It’s Been Fun…

N649850810_1232567_9338 Well, my time on Towleroad is done for now. What a week it's been; The Roy Ashburn and Eric Massa affairs, bigots calling us "bizarre," and Sean Hayes finally comes out of the closet. 

I've had a blast filling in for Andy over the last few days. You'll find him back at the helm tomorrow, well-rested I hope.

Thank you all for having me. Feel free to stop by my site, Soup Cans, and drop me a line.



  1. TANK says

    Has it been fun, Steve? Will you cherish this memory forever and ever? I know I will. I shall carry it with me, fondly reflecting upon it whenever I get a spare moment. Thank you, Steve. You made the world a better place…

  2. gregnsf says

    Well this has nothing to do with the guest blogger but I want to say something anyway. Andy, what is up with your servers? I don’t think it’s my internet connection that’s the problem because I only have problems with Towelroad — and on different computers too. When I try to get to the next page of this site I get that annoying hourglass for ten minutes or more! Sometimes it doesn’t come up at all.

    Is anyone else having problems downloading this site (and this site only) when trying to get to the next page or a “jump”? I’ve given up on trying to get to page two (or later) for today.

  3. says

    Thanks Steve, I know we’re an unruly bunch, but you hung in there.

    @Gregnsf Load times for Towleroad are pitifully poor. No doubt about it. Most of it has to do with all the different advertisers and the stuff that loads “under the hood.” Andy’s got to make a living, but he isn’t going to win any awards for site design, much less efficiency. I’d say Towleroad is one of those sites that would make the programmers at Google cringe.

    Regardless, I keep coming back for the same reason you do. In due time, he’ll figure it out.

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