Christopher says

    What does every 14 year-old boy in WV and the Unibomber have in common?

    They’ve all been turned over by their brother.

  9. jerry says

    yeah but how many people actually move to or travel to WV, willingly ?
    You’d think those cretins would do everything possible to make that backwater attractive to as many demographics as possible.

  10. Norm D Plume says

    You know, I’m getting a bit tired of the pro-Democrats propaganda. It’s not enough to just note when bigots (often Republicans) fighting for marriage equality bans. When the Democrats refuse to fight for marriage equality, they need to be called out, too. Sure, we all know Republicans are bigots. But the Democratic Party is just as bigoted if they don’t push in the opposite direction as the Republicans. This silence on the Democratic Party’s homophobia serves only one purpose: to raise money for and elect Democrats. Fighting for lgbt equality and voting for Democrats are diametrically opposed actions.

  11. Dan81 says

    I’m from WV and I hightly doubt this will happen. It comes up every few years, but we have a solidly Democratic state government and I can see it pass. What amuses me is all the “WV is igorant” posts. How’s those gay marriages going, liberal California. Oh, wait…

  12. West Virginian says

    Wow talk about bigotry. It is shameful in this day and age that any state would deny its citizens equal protection. I support gay marriage, and I am a native West Virginian. I just happened to stumble across this post and am astounded at the ignorance, rudeness and hatefulness displayed. I’m not really surprised though. We get it all the time, from ignorant people calling us ignorant. Is putting other people down the only way you can feel better about yourself? I bet you feel all smug and superior now that you have insulted an entire state full of people, generalizing about them in the same way you criticize others for generalizing about you. Grow up, for God’s sake. You make me sick.

  13. Disgusted American says

    ahh poor you….phuk W.Va. and Va…hateful bigoted states can ROT! I wouldnt go to either…toothless wonders roming all over…weren’t they the low lives waiting for 2 days to get FREE Medical & dental care..cause there are sooo many without Ins….? But they worry about gay people marrying…? They don’t have to worry – W.Va. or Va are not going to be over-run by gays…..stay away from those 2 backwoods/trash states!