1. John says

    Donahue is way off. It does not matter if a child is pre or post pubescent. It is the age of consent (adulthood) that determines whether or not a child has been molested. An under aged child is determined as unable to give consent even if the adult insists the child was willing. The fact that the priest is in a position of power also is a determining factor over the child.

    Yes, Mr. Donahue — it IS pedophilia!

  2. rovex says

    So Mr Donahue, either the Catholic church is a pedophile ring or an organisation that promotes homosexual rape.. Which is it? Frankly however you look at it, the church is still not coming out of this well is it? Are you saying the church is ok because its only homosexual rape? Does that mean you like gays now?

  3. cb says

    I seriously wish someone would drop a house on this Donohue guy. He is so offensive on so many levels.

  4. HomoDM says

    I don’t know if Donahue’s numbers are accurate, but technically he’s correct that pedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent victims (“generally 13 years or younger,” according to the DSM-IV-TR). The age of consent is only relevant in determining whether a crime has occurred.

  5. jason says

    Mr Donahue is trying to demonize homosexuality. This is his stock in trade. I wonder if he would similarly demonize heterosexuality by saying “this is what heterosexuals do” in relation to a priest abusing a post-pubescent woman.

  6. patrick lehman says

    I hate to agree with the odious turd, but I do. The vast majority of these kids were teenagers when this abuse happened. It was still a betrayal of trust, and it still obviously screwed some of them up, well into their adult lives. And many of them feel traumatized by the very guilt ridden theology the church espouses. They were not children, they were sexually mature, if not emotionally mature, when this happened.

    But so what? it’s a stupid, academic, catholic observation, seemingly concocted only to shift blame from the church to..what? The gay community? If these people are representing the catholic church, the catholic church is responsible for them. The fact that gay people continue to collect in self hating, supposedly celibate life positions is sad for the gay community, and an embarrassment and financial liability for the church. What’s the church going to do about it? Stonewall, apparently; the idea of openly gay priests is irreconcilable with the theology. As a catholic atheist, there’s much to admire about the culture, beauty, and complex belief system. But they’re spinning into irrelevancy. And there’s no way out for them. And that’s sad, because the Jesuits literally thought me how to think, reason, and developed my ethics and compassion. And because of that, to ultimately reject what they were offering.

  7. richard s says

    I have given up trying to correct people who bandy the word pedophile about in comments. Under age sex partners is not the same thing as pedophilia. I am not taking sides here as I don’t recognize anything the Vatican does anymore. sad sad sad…

  8. topher says

    Donahue’s defense is absolutely disgusting. And trying to pass child abuse off as the doings of ‘the homosexuals’. Fuck. I want him dead.
    Donahue, how about taking a little time to acknowledge the victim’s struggle instead of so ridiculusly defending your backwards institution?

    I didn’t get the ‘barely recognizable’ Sinead. I’ve been following her career all these years, and that’s what she looks like now. She’s fourty something and we all remember what she looked like when she was 20, but of course this has nothing to do with the main issue here.

  9. TJ says

    Donahue certainly doesn’t understand the Church’s own position. He’s just an angry person. It’s sad how alienating he is. I am glad that’s not my experience of the Church.

  10. TampaZeke says

    I haven’t watched the videos yet, but does Donahue realize that he’s talking to a gay man in Thomas Roberts?

    Not that it would matter to this hateful, bitter old bigot.

    And yes, most of the abusive priests are pederasts as opposed to pedophiles. Pederasty is still a crime and has nothing whatsoever to do with sexual orientation as it relates to gender.

    Pederasts, like pedophiles, are most often attracted to young people because of their innocence, vulnerability and ACCESSIBILITY (especially as it concerns secrecy), not because of their gender. It just so happens that boys are more accessible to men, and especially priests, than girls are.

    But don’t let me cloud the issue with the facts.

  11. says

    I’m incandescent with that bollox, Donohoe; his attempt to tie paedophiles (Eng.Sp)with homosexuals is deliberate hate manipulation….what a hate filled man. Clearly he is very disturbed with gays and cannot get beyond some visceral problem he has. In the hundreds of sex abuse cases I’ve dealt with professionally, virtually all have been by straight men within hetro marriages.
    Priests sexually abuse because they have ready fodder available to them, they are opportunist abusers.
    Tampazeke above has just said this !
    But the propagandist hate manipulation of Donohoe deserves to be shot down and denounced for what it is ; incitement to hatred and crime.

  12. Anyway says

    I’m with Bill. Let’s give it a more precise name: child rape. Systematic rape of children and institutional cover-up.

    And Sinead O’Connor. Heh, even dumb Larry knew enough to cut her off when she kept making trying to make the same point over and over.

  13. Reggie says

    What an angry, sad sack of poop Donohoe is. The fact still remains that the catholic church did not report or turn in the offenders, be they pedophiles or rapists, or sexual offenders. And the suggestion by Ms O’Connor, that the Pope/church direct ALL offenders past and present to come forward and turn themselves in to the police, would probably mean a run on police stations, and parishes without any priests, and the vatican without many cardinals.

  14. James says

    Bill is right. It’s not child rape, it’s teen rape. Now that we’ve cleared up the semantics lets note the similarities. IT’S STILL RAPE.

    It’s also not a homosexual problem if these priests don’t identify as homosexuals. That’s how it works for religion, and so that’s how it works for sexuality. I am what I say I am. If he can prove that these men identify as gay then he can make these statements, otherwise it’s just slander.

  15. JT says

    WHATEVER the case, the Catholic Church is really losing any credibility in ordering anybody at all in how to behave. Unfortunately. But even without the sex abuse, I’ve long thought they have a lot to answer to for their mean behavior in Catholic schools (quick with the fists; definitely abusive).

  16. Hawk says

    @PATRICK LEHMAN and the others… a teenager is STILL a child… and therefore under consent age which IS classified as pedophilia.

    Over consent age, is still classified as RAPE.

    post- pubescent – is STILL a child. If adult then say adult, not post- pubescent.

  17. TANK says

    First, many of the victims were pre-pubescent, so this is a distortion. These were pedophiles. Those that were undergoing puberty at the time still qualified as children. Hebephilia is a paraphilia, and is a mental disorder. None of these are homosexuality, though. Once again, if the priests were homosexual, they’d be breaking their vows with men and not children (12 and 13 year olds). These people were sexual predators long before they joined the priesthood.

  18. TANK says

    And I guess all those married to women pederasts/pedophiles are closet gays? Have any empirical research on paraphilias to back that one up? NO? Just faith? A priori? Loser.

  19. leftypower says

    Protest this Sunday, Easter Sunday, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. 5th Avenue btwn 50th and 51st Streets.

    9-12, the Archbishop’s Easter Service starts at 10:15.

    Bring signs that counter the church’s pedophilia, homophobia and hypocrisy.

  20. Bart says

    Bill O’Donahue is EXACTLY what is wrong with the Catholic Church. Listening to him try to justify this behavior in any way shape or form is why most people now find the Catholic Church disgusting. He’s ill. Blatantly a man who revels in perverted statistics. Wow. With him defending the Catholic Church, who needs a witch hunt. Let Bill’s disgusting, morally bankrupt and frivilous ridiculousness be the thread on which he and the church hang themselves.

  21. jexer says

    My gay pastor never even hinted at anything inappropriate when I was an altar boy, and I’m certain I gave him several opportunities. Wish I could say the same of the predators I’d encountered before him.

    He was a decent role model in most things except the part about having to lie about his sexuality (and his partner) to keep his job.

    There are times when I wonder… if I weren’t unrepentently gay… would I have ended up just as liberal and atheist as I am now?

  22. MarkDC says

    Donohue is pissed because Roberts and Beck are Gay.

    Poor Sinead. She’s turned into Susan Boyle’s younger shut-in sister.

  23. SunlessNick says

    First, many of the victims were pre-pubescent, so this is a distortion.

    Second, many of them were girls, which puts a real spanner in Donohue’s “It’s all down to the gays” works.

  24. SunlessNick says

    Re my previous comment: the first line was meant to be a quote of a previous poster, but I misformatted.