Ohio State Football Coach Interviewed By Gay Magazine

TresselJim Tressel, the popular Ohio State's sweater vest-wearing head coach who is a conservative Christian and was also a Bush supporter, was recently interviewed by Outlook, an Ohio GLBT magazine. According to the weekly, "this is the first time that a Division I NCAA head football coach has done a one-on-one with a GLBT publication." Tressel has some surprisingly supportive things to say about out gays on his team.

When asked what advice he would give to a player who came out to him, Tressel responded with this: 

"We strive to teach and model appreciation for everyone. One, we are a family. If you haven't learned form your family at home that people have differences and those strengthen the whole, then you are hopefully going to learn it as a part of the Ohio State football family.

Two, every part of our team is important and every role has value – no job is too small and no person is irrelevant – that's a great lesson that transcends society. When I think of the diversity on our team the past few years, it goes way beyond just a racial, sexual or ethnic mix…Whatever a young man feels called to express, I hope we will help him do it in a supportive environment."

Read the entire interview here. You'll want to skip to page 32.


  1. Rodney says

    The college football world is replete with very conservative head coaches (look at Bobby Bowden and Urban Meyer for example) and I’d guestimate that 95% of them are Republican. So, let me just say …

    I love it. As a diehard Buckeye, it’s nice to know Tressel not only supports diversity, but teaches it.

  2. Gus says

    Mr. Tressel leads a cultural, near religious phenomenon in Ohio, OSU football. From the factory floor to the boardroom, wearing Scarlet and Gray is almost a requirement for the 1.75 million central Ohio residents on football Fridays. The quickest way to fit in the workplace is one Scarlet and Gray hoodie. God help a Michigan alumnus in central Ohio, it is considered worse than being gay. A guy wearing Maize and Blue, any time of the year, will get bashed faster than wearing a boa and sequins walking down High Street.

    Tressel is talking about the ‘team’ in an abstract manner. Once you have made the team, which means tolerating the evangelical Christian athlete undertones in the program, you are in the exclusive club and are protected. He is also talking to a small publication and his comments probably will not make it to the MSM in Ohio. And the head of the football program must speak with the university’s PC language, much like any other high profile representative of the school. While I believe his abstraction, the possibility of a Buckeye coming out is near zero.

    What the LGBT community should take away from the article is the shift in attitude. Here is THE coach expressing a change in the more educated of the evangelicals. He, and others like him, no longer feel comfortable saying being gay is un-Buckeye, or even un-American. They may adhere to their own religious views, but at least in public statements, equality is winning the day.

    Just don’t wear Maize and Blue.

  3. Nick says

    Mr Tressell has long been connected to evangelical congregations in the Columbus area that do not support equal rights for all. He is merely
    telling this local publication the viewpoint of Ohio State -which prohibits discrimination and has long offered benefits to same sex partners. As a University faculty member he has to support University policy. His personal views are a bit
    more suspect.
    Although having a large population of gay people-Columbus has never been a hotbed of progressive people. It is pretty benign and the gay people are no different.

  4. says

    I don’t really care what Tressel’s personal views are. What struck me was the fact that he was the first Division I NCAA football coach to talk to a gay-themed publication. Whether his personal views are supportive of GLBT people or not, he most certainly didn’t have to do this interview. Supporting university policy is one thing, but this was above and beyond that. He’s always been an analytical coach, so don’t think he didn’t deliberate long and hard before agreeing to this interview. He’s not going to be super rah-rah pro-gay… but then again he’s not super rah-rah about anything. Even on the sidelines, he’s almost always calm and controlled.

    I thought the interview was a good step in the right direction.

    O – H !!!!

  5. Chitown Kev says

    Fuck this sweatervested CUNT from that state to the south with THOSE ignorant couch burning classless people.

    And as soon as we can get rid of this criminal hillbilly punk and his trailer trash wife in Ann Arbor, the Maize and Bluse will be on top once again.

    Until then, fuck all of you Buck-nuts.

  6. Mike says

    Impressed that Tress talked to Outlook. Great for him and any other Buckeye or college athlete who may hear those encouraging words. Always thought the he may be a religious bigot but I am thankful for this interview. Also in the magazine is an interview with athletic director of OSU Gene Smith. Chitown Kev – don’t be too sad, it has only been 2,297 days since your wolverweenies beat OSU. lol GO BUCKS!!

  7. Chitown Kev says


    Maybe it’s classy, maybe not. You’ll never get me to admit that it is. Such is the depth of my complete and utter hatred for THAT school down to the South.

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