1. Denis says

    If only her influence was as big as her ego. Barbara, you didn’t destroy Ricky’s career… A little song called She Bangs took care of that..

  2. B-rod says

    The question about his sexuality didn’t ruin his career, his inability to be honest and to provide an honest answer is what killed his credibility, hence his career. No one likes to be lied to and clearly he was hiding something. Come out, come out wherever you are, Ricky.

  3. says

    Ugh, so not only does she lack tact but perspective. Oh, wait – we knew that since she displays it on The View every day. It’s like Larry King in a wig.

    And what killed his English-language career more than anything was inability to come up with anything remotely catchy after his novelty wore off. His Spanish-language wasn’t nearly as affected – gay denials and rumors or no.

  4. Andrew says

    Actually Ricky Martin’s career has done just fine since the interview. Maybe not among Anglos, but his Spanish language recordings are selling fine in Latin America.

  5. Mercutio says

    Ruined his career indeed. Americans think that because an artist doesn’t sell in the U.S. his career is ruined — what idiots. Ricky Martin sells out venues all over Latin America and virtually every single Spanish speaking country. And, he sells out in the U.S. as well. There is a whole world out there people. Get your heads out of your asses.

    As for not wanting to “admit” that he’s gay, please. He owes nothing to nobody. What has the gay community done for him?

  6. David in Houston says

    2000 was a completely different world back then. Had he ‘come out’ it would have destroyed his career. Now, I don’t think anyone (that is interested in his music) would give a crap.

  7. JeffRob says

    No, coming out in 2000 would not have destroyed Ricky’s career, it would have salvaged his dignity.

    Fuck a closet case anymore, man. Fuck ’em.

  8. michael says

    @Mercutio: you are so very right. I got the last two tickets to see Ricky at Le Zenith in Paris in 2006 — wow, amazing concert. His status in the “rest of the world” is doing just fine, thankyouverymuch. And to Ricky: just live your life, you owe nothing but your music.

  9. Udokier says

    Martin is not a closet case. He doesn’t claim to be straight. And he may not be gay. He doesn’t owe it to anyone to pigeonhole himself. I don’t, and I’m not “closeted”. It’s just nobodys business but mine and the person I’m with.

  10. Randy says

    Did I miss something? Nothing in that interview was inappropriate, then or now.

    If Ricky was awkward answering the questions, that’s his deal. And if his career hit some bumps, I think it had more to do with the music than anyone’s perception of him.

  11. says

    Udokier, indeed he may not be a closet case now, but he played up a hetero relationship A LOT during the promotion of his English language debut. He even talked about her during his Behind The Music.

  12. Marcus says

    Man, I saw this online and I thought it was a joke, I guess not.

    Is she serious? She asked a question: that’s her job. The only reason she asked is because word on the low from the beginning of his career was that he was gay and the rumors (and it’s true) hit fever pitch when he released his English album.

    Barbara knows damn well she has done worse things in her career than this.

    I just love this culture. Just ASKING is considered rude, horrible and a INVASION. I mean, it’s one thing you don’t want to answer, but it’s better to ask than assume or speculate–and she asked.

  13. daws says

    I was never a Barbara Walters fan and what little respect I had for her went away in the Oprah interview. She just comes off as very phoney to me. Asking Ricky how he enjoys his sexuality…that was weird (and gross)…at least coming from her.

    As for asking anyone whether or not they’re gay, do it at your own risk. It is rude, it isn’t anyone’s business, and if someone is in the closet they need to come out on their own terms. Otherwise it feels like a violation.

  14. Greg says

    Well I saw nothing in that clip that went too far. There was an opportunity, but one that could be (and was) easily side-stepped.

    Her comment to the Toronto Star, on the other hand, is explicit and comes off as crass, making a nonsense of her “regret”.

  15. Brian in Texas says

    When she says, “ruined his career” I think she specifically meant the U.S. He’s not at all relevant here; the last little bit of relevance he got was when William Hung covered his song “She Bangs” on American Idol.

  16. john says

    Regardless of his sexuality it is his business,it is his personal life to deal with how he wishes,not the pathetic press.Just because he is a “celebrity” changes nothing.He does not owe anyone,he does not have to be a role model.How many stories do we read about say a Starbucks worker being discriminated against or a person not declarig their sexuality for the sake of a career or job?Leave him be.

  17. Paul says

    First 2 things…Ricky’s career is not over!! He is still making music, but he was never a pop STAR he was always a latin star. His last CD was a Spanish CD…hello.
    Secondly, don’t dog Barabara…she is on our side. She has never said anything bad about gays…and I think she is amazing to keep going the way she does. Shame on you for talking against her.
    Thirdly, for the queen who said that Ricky should be the spokes model for gay rather Adam Lambert…you need to come out of the closet yourself. There is nothing wrong with Adam Lambert…he is a brave man for being who he is. Shame on you.
    Ricky himself has not admitted being gay or straight…but sources say he is gay. If wasn’t gay he wouldn’t be photographed with hot men, even thought that is a latin thing. But, he also wouldn’t have gone the surogate route for his children. Seriously!!
    But, the man still is hot and still will come back strong…but remember it is kinda of hard to beat the success of “livin la vida loca”…I mean that song was just an amazing cross over. And don’t forget his popularity was due to all of the Latin stars crossing over Enrique, Marc Anathony. but that phase like Boy bands disappeared. sheesh

  18. says

    “Udokier” you simply can’t be the REAL Udo Kier.

    Ricky Martin “ruined his career” all by himself. He’s a pop star with a “sell by” date on his tired ass.

    As for Baba Wawa, what do you expect from Roy Cohn’s beard?

  19. Jim says

    It seems to me there was another interview where she asked the question point blank – rather than dancing around the issue by asking whether he is involved with someone now.

  20. Craig Baker says

    Those of you who think barbara walters is “on our side” are demented. When Rosie and elizabeth got into it, babs fired Rosie and not the aryan hater. She is an old school republican who has no problem discrediting homosexuals.

    As for Ricky Martin, his career was dead once he performed at george w bush’s inauguration. If you will remember, his song writing partner disowned him after that performance and why Martin flipped bush off during his 2007 concert in Puerto Rico. He has been trying to rehabilitate his persona by appealing to his Latino base.

  21. Democracy Ruled As A True Republic says

    Ba Ba Walters is a 1st Class Whore who has spent her life pushing her agenda no matter what others think or it cost in their lives. The minute she interviewed Ricky Martin 10 years ago and asked the question, I knew she had just taken his profession off the radar. I was right, as Ricky Martin was not booked on any shows in America and we can all thank Ba Ba Walters for destroying a very talented man in America Entertainment. I am thankful Ricky Martin has continued to make a great profession around the world but one can never forgive the homophobic hatred of Ba Ba Walters. She had an affair with a married man for years, so who is calling the kettle beige? Ba Ba Walters years on TV have been the worst years to allow such a whore to be on the air waves. Why ABC allows to have the View on the air is over the top of reality. Whoopie on the View is for pure 100% Cash. She has sold her soul for the almight dollar. She use to be a great actress but has forgotten those years to the almighty dollar for ever. They all talk on the View as if they are the common person and the cost of things when they are making millions of dollars each year. Then the Far Right Fasicst Elisabeth who has sold her soul because she has no education about the rights of American Citizens. Anyone who would think Sara Palin is great like Elizabeth does shows how dumb a person she is and has nothing between the ears in her brain. She does know how to spread her legs to make babies. Joy has gone to HLN to do a Larry King look alike show I guess waiting for Larry King to drop dead so they can move her into his time slot. Who wants to see Joy twice a day to begin with? She tapes her show in the after noon as it is not even live at night. Then the View tapes Fridays show on Thursday and they lie as if it is Friday. Joy was funny years ago but she can not keep using the same lines for 30 years. She talks about living with Steve for 26 years as if he is a side line in her life. I would not want to be a side line in anyone’s life. She can not even put him first as it is all about Joy! Sherri talks about her Religion and then the next sentence she is talking about having a good time with sex if she could find the right man for her and her little boy. She said she spent $40,000 to get knocked up and put it on her American Express. Anyone who can put $40,000 on their American Express is not poor but has millions and then she shows where she lives with the view of the river. That surely is not ‘Rent Control’ living. What an oxmoron she is for the books. One minute she is a ‘Gossip Queen’ from hell and the next minute she is praising Jesus. She is no roll model for anyone. Ba Ba Walters is going down so fast as she has problems remembering things on air and has to have the other cast of whores to help her remember. That is the only satisfaction when you can watch Ba Ba Walters melt down in front of you daily as she is to old to be on TV anymore. The only plus is Ricky Martin can tell her to kiss his ass. Then who would want Ba Ba Walters lips on them to begin with? Not anyone that wants to catch any STD. I do not know why it took 10 years for this to come out, as it was known the minute she asked Ricky Martin the question she was out to destroy his profession. She has issues with men and it is proven with the likes she has associated with in her life. She will die alone and who will care? No one! No wonder this is the last year of the Ba Ba Walters Special. She could not do one to make it the 30th year. Take to many people to feed her the questions in her ear piece. The day Ba Ba Walters is off the air the View is gone the better TV will be. They are all nothing more than 5 Rich Women acting like they are the common person who gets paid an hourly wage from one week to the next. Ba Ba Walters is finally history. Good Bye and don’t let the door slam you on the ass on your way out Ba Ba!

  22. jamal49 says

    Barbara Walters is a cunt. Barbara Walters has always been a cunt. Barbara Walters will always be a cunt. She is the nadir of artless interviews and one misses Gilda Radner’s Bahbwa WaWa schtick because it was always fun watching Ms. Walters get skewed. Her infamous question to that execrable criminal, Henry Kissinger (“Henwy, if you could be a twee, what twee would you be?”) stands out as the ultimate, in-bad-taste-and-ridiculous, Barbara Walters “serious and probing” interview question. She’s a social-climbing low-life whose worth in the annals of true television journalism is about 30 points south of nothing.

    As for Ricky Martin, try Europe, Japan, China, Russia and all of Latin America. He is still one of the most popular and beloved singers. One doesn’t need to make it in America to be a success. Not anymore.

    One tires of this “controversy” that Mr. Martin needs to “come clean” about his private, sexual life. He doesn’t have to, and should not be compelled to, reveal what is nobody else’s business but his. I could see it if Ricky was slamming LGBT people but he hasn’t and doesn’t. His life is devoted to his two children and his numerous charities as well as his singing career. Leave the guy alone.

  23. Dan Cobb says

    Here’s my take on Ricky Martin. He is one classy dude. Period. C’mon! It’s so easy for celebrities to deny they’re gay even when they are, and Ricky refused to be deceitful about his sexuality. And he doesn’t owe ANYBODY any explanation about his personal life. He also seems very genuine and accessible, unlike so many entertainers, gay or straight. He’s a class act from beginning to end, makes great music (especially his ballads in Spanish), and he is one GOOOOOOOOD lookin’ guy. He one of VERY FEW celebrities for whom I have respect. Keep up the class act, Ricky! You’re doing great!

  24. Glenn Walker says

    I saw that interview, and I winced for Martin until I realized how graciously he was handling the loaded questions from that malicious bitch. My admiration for Martin grew.

  25. MCnNYC says

    Barbra Walters is merely projecting her own uncomfortable feelings so that no one asks her about her own daughter’s orientation and how she deals with THAT.

    Can someone please ask her? It’s about time.

  26. Ced says

    Hmm. Ricky doesn’t have to mention his sexuality, but if he was gay or bisexual, he would be a great role model for gay youth, because you can’t really touch this man on any level. They are many great and handsome gays but they live in obscurity.
    The time will come when they won’t feel the
    need to hide or be so discreet anymore.

  27. msfwdc says

    Barbara Walters has the decency and the courage to admit a mistake . . . and all a bunch of bitchy queens can do is be bitchy queens! She did not say she ruined his career, she said “some people say . . .”
    Why do you need to know what every famous person does in bed? Maybe it’s because you are insecure or ashamed of your sexuality!
    I bet you children of Evileene wonder why straight folks are “so mean” to you . . . It’s not because you are gay. It’s because you are rude and mean. I’m a gay man who has been out for several decades and I’m glad I can get away from you witht he click of a mouse. POOF! BE GONE!!

  28. msfwdc says

    Barbara Walters has the decency and the courage to admit a mistake . . . and all a bunch of bitchy queens can do is be bitchy queens! She did not say she ruined his career, she said “some people say . . .”
    Why do you need to know what every famous person does in bed? Maybe it’s because you are insecure or ashamed of your sexuality!
    I bet you children of Evileene wonder why straight folks are “so mean” to you . . . It’s not because you are gay. It’s because you are rude and mean. I’m a gay man who has been out for several decades and I’m glad I can get away from you witht he click of a mouse. POOF! BE GONE!!

  29. Travis Colten Yocom says

    Hmmmm, maybe not the evasiveness, but cuddling up to George W. Bush may have to do with Ricky’s U.S. decline. It seems to me that after the questioning got too pushy, Ricky bailed. And what is this garbage I am hearing from the above comments about “You don’t owe anyone to say if you are gay or not”???? What a load of horseshit….that is the position of a closet case! Besides, if Ricky came out now, it would enhance his career! Honesty is not somehow wrong!

  30. Fannie Byrcowitz says

    I didn’t hear her ask if he were gay, did I miss something? Barbara shoulda been direct saying “Ricky–many people think you’re gay; are you GAY? C’mon, you can tell me. Aren’t you just a little bit fagala?”

    Barbara was letting those gentile designer duds be talkin’, not the real yenta she is inside! She’s now reviewing this past episode from her life to get her tribal cred back before she croaks.

  31. Dick says

    His pop icon status was tarnished because he shook his bon-bon for Bush at The Inauguration Ball after Bush stole the presidency. Ricky Martin was then a punch line in congress.

  32. ChrisM says

    Actually it is unlikely that she really regrets the question all that much since she included it in her most recent Oscar night special. Gotta remember that old Barbara had a program to promote and that little tidbit about regretting asking the question was a good way to drum up some publicity. Never forget that Barbara Walters has never been one to shy away from self promotion.

    And I have to agree with many other posters that Martin’s career, like most pop artists, had a limited shelf life and was on a the downward trend by the time of the interview. Also have to keep in mind that the average age of the Barbara Walters viewer would not have been in the demographic of those buying a Ricky Martin album.

  33. DireFates says

    There is no such thing as privacy in this internet-twitter age. NO ONE has privacy. If a neighbor sees you doing something, s/he could blab on to millions with a few strokes of the keyboard. Surveillance cameras catch your every move as you walk down the street. Total strangers with phone cams could be snapping your picture wherever you go.

    Ricky Martin is a celebrity. To follow this type of life is to risk losing even the illusion of privacy. Someone was bound to publicly ask him about his sexuality, whether it was Barbara Walters or another journalist.

  34. straightgal says

    Why this interview which is not the one she is talking about?

    BTW, Ricky said ‘thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment the [gay] rumors!! He new what the questions were going to be, he could have refused to do the interview, but being the fame whore he is, he couldn’t resist.

    He has always sold fervently his sexuality, and good looks (that’s pretty much all there is to sell): tight leather pants, hip movements etc. and then the media should not ask about his sex life? Gimmeabreak!

    Only closeted gay celebs get this special treatment from the media. That is a form of homophobia.

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