Daniel Radcliffe: Despite Being Accused of ‘Gay Face’, I’m Not Gay

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Radcliffe added that he doesn't think his role as Harry Potter would have stopped him from coming out.

"I don't think my position would have stopped me if I was gay. I know that some actors actually don't like to. I kind of can understand that to a certain extent because sometimes you do see actors get typecast after they come out, which is unfortunate. But a lot of the time that doesn't happen. It's personal preference. Coming out is such an important moment in a gay man's life that I would never want to actually comment on whether or not anyone should or should not."


  1. Torwyn says

    Think he has the integrity and courage to come out if he really was gay. We’d love a brilliant man like this on our “team” as he’d be an incredible ambassador for the gay community but clearly he’s straight.

  2. TampaZeke says

    There’s that word “Accused” again.

    I expect that from anti-gay or ignorant people. I really don’t expect it from Andy or Towleroad.

    How about, “Despite the claims that he has “gay face”…”?

  3. TampaZeke says

    To clarify.

    Accuse (transitive verb):

    1 to charge with a fault or offense : blame
    2 to charge with an offense judicially or by a public process

    One accuses one of a sin, a fault, a transgression or a crime. Only one who considers being gay or having “gay face” is a sin, a fault, a transgression or a crime should use the verb “accuse” to denote a “claim” or “suspicion”.

  4. clint says

    Well if everyone who likes us were gay, we couldn’t have such a fabulous fan club, now could we? Yay for straight male fruit flies like Daniel R. and other true gentlemen friends of the family that have been in the news recently. Warms the heart, really does. Our hot titty girl friend has a new equally hott military boyfriend that is the same way, he loves the gays and is fantastic and fun and we’re glad to have him around.

    We’re winning, folks, even if it will take a long time to get it enshrined in law and custom.

  5. Matt says

    Well, let me comment that I am disappointed he only dates women (right now) but since we will never meet anyway, it probably makes no difference. Main thing is he’s a great person and a pretty talented actor. Glad to be a fan!

  6. So Left I'm Right says

    It’s often quite subjective, but I have never called Dan for gay face. It’s just British face. Same with Prince William.

    Tony Perkins, that homophobe from the FRC or whatever right religious wackjob organization it is mentioned on here yesterday, now she has the gay face.

  7. sparks says

    Said it before, I’ll say it again. I don’t care whether he’s gay or straight, and if he says he’s straight I’ve got no reason to disbelieve.

    It’s not like he’s avoiding gay people in some effort to protect his image. He is very publicly involved with LGBT causes and in his short time as an adult he has done (and continues to do) more for LGBTQ youth than 99% of the out/gay people I know …

    So in my book Dan is AWESOME. Oh and that category transcends gender and orientation.

  8. Ian says

    There have been rumors that he is gay, but since he gave a forthright answer that he is straight, rather than hedge, I’ll take his word for it. It’s always those non-denial denials that to me, indicate a gay man not wanting to come out, but also not wanting to lie. A straight man does what he did here. Just a simple statement “I’m straight”, no drama.

  9. GregV says

    I’ve heard the “gay face” comments used by some on here before and in the context it has been used, it usually sounds like a very self-deprecating term used by someone who feels straights are more handsome or something. Re “So Left I’m Right,” above: I don’t think anbody aspires to look opr be like that weasel Tony Perkins.

    “It’s always those non-denial denials that to me, indicate a gay man not wanting to come out…”

    Ian, I don’t take it that way at all. If a straight person is really comfortable with being straight and supportive of those who are not, he may have so reason to clarify for the sake of homophobes. When someone has made an off-color Jewish joke, for example, and then saw the look on my face and obviously wondered if I were Jewish and they’d made a faux pas, I felt no reason to clarify that I am not. I’d rather they think maybe I could be, and it is never okay to put people down for things like that.
    Likewise, when my very straight brother and I were once taken for a gay couple by an awkward potential landlord, my brother felt no reason to tell him he’s into girls. It’s none of the landlord’s business, and I don’t think my brother has an interest in profiting from heterosexual privilege at gay people’s expense.
    I’d like to think that if I were a straight leading actor, I wouldn’t feel the need to announce to anyone that I’m straight in the interest of winning roles over my gay peers. I think it would be great if straight people would start saying, “Yeah, maybe I could be gay for all you know, what’s it to you?”

  10. ra says

    I think he’s straight and just cool about “being around gays” – the guy has worked in theater, for f’s sake. Or, perhaps he is just saying something hoping it will some day be true for him and others: “You can be an out gay man and still have a successful Hollywood career. Like me. I wish that were really true when I made this comment.”

  11. Celia says

    I love him!! I think it’s just plain ignorant for people to assume someone is gay just because they support Gay rights. Dan is an amazing person and he’s definitely straight! Or in other words…He’s got “straight face.”
    He’s also very sexy!

  12. TANK says

    ha ha ha…these comments are hilarious. As to gay face talkin’ about how he’s not gay and doesn’t do gay stuff…well, gay face, that may be true, but denying it just makes that gay face look gayer. Gay.

  13. Chuck Mielke says

    If Mr. Radcliffe says he’s not gay when virtually asked by an interviewer, we really should respect his comment. If, at some point in the future, it becomes untrue, well, some of us learn things later in life. But let’s cut out the wish-fulfilling pseudo-logic of “denying a claim affirms its truth.”

    BTW, I’m with Mr. Radcliffe on the other question: “Gay face? What is that?” Remember that old saying about books and their covers?

  14. Bruce says

    This guy has more class than most of young Hollywood put together. Plus, uh, Harry Potter grew up nicely, didn’t he?

  15. medo says

    i wonder about these gays , they wish all to be gays and lesbians , i imagine if all humans are gays and lesbians , so give the earth 50 years to extinct , so why don’t gays just go shot themselves , they are violent against nature

  16. meta says

    Daniel Radcliffe is possibly gay and intends to maintain his privacy as a business decision. At about second 53 in the video he begins to scratch his nose when responding to the question about if he were gay would he feel pressure not to come out playing an iconic role like Harry Potter. This gesture is indicative of deception. I, as a hetero man would answer this question with I don’t know I’m hetero.