Constance McMillen Goes to Court Over Cancelled Prom

The ACLU and Constance McMillen faced off against Itawamba School District officials in court today. School officials said they had already been discussing canceling the prom because of insurance and other issues, the AP reports:

Constance "Schools Superintendent Teresa McNeece and school board Chairman Eddie Hood testified that they had discussed not sponsoring the prom even before McMillen challenged a rule that prohibits same-sex dates. They said they had concerns about liability problems, including possible use of alcohol and drugs at a school-sponsored event.

But they also said they decided to call off the April 2 prom at Itawamba Agricultural High School because McMillen's challenge to the rules had caused disruptions. 'We were being hounded every day. Our students were being hounded,' McNeece said. 'We were having a tough time of any bell-to-bell instruction.'

On cross-examination, school officials did not give specific examples of classroom disruptions."

Responded ACLU attorney Kristy Bennett: "Any disruption came after the actual cancellation of the prom."


  1. Garst says

    So, who was responsible for taking the minutes at the meeting where they alledgedly discussed this? Surely, that person has records that it was discussed.

  2. John says

    Just another example of a gay person trying to force their lifestyle on straight person. What’s up with her wanting to wear a tux to the prom. She doesn’t dress like a boy on a regular day. So she was doing this to try to stir things up. She ruined the memory of a high school prom for a lot of kids just to try to force her lifestyle on them. If god meant for same sex relationships he would have made it so that they could conceive children. If you want to be gay that’s your business, but stop trying to shove it down our throats. Straight people are the majority and we don’t want our kids and families exposed to this. If you are gay you will have to answer to God and may he have mercy on your soul.

  3. Ray says

    Push her gay lifestyle on a straight person? It’s no like she’s dating a straight girl! Also, when has being able to have a child been a rule to be in a relationship. Does that me anyone who can’t have children, for any reason, shouldn’t have a relationship in the eyes of god? Come on! Also, she can wear whatever she pleases! Do straight girls go around in prom dresses, or even dresses necessarily on normal days? I think if god had a problem with gay people, he would not have created them! What your saying is that god is all-mighty, and created us in his image, but some people are just not as good as others, and should live miserably alone all their lives. I disagree. Keep fighting to get recognition! You go Constance!

  4. gavin says

    I think this is absolutely outrageous. We need to stop for a moment and think back to when we were kids, when your friends have a personal joke at your expense or finding out that there was a party you were not invited to. I guess this would only apply if you weren’t a cheerleader or a jock but i think that exclusion is never right. Gay, straight or whatever, it is just not right. And as far as little miss preachy goes, whatever happened to turn the other cheek or do unto others as you would have them do to you (or something similar). Also, to have parents and teachers involved in having a secret prom and keeping this poor girl and the other less popular kids out of the way makes me completely sick! Shame on them all!

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