Keith Kimmel, Who Sued for ‘I’m Gay’ License Plate, Found Dead

Keith Kimmel, the man who was suing the state of Oklahoma for a license plate that read "I'M GAY", was found dead this morning, News on 6 reports:

Kimmel "Kimmel was found dead Wednesday morning.

The tax commission turned down Kimmel's specialized plate request last year on grounds it could be offensive to the general public.

Norman police are waiting on the Medical Examiner's office to determine the cause of Kimmel's death."

Kimmel left a number of comments on Towleroad under the post regarding his lawsuit, many of them defending attacks from Oklahoma locals and commenters on blogs.

Said Kimmel in one comment: "My haters can hate all they want. Most people who dont like me feel the way they do because I tell them how it is and I'm unafraid to give them my opinion even when its not wanted. Life is not a popularity contest and I refuse to see it as one. That stance really bothers some people. I honestly couldn't care less that a few gay people – who do nothing for the community but drink, smoke, fuck, consume resources and pollute conversation with their uninformed opinions – and happen to own businesses, aligned themselves with those who do or have managed to install themselves as 'community leaders' don't like me.

As for my mental health, lol, thats funny. I'm not crazy. I just refuse to conform to some folks ideas of what I should say or do in the gay community."

MORE: Kimmel beaten by police last Friday?

"Kimmel writes that the officers 'beat him' while attempting to make an arrest at a club in Tulsa last Friday. Kimmel ended up having to stay the night in the hospital.

Tulsa police confirm they did get the complaint in the mail Wednesday, but said everything else is still under investigation. A 911 log indicates police were called out to the club by a bartender. Police say the bartender called police because he needed an intoxicated white male removed from the premises.

Norman police are waiting on the Medical Examiner's office to determine the cause of Kimmel's death."

Posted March 31, 2010 at 6:10pm ETC by Andy Towle
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