1. Joel says

    Wow, my gaydar must have been totally off the last couple of years. I had no idea he was gay! Sad that he’s leaving, there are so few great local reporters still out there that make the evening news worth watching. Thanks Hank for all your years of excellence.

  2. William says

    Meanwhile, San Francisco has no openly day anchors that I know of (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) which is pathetic. Not even sure if there are reporters. Nary of mention of this lack of gay represenation in front of the camera by the print media in town — even at the Bay Area Reporter.

  3. stephen says

    hi hank, congrats… but of course, we’ll all miss you on TV; now you can finally start your “occasional interview series” a la Barbara W, or maybe something Dame Edna-style poolside in PS?! :)

  4. RJ says

    Retirement is just another word for change of career. I heard Plante’s name now and then over the years, even out here on the east coast of Canada. Congrats on capping a fascinating career. Now… memoir, please!

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