Lambda Literary Foundation Launches Site for LGBT Book Lovers


The Lambda Literary Foundation has launched a new online home for LGBT book lovers:

"The new Lambda Literary webzine will aggregate the best links from LGBTQ and mainstream book news websites and newspapers, feature provocative interviews, under-reported stories, and thoughtful, of-the-moment book reviews and nurture a social community that comments, critiques, links back, twitters, blogs, and interacts both online and in person.

'We're here; we're queer; we read. And on March 1st, we'll be even more visible to the world and to each other.' says Lambda Literary Foundation board member Nicola Griffith. 'We're a community that loves books. We need books. All kinds of books: yaoi and high lit, graphic novels and celebrity tell-alls, heart-wrenching memoir and YA fantasy. We read to save our lives. We write, we edit. We publish, distribute, review, sell, advertise, lend, and buy. And Lambda Literary will now be home for the whole of the brilliantly diverse community that creates and supports our literature.'"

With gay bookstores dying right and left, it's great to see this community come to life.


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    As a writer, I’m definitely glad to see this. Writing–whether Gay or not– rarely gets its due as an Art these days, sadly.

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    I would like to think I brought this site into existence out of sheer will. I have wanted a solid, authoritative, well-presented GLBT lit site for so long. Yay.

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    Thirded, or fourthed, I guess. Literature of all kinds gets pushed to the sidelines these days, gay literature even more so. And, even as someone who writes and reads fiction professionally, I’m often guilty of neglecting the craft. Kudos to them for making it happen.

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