1. Walter says

    Paul — why so bitter ?

    Mr. Evan represented VERY WELL.
    There is no reason that these two should be written out of the show completely. He is cop … and should still have use in a soap opera.

    Bigotry prevails ….

    They COULD keep him on as a token gay character – just as they have token black and latino characters. Can not even think of an Asian soap character.

  2. realitythink says

    You should care because something stinks to high heaven here. These two have not been center of this show EVER!! They’re using the ratings fail as an excuse. Something tells me they were pressured by the more conservative affiliates out there and they buckled under the pressure. They should at least admit the truth to their viewers. These ABC execs are nothing but cowards and it’s very sad to see.

  3. JAMES in Toronto says

    I liked the chemistry between Scott and Brett. It’s a shame to lose that.

    You know? It’s about time for some network to take a run at doing a show where the main focus is a gay couple in a new relationship.

    (If there is one, I haven’t seen it.)

  4. Dave says


    HBO is adopting the “Ollie and Christian” storyline of the German soap “Verbotene Lieb” so yeah, soon there will be a series focused entirely on a gay couple. Of course there was Queer As Folks before.

  5. Trace says

    Gotta agree with Bobby.. Its the only reason I was TIVOing the show as well. I was looking forward the whole Fish being a Father storyline and what could be developed in that. Gay Dads! Its a shame.

  6. says

    I’m very disappointed by this. I was a fan of OLTL before this storyline. No more. I have no respect for people who kowtow to bigots, and won’t be watching the show any more after Kish leaves.

  7. Mark says

    OLTL is consistently one of the lowest rated soaps. And they are blaming it on Kish? I agree with RealityThink: something really does smell funny here.

  8. Dirty says

    @Toto: Luke and Noah are neutered: they never kiss really and have NEVER had a love scene like Kish. Maybe you’re okay with half an effort to appeal to gay audiences, but I’m not. And your show has been canceled, in case you hadn’t noticed.

  9. JD says

    @ARCHIE GIANUNZIO sorry Annie Proulx isn’t gay. Here’s a quote from an interview “Put yourself in my place, she says, An elderly, white, straight female, trying to write about two 19-year-old gay kids in 1963. What kind of imaginative leap do you think was necessary? Profound, extreme, large. To get into those guys’ heads and actions took a lot of 16-hour days, and never thinking about anything else and living a zombie life. That’s what I had to do. I really needed an exorcist to get rid of those characters. And they roared back when I saw the film.”

  10. says

    I’m pretty sure the gay story line (the tiny, tiny gay story line) is not the cause of the low ratings…how about the abysmal writing of the show? come on OLTL, axe the old writers and hire writers that can come up with (at the very least) a somewhat cohesive story, and a few original ideas?

  11. Ren Martin says

    Gavin, couldn’t agree more. The tired old story line of “good” Vicki, Bo, and Nora vs. “bad” Dorian was old 15 years ago and is the real reason the show itself should be “completed”.

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