Catholic School Has Issue With Student’s Lesbian Parents

School A pre-school student at Boulder, Colorado's Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School will not be able to re-enroll in the fall simply because the child's parents are lesbians. That fact that the student's parents are gay is in itself a violation of the Denver Archdiocese policy.

Says the Archdiocese: "Parents living in open discord with Catholic teaching in areas of
faith and morals unfortunately choose by their actions to disqualify
their children from enrollment."

Since it is a private school, this is not against the law. 

One encouraging bit of news is that, even though the school's staff were instructed to not speak to the media, some are so disappointed with the schools discriminatory decision, that they are ignoring the request. One teacher has said that she "couldn't believe a student will have to suffer because of his/her parent's sexual orientation."

Yeah, I can't either.


  1. says

    I sure as hell don’t agree with the idea that we’re all living in sin, but whatever happened to the whole “Love the sinner, hate the sin” tagline? I went to Catholic school from 3rd to 12th and knew TONS of kids with divorced and remarried parents or parents who were civilly married. Same violation, but without consequences. Hmmm….

  2. TANK says

    Who would have thought that the catholic church is rabidly antigay! It just doesn’t make any sense…this is out of left field! I’m shocked! And so are the lesbian parents, I’m sure…just floored…amazed even!

    I think the more pressing issue here is why gay parents would send their children to indoctrination camps like catholic private preschools…lawdy! Ho hum…can’t say I really give a fuck about this one.

  3. amo says

    “Parents living in open discord with Catholic teaching in areas of faith and morals unfortunately choose by their actions to disqualify their children from enrollment.”

    So am I right to assume they will not be re-enrolling any students whose parents are divorced, remarried, or who use any sort of contraceptive?

  4. Fred says

    Can you imagine them trying this if the parents were a different race? Pre-1978, I think the Mormon Church was openly racist, so this isn’t that far-fetched.

    What about bastards? And AMO makes an extremely good point. The Catholic hierarchy is extremely choosy about which points of doctrine it adheres to, and those which it overlooks.

    I’m just glad more and more people are rejecting these retrograde ooga-booga belief systems.

  5. TANK says

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  6. TANK says

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  7. Wren says

    There is one positive thing that came out of this and I say this from experience as an ex-Catholic. At least the kid won’t be indoctrinated into one of the freakiest cults the world has to offer.

  8. TANK says

    And I’m tellin’ ya, steve, you’re letting an internet stalker and bully turn towleroad into queerty…this person’s a deranged nutjob. I have never assumed someone else’s name on any site I’ve ever posted on, and you can take the IP address of the first comment with the SN ‘TANK’ in this post, and compare it to the internet stalker/bully’s, and ban this guy…because he’s not going to stop until he’s banned. There’s no self control when dealing with the depraved.

  9. aed says

    To those complaining about gay parents sending their children to a Catholic school in the first place. I went to Catholic school from K-5 and actually had less pressure put on me about religion and faith than I did later at public schools or the the local Y. Catholics, in general, are not as ‘preachy’ as you would expect, and are certainly less so than the Baptists or other Christians I’ve met, overall,

  10. Bryan says

    That a child is suffering from this idiocy really is tragic, but far from sympathizing with the parents, I despise them.

    LGBTQ people who support the Catholic church are Jews for Hitler. These women have not only been complicit in their own oppression, but have turned a child who trusts them over to their oppressors for indoctrination in the very same values used to justify the entire family’s persecution.

    The news here is not that the Catholic church is vile, but that these women are unfit parents.

  11. Breathturn says

    The Catholic Church does seem overly aggressive on gay rights…why can’t they direct this energy toward helping the poor, or people living with AIDS, or people in prison, or any other thing Jesus asked us to do? I think there is an underlying politic fueling their hate but still haven’t quite figured it out yet. Any ideas?

  12. Lars says

    Lucky for the children to have escaped indoctrination.
    Religious schools should be banned, period. All children should receive the same public education rather than indoctrination.

  13. Tim says

    Not knowing the quality of public schools in Denver, it’s possible these moms wanted their child placed in an educational environment they deemed better than the public system, with better discipline and a greater potential to learn. In New York City, many of the kids in Catholic schools are not Catholic. Their parents might be able to afford $5,000 a year for a Catholic School, rather than the $30,000 some nondenominational private schools charge. Education in this country is a two-tiered system for the haves and have-nots. Not knowing the parents’ background, it’s quite possible they wanted their child to have an opportunity for a better education that what the public schools offer.

    One more thing, I never had a desire to live in Colorado anyway, but the moronic comments posted to the paper’s Web site confirmed that state is a homophobic hell.

  14. Zlick says

    Yeah, I’ve got plenty of ideas, Breathturn. Does the recent Vatican Male Prostitution scandal give you any clues? How about the likely centuries old tradition of molesting alter boys?

    Yeah, yeah, crime of pedophilia, not simply homo-hypocrisy. But I contend the roots of the Catholic church’s choosing to go after gays with the zeal they should apply to tending to the poor and such, is that so many of the men involved in the Church are repressed, self-loathing queers.

    Just a theory of mine.

  15. Contrarian says

    If some of you were better informed about things RC, you would know that the most openly Repuglican reactionary and politically active prelate in the American branch of the detestable Roman club is the archbishop of Denver, Charles Chaput. If Boulder is in his jurisdiction, this is not at all surprising. He recently gave a lecture at a Baptist university where he dissed the only Catholic prez JFK, and called for a Catholic/Evangelical Protestant alliance of all reactionary religious forces to “recapture” the country. But I fear too many of you are more interested in gossip, fashion, porn and hook-up sites to learn who and where your enemies dwell. LGB ignorance enables the American Taliban.

  16. qjersey says

    I’m sorry but I laughed my ass off reading this from one of the TANKS.

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    Yes “TANK” maintaining your real world anonymity while building a reputation as a “COMMENTER” is just delusional on too many levels to list.

  17. Louis says

    Why would these parents even want to send their kids to this school? They should be stripped of all parental rights for subjecting innocents to the teaching of this cult.

  18. Arturo Beeche says

    What a crock…and are all students who are children of divorced parents going to be denied registration as well?

    When will my Church realize that gay marriage is not a threat to straight marriage, DIVORCE is the biggest threat to marriage…yet many supporters of anti-gay marriage policies are themselves divorced!

    Bunch of hypocrites…

  19. Steve says


    While Catholic schools indoctrinate in Catholic teachings and religion, public schools indoctrinate in conformity and Orwellian levels of acceptance of teacher’s word for law.

    My children will ALWAYS go to a private school. There they have an actual well paid teacher who is not as overworked as the public ones. They will also guarantee that said teacher has the qualifications to do the job.

    The turning point for me on this was when having a conversation with my then 16 year old niece. She had been telling me what they were studying, and commented that she “couldn’t believe that the United States dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan 2 days after they surrendered.” When I asked her why she thought that, she said her teacher had told them that in history class. When I asked what her text books said, she replied they didn’t use them. From my Brother I found out he had spoken to this teacher before because of other issues where she had been teaching wrong information. Basically she told him she was God in her classroom and could teach what she wanted. The school system had been trying to fire her for years, but the Union had the issue held up in court.

    Anyway, all school is indoctrination. It all depends on what kind you want, and how much time you want to take at home to monitor what your children are learning and to do your job as a parent, and make sure you guide them more than their teachers. I’ll err on the side of the better education with my children, and pick their school myself, not take the one the government hands me.

  20. Donald says

    BSA vs. Dale. This is a non-issue. Private organizations have a right to associate with who they want and reversely not associate with who they choose. Does it always seem fair? No. But I’ll be the first in line to stand behind the Church’s right to do this, even though I disagree with the reasoning.

  21. DR says

    Tim has a point. The public schools where I grew up were awful. My parents were Catholic in the loosest sense of the word (Christmas and Easter, that’s about it), but when the choice came down to public middle school with mediocre education or Catholic MS with a decent education, we took the Catholic school education up through my high school graduation.

    Maybe mom and mom live in a so-so school district and can’t make the move to a different one and this was the best way out. Shame the administrators let it work out this way, but nice to see that, like with the military, the folks in the trenches think this is nonsense.

  22. Mike says

    ….divorce is also against Catholic teachings, so are children whose parents are divorced also denied enrollment. Another riduclous, hypocritical, Catholic response.

  23. Breathturn says

    @Tank…I would change my posted name if I was being stalked. Your style is very unique and we will know you.

    @Contrarian…I love gossip, struggle with fashion, find porn urgently boring, and can’t get the hang of hook-up sites. Ignorance or indifference in LGBT communities is not the problem. Powerlessness is, as the prop8 trial demonstrated. What to do about powerlessness is another question.

  24. candideinnc says

    Bryan is right. The Catholic Church blackmails its members. They can’t have the so-called sacraments unless they totally abide by all the screwed up teachings of these sexually repressed old men in dresses. What fools these women were to try to burden their child with the nonsense of this group of crazies. I know. I had 13 years of their indoctrination. They are nuts.

  25. Sandra says

    This is crazy!
    What about children of divorced parents? Children who were born out of wedlock? Children who have parents that use birthcontrol? Don’t those children have parents who are living in open discord of Catholic beliefs??
    It saddens me that religion has always had less to do with God and more to do with power.

  26. TANK says

    I double-dare Towleroad to cut off the head of the pretender to my throne!

    That would be you.

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  27. jilco says

    I grew up in secular home in a really shitty neighborhood. Although my parents did not support the bigoted doctrine of the Catholic church, they sent me to a Catholic school when I was kid *because it was the best education I could get in the area for what we could afford*.

    They researched the school beforehand, met with the priests to discuss how religion was addressed in the school and were clear that they did not want their child indoctrinated into Catholic dogma. So I (and many many other students) took civics classes in instead of theology, and worked on the yearbook instead of going to mass. And a couple of times I even went to mass because I was curious. My parents stayed in close contact with me about what went on at school and what I thought about religion.

    I even came out in high school and *still* had a great time. Even a number of the priests (Jesuits) were upfront with me about the church’s official stance on homosexuality was completely anachronistic. They refused to teach it and a number of other items of doctrine they believed were invalid.

    Anyway, I had a great time at Catholic high school (still some of the best make-out sessions of my life) and I got a great education and went on to an Ivy League school on scholarship. It’s really lame that this Catholic school in Colorado is choosing to defend the bigoted position of the church, but it would be an even bigger shame to write off all Catholic schools because of it. These lesbian mothers should have researched the school’s stance on Catholic doctrine before sending their child in what sounds like a really shitty situation, but simply writing off all Catholic schools is throwing the baby out with the bath water. Sometimes they’re the best option (especially in shitty, impoverished areas where there isn’t money of private schools and TAG programs).

    I think some people here are confusing the doctrine of the Catholic church with some cookie-cutter ethos (which doesn’t exist) applied to Catholic schools and the beliefs of all Catholics. Catholicism is a massive institution with a wide spectrum of beliefs (although one that I’m not part of). It’s a living, breathing (and, really, dying) organism. But to say that all Catholic schools and Catholics are bigoted because Catholic doctrine hates on gays is like saying all schools in Texas and Texans are bigoted because Texas law hates on gays. It’s reductive and simply not true. And, in its own way, bigoted.

  28. Joel says

    It is just wrong to send your child to a school run by Roman Catholics. Their ideas on sex and sexuality are just all wrong. This does not just go for gays, but also for straights. The only saving thing is that most Catholics do not believe that nonsense anyway. But then the question is why people go to and support a church that preaches what they do not believe.

    I just do not understand that.

  29. TANK says

    I think a nice example was given by the person who was talking about clubs (not cards, but those boring things…that people play tennis, etc. at). Let’s say that you belonged to a country club that discriminated against blacks and jews, though didn’t consider yourself a racist or an antisemite. Well, you pay the dues, and belong to the club, which supports racism and antisemitism by refusing to admit black and jewish members, and your token “disagreement” didn’t translate into not supporting the club. Also, you come out and say that not all of the club members are antisemites and racists, but defend the club’s beautiful golf courses….yeah. There’s no reasoning with someone who enjoys golf more than legal equality, and would keep the company of bigots so that one could have access to a particular benefit for themselves. These people may be a lot of things, but ethical isn’t one of them. It doesn’t matter what your personal beliefs are; it only matters what the official beliefs are, because are the ones that are enforced.

    Country clubs and the roman catholic church aren’t all that different.

  30. ruby says

    it’s been a long time since ruby was in kindergarten but i don’t recall any moral or philosophical discussions in the curriculum. i remember things like using one of those fat pencils, a red chief note pad and naptime.
    fuck yea, naptime. can we bring that back? 😛

  31. Aaron says

    I personally can’t believe that a child is going to have to suffer because of some delusions that his parents have that Catholic school is acceptable in this country. As a gay man, the last place I would ever send my kid is to a school ran by an organization that has a documented history of discriminating openly and shuffling around pedophiles. I think this is one of those blessings in disguise type of things.

  32. Turtletattoo says

    I finally quit supporting, financially and emotionally, the Roman Catholic last year. In my view it had become a Political Party more than a Religion. It’s forces an anti gay bias, as well as racial discrimination against President Obama receiving Honor at Notre Dame, not allowing Mayor Anthony Williams into their Knights Organization, and on and on.

  33. TANK says

    “I think a nice example was given by the person who was talking about clubs, not cards but those boring things…that people play tennis, etc. at).”

    Now that I’ve linguistically neutured myself to the point of being unrecognizable are you satisfied? Will you stop trying to be me now that I’m as boring as the things I’m vaporing on about? Because if you don’t stop this charade I’m going to have to become even more vanilla, non-opinionated and non-confrontational until I MAKE MY FUCKING POINT!

  34. Gene says

    Spewing hate in the name of religion, sad to say, happens way too much these days. Maybe it always has (i.e. the Crusades, Inquisition…) but in 2010? I have to give some credit and kudos to the teachers who ignored the request of the Archdiocese and made their feeling known. As a former Catholic school teacher, I find this hatred and discrimination outrageous. And they wonder why the church is losing people! Hmmm…

  35. scott says

    Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers. It tells people to go out and stick their noses in other people’s business.

  36. Ecclesia says

    Who is “the Church”? Is it the handful of self-appointed hierarchs, or the millions who fill the pews and pay the bills?

    In fact, two-thirds of Catholics-in-the-pews reject the Roman hierarchy’s homophobic views, according to every survey. About a third of Catholics in America and Europe support full marriage rights including sacramental marriage, while another third support civil unions.

    Scripture refers to the Church as the “Ecclesia” — the “assembly” of the faithful, the full Body of Christ. The Ecclesia supports same-gender unions, and many local priests quietly perform blessings of same-gender commitments. This ‘sensus fidelium’ is the true teaching of the Church.

    The most beloved gay Catholic of our time, Fr. Mychal Judge, ‘the Saint of 9/11’, often asked, “Is there so much love in the world that we can afford to discriminate against any kind of love ?!” He also urged us, “Don’t let the institutional church get in the way of your relationship with God.”

    It is ironic that this school is named for the Sacred Heart of Jesus who said, “Let the children come to me,” and who most certainly would never punish little children to punish the parents.

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