Itawamba County, Mississippi Private Prom Cancelled, Now Back On


A second, private prom in Itawamba County, Mississippi, which parents organized, has been cancelled. It appeared in briefs filed in the ACLU – McMillen case that Constance McMillen wasn't invited. Constance tried on Monday to buy tickets anyway, to no avail:

Constance"American Civil Liberties Union attorney Christine Sun, who is representing McMillen in her federal case, said her client received conflicting information on where to get a ticket for the private dance…[Parent Lori] Byrd said tickets had been available for two weeks at a local formal wear business, a fact advertised at the school with fliers and over the school PA system. McMillen showed up after the deadline Monday, she said.

'She had a chance. We didn't exclude anybody,' she said. 'She purposefully waited until after the deadline.'"

Apparently now, however, the private prom has been cancelled as well:

"'I just hate it for the kids. Now they are not going to have anything.'

Byrd said the private prom had adopted the same rules as the school-sponsored prom. McMillen could have attended, but she could not bring her girlfriend as her date and had to wear a dress."

Why was the private prom cancelled?

"There are a lot of people involved and they don't want to get sued."

That's what you get when you have a bunch of bigot parents running things.

An all-inclusive prom in Fulton County is still on: "An all-inclusive prom is scheduled to go on as planned May 8 in the Fulton area, Kristi Bennett with the ACLU said. That prom is sponsored by the Empowering Spirits Foundation, a national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization that teamed up with the Safe Schools Coalition of Mississippi for the event."

In related news, McMillen visited the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center on Saturday:

"The teenager, poised and confident on stage, said that despite the national support (she now has 4,000 friends on Facebook and a $30,000 scholarship from Ellen Degeneres ), '90 percent of the student body hates me right now.'
Later that night, McMillen had plans to attend Perez Hilton’s birthday party ― I think it’s safe to say she’s the only one from Aberdeen who got an invite."

UPDATE: Private prom back on at new location and Constance can go!


  1. bobbyjoe says

    Look out, Constance, it’s Itawamba County! Run away! Run away! As fast as your legs can carry you!

    No, Constance, no! Not towards Perez Hilton! Run away! Run away!

  2. Steele says

    Wait…you HAVE to wear a dress to prom in the States? Or is it like a School Board thing?

    Hell at my prom in ’00 I won Prom King and the Prom Queen? Well, we voted for a guy.

    My best friend (female) wore a pant suit…

    Progressive eh?

    We also did a drag number with some buddies and I in full make up drag…

    I love being a Canadian of course I can’t donate blood…

  3. Paul R says

    I’ve been hearing these same prom stories every year for at least 25 years. As always, most students don’t care much if a same-sex couple attends, but some enraged parents get involved. Then it becomes a complicated legal bloodbath and the LGBT kid comes off as a monster for ruining everyone else’s prom.

    I’ll never understand how and why prom became the all-important rite of passage for American teens. I went to three of them, and everyone there felt let down and just wanted to leave to get drunk and/or laid. It’s a waste of money, not some magical evening—whether you’re straight or gay.

  4. gary Armstrong says

    i find it fascinating comparing the pictures of her on the gay sites with the “local media” coverage….she looks heavier, morose and mean in the last link in this article (about the prom being back on)

  5. TANK says

    Heavy? Constance is wasting away by lesbian standards.

    I hope this forces a tremendous settlement with the school district and insures that no child will be maliciously singled out for discrimination by bigoted adults in “itawamba” (did I just type that? seriously?).

  6. GV says

    Paul R.: I understand exactly what you’re saying. We talked about prom all year, had meetings, fussed over every detail, and I can’t recall anything about the prom. (I only remember the after party at a friend’s house, where we had ditched the suits and had fun). As far as I remember, the prom was just an ordinary, awkward school dance with a sign up that said “Senior Prom.” I’ve never heard a single adult say their prom was something special and memorable when it actually happened.

    Having said that, obviously there is an important principle here. It’s outrageous that small-minded idiots like the Duskin family are attacking her as they are. Some day when their community has matured, they will be seen in the same light as the white kids who yelled at black kids who were just going about their business walking with their textbooks into Central High. Amber Duskin’s grandchildren will likely be ashamed for her.

    I hope Derrick and Constance both find that they have huge support for their education and for their courage and integrity when they get out of these small-minded Southern towns. But everybody in the class would have forgotten the prom itself in two weeks if not for the towns’ bigotry blowing this thing up as they have.