1. TANK says

    Angry white racist biblical literalists. And that’s a looong beep! At least it was ‘human’ BEEEEEP, and not dog BEEEEP or something. LMAO! These people are scum. Birther, tenther scum.

  2. gregorybrown says

    It’s a demonstration of the ignorance of this mob of yahoos that they quote Barry Goldwater. He was one of the last of the genuine Republican conservatives, with a set of ideas and ideals that put him way above the succeeding crop of reactionary twits who’ve polluted the landscape for way too long.

  3. rich says

    ‘Extremism in defense of liberty is not a vice’…hmmmmm. I want to send this quote to Dan Choi

  4. Adam Mathias says

    Wasn’t Goldwater the one who also said that he didn’t trust Evangelicals and worked to keep religion out of politics?

    He also said ““You don’t have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight.”

    These people need to read and educate themselves about their “heros”

  5. Lazlo says

    This Stupak guy from what I’ve heard is on the most anti-abortion Senators on the Hill. These stupid people! LOL. If something extreme does happen, I hope no one is killed. But I also hope the media will really stick it to the Republicans this time. They can’t deny responsibility for this, this time.

  6. Willig says

    Level heads in the GOP (0.01%) are slowly realizing that they have unleashed a beast that they cannot control. This will not be pretty. The remaining batshit crazy GOP are all behaving like evil psychos in movies who are laughing as the world immolates around them.

  7. Matt says

    This is sad but honestly, it reads like a lot of the comments here on Towleroad. I guess we all have something to learn.

  8. Rodolfo says

    Matt, ftw.

    Isn’t this more of what some of “us” did to some of “them” following the passage of Prop 8? Things are getting uglier and uglier.

  9. TANK says

    Yeah, because all perpsectives are equal, matt…nazism and democracy, racism and egalitarianism…they all mean the same thing and are on the same footing, right? Idiots.

  10. nic says

    whatever happened to democracy? what happenned to decency? it makes me nauseated. but this is the kind of speech that cheney, rove, and palin ushered in. if you view a person in the abstract, you view him/her as a thing, a mere cypher. this is what facilitated the extermination of the jews, american-natives, and many other peoples.

    the democrats need to step up and fight this bull-shit.