1. Mike in Asheville says

    Fuck GLAAD.

    This movie has been talked about over the past 6+ months, for GLAAD to say they just found out about it is very telling indeed. They are liars OR they are failures at doing their job OR both.

    My husband and I hope the film finds distribution outside of NYC and LA/SF so we can watch it in a theater with other queers cheering on the trannies with their blood-dripping knives as they carve up each basher.

  2. Emelye Waldherr says

    The tactics used by those who oppress trans people invoke fear, loathing and morbid fascination (eg the bathroom predator meme), the very emotions that this movie is using to gain attention with its title and trailer. The community’s enemies use this fear and loathing to oppress gay and lesbian lives as well. That a film by a supposed member of our community mimics their tactics is unacceptable and will be called out every time it happens.

    Israel Luna wrote and directed a film about trans women when he is not trans and not a woman. His arrogance in thinking he could write well about things he has no clue about is what bothers me the most about this film.

  3. wtf says

    Emelye, so people shouldn’t make art about people that aren’t exactly like them? Yeah, that’s enlightened. By your reasoning women should never write about men, nor men about women, nor gays about straights, or trans about gays, etc. This is the type of reasoning that wedges the gl/t communities. From the interviews with the trans actresses in the film, they really liked it, thought it was appropriate and the real outrage seems to be the use of real people’s names in the teaser/trailer which is not in the film. The use of the word Tranny seems to be an issue, although I have heard MANY trans women use the term – but that’s probably reclamation. But since the filmmaker isn’t trans it’s not ok? Not sure I buy that. I get not liking the film (it doesn’t look very good from the youtube vids available) but to say it’s not good because the filmmaker isn’t trans is a poor argument.

  4. says

    The bottom line is: Violence against transfolk, which is at epidemic proportions not only in this country but all over the world, is not funny and is not appropriate subject matter for an exploitation flick. Abramovitch is ignorant: Only a governing body can practice censorship, so that’s not what GLAAD’s criticism is. It’s not unreasonable to demand that filmmakers be sensitive to your basic humanity. Unfortunately, “Ticked-Off Trannies” and the way it’s being defended reveals the contempt all too many Gay men hold for transwomen. Muchas gracias to Israel Luna and the Tribeca Film Festival for sowing more division among LGBT people and doing it in an especially vicious way.

  5. s says

    as a trans gal(aswell i dnt lyk labels;tho im describing tngs) ; i really dnt lyk diz muve…it juz dose notng 2 support nor embrace transgenderism(but i know diz is all a $ ploy,wif d title),so im sure laughs will b met,whether gud or bad of transgenderism;

    (tho its gud im not alone n i wont fyn it funny,even if glaad n others myt b slow 2 respond 2 d substance fo wutevre d rezen) ;…

    but anyway ; i mysef rather b n d real kill bill (so if ur reading quentin tarantino[call my raggedy phone])…li’s(laughing nwards)…

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