1. TANK says

    This is absurd. But, if anyone stole little bill (unforgiven) from me…they’d be in a world of hurt. I don’t trust myself to go through the police to follow up.

  2. says

    gee. A cute bad boy thief. i can’t believe i haven’t met him yet. When i was actually “out there” and hopeful of meeting a partner, all I ever found were bad seeds. Hot but bad, lol.

    Hope little Triple H is happy and healthy whomever he ends up with.

  3. ColinATL says

    Georgi’s Alibi and Bottoms & Tops are right next to each other in one of the GAYEST strip malls in America. :) They also have Humpy’s Pizza, Java Boys, and of course, the eternal Gay Mart. Yes, it’s real. I love Wilton Manors! :)

  4. Gregus says

    That’s a whole world of gay. Brittney tattoos, chihuahuas, Tops & Bottoms, Georgie’s Alibi.

    I’m betting the first chihuahua made a break for it to escape.

  5. Chitown Kev says

    A chihuahua stolen by a piece of bad boy trade that works at a store called “Bottoms and Tops.”

    This has to be one of the gayest stories I’ve ever read on towleroad.

  6. renata imperatore says

    No they didn’t find the dog because he didn’t take him. This dog owner needs to get a life and get over it, it’s a damn dog!!!!!! We need to start a campaign whoever thinks this is retarded needs to print free channing t shirts. He’s my best friend and wouldn’t do something like this. Love you babe!!

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