1. says

    Why are so many young people dying lately? From suicide or otherwise? Let’s go down the list of the last four months, shall we?

    Johnson & Johnson heiress. Brittany Murphy. Some musician from some emo band I can’t remember the name of. Alexander McQueen. The ex-husband of that British comedian David Walliams. “Boner” from GROWING PAINS. Marie Osmond’s son …

  2. David Flood says

    London’s “The Sun” tabloid says he died while playing a “solo sex game.” Very sad when a successful life ends under such embarrassing circumstances.

  3. EuroRant says

    How really sad and shocking. Kristian was like a real mid-day friend just before heading off to work while having my tea.
    Found him so witty and a real equal to Don’s snap wit when the two were working together (great team).
    Such a real shame and a huge talent lost. We will miss you Kristian.

  4. TANK says

    That’s really terrible. He was only 32 according to wiki. Always a shame when someone that young dies. But, always a shame when anyone dies…no one who’s lost a parent at old age would be comforted by knowing that they lived long…that’s irrelevant. They’re gone, and that’s what hurts.

    Okay, so my money’s on drugs.

  5. michael says

    RIP Kristian. His facebook acct has already been deleted… I was just on there the other day looking at pictures he was tagged in. :( such a good guy…

  6. FunMe says

    I never heard of this guy, but wow he seems like a cool guy and brought so much FUN to TV.

    Most truly sad for those he left behind.

    I really hope it was not murder.

    And yes, how sad to see so many people in their 30s die in various ways. What’s up with that??!!

  7. Bryan says

    “There are no suggestions his death was suicide.”

    What a telling inclusion. When a celebrity dies, how often do journalists feel compelled to remark, “There are no suggestions his death was mushroom poisoning.”

    Mushroom poisoning is of course rare, while LGBTQ suicide is statistically on par with yawning – but much more profitable copy.

  8. john says

    Shocked.I watch his shows all the time on cable (all home improvement/selling programs) and he is a delight to watch.He was a very successful property developer,owner.The building of his own home was a tv special.Tears…..

  9. rovex says

    Very sad, i met him at a club in london a few years back, nice guy.
    There are a lot of famous or semi famous gay guys dying recently. Its terrible, it didnt seem to happen a few years ago.

    DO NOT take my favourite, Alistair Appleton, hes too cute.

  10. says

    why do you need to mention GAY BBC PRESENTER? you never tell that about actors or TV presenters who are heterosexuals, Mr Digby had class and was a very fine and cultivated presenter and we appreciated to watch him in my family.
    i feel very sad for his family, the norvegian
    press is speculating a similar case with david carradine sudden death last year?

  11. Doug Berman says

    I guess because he’s gay this will be a big “news” story on this blog. What will the world do without this talented “presenter”. I hear that Battle of the Network Stars may be delayed by a month because of this tragedy!

  12. Anne-Marie says

    I watched him practically every week
    with his program “To buy or not to buy” here
    in The Hage, Holland.
    Rest in peace and all the strength to his
    friend and family.

  13. Rowan says

    Of course it’s that solo sex game. MxQueen died of the same ‘hanging’…

    When will gay men learn? But McQueen had more money behind him so they went with the ‘suicide’ thing but this dude, not so much.

  14. Dan says

    Are a lot of people engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation? If so, I had no idea (not that I’m going to take it up).

  15. Chris says

    auto-erotic asphyxiation? what a stupid way to die. his poor family… how tragic and mortifying for them.

  16. TANK says

    Alright, betting’s over. I said drugs, and everyone else is going for complicated masturbation ritual… Damn…can’t it be a combination?

  17. Lead says

    “But McQueen had more money behind him so they went with the
    ‘suicide’ thing but this dude, not so much.”

    Pray tell ROWAN where did you get your ill informed information presented as fact?

    RIP Kristian no matter how you died. He was a great public gay role model and extremely talented for being so young.

  18. deb byrd says

    it is a very sad thing that a young man has died it doesn,t matter if he was gay or not he still died far to young, he was a very happy go lucky kind of person always very well dressed i watched him on tv quiet a lot always found him very pleasent and i would be proud to have a person like him as my son my thoughts are with his family rip kristian