1. says

    It’s always nice when someone gets educated and/or changes their mind and/or is shamed into making amends, but how could anyone accept her apology? Her comments were so SPECIFIC—she’s rather a kid die than be with a gay couple? That’s not a little PC oopsy.

  2. Steve Ribisi says

    She shouldn’t be apologizing at a disco, but rather at a dinner table with gay and lesbian couples and their children. Plus, is hosting a disco event really enough to come back from the hateful comments she made? She needs to meet some gay parents and perhaps then she will begin to truly regret the horrible statement she made. Keep in mind though that this woman is not the only one on either side of the US-Mexico border who feels similarly that children are better off dead than with gay dads or lesbian moms. Personally I feel that children are better off in gay homes than fundamentalist homes, but that is just me.

  3. MarkDC says

    This is NOT about Gay rights.

    This is NOT about “special” rights.

    This is about EQUAL rights.

  4. says

    I think she meant to say that the she LOST the majority of her gay friends.

    Asking forgiveness for such a statement is even more shocking than making it in the first place. Will anyone accept her apology?

  5. Ronny says

    Oh fuck all of you still on her case.

    She admitted she was wrong and sounds like she learned something.

    Good for her.

  6. TANK says

    Make sure that the “disco” is dank and dark–somewhere out of the way and full of aging queens who are drinking themselves to death. Ya know, something to convey a strong sense of confident pride.

    Once again, I guess piss ignorant people get a pass for saying and doing highly unethical things…because they don’t know “no better”, huh?


  7. TANK says

    And she should be taking responsibility for what she said rather than attributing it to her upbringing. Though it may explain it, it doesn’t excuse it. Just like people killing other people in any manner of greusome ways because they have beliefs about the inherent evil or inferiority of those people that are false…explains it…don’t excuse it.

  8. says

    Fantastic. The more she learns about us, the more accepting she will be. And her public apology will no doubt fall negatively on some ears, but hurray for her willingness to open her mind, and her heart. I hope for good things from this.

  9. says

    wow. the comments on this site never fail to surprise me, and most of the time not in a good way. what the fuck happened between last week’s hateful remarks and her ‘planned’ disco apology? i’m guessing she had concerts cancelled, or saw some sales drops, or received hate mail or all of the above. this has NOTHING to do with REALLY being apologetic. Not after only one week. This has everything to do with her purse. That disco ought to be completely EMPTY that night, in a show of solidarity for all the bullshit and fake ‘nice nice’ we have to put up with daily. This woman showed herself to be a hateful cunt. It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a night at the disco to make that go away.

  10. occono says

    Ronny, nobody changes such, uh, strong views after a few days. This is motivated by money somehow.

  11. Travis says

    So, the commenters on here are angry, which I get, but in response to someone’s wishes to deny gays their rights, they use the word cunt and bitch? For real, guys? How can you expect anyone to help us fight homophobia if we insist on being misogynists.

    Also: motives aside, an apology is an apology. I don’t care why she took it back, only that she did.

  12. David in Houston says

    I find it hard to believe that she had a change of heart in only one week. No one changes a lifetime of beliefs in such a short period of time. This is obviously damage control for her career. As far as I’m concerned, anything she says will just be lip service. Nothing more.

  13. john says

    Damage control.Did it find out most of it’s fans are gay?Too late,you already said what you really thought.She hates gay people & children.

  14. Ronny says

    Really Occono? You know this for a fact?

    Well if that’s the case why didn’t that lady that owns “El Coyote” resturant in LA appoligize for her support of Prop 8? She threw the “I am gay friends” line and expected everything to be just peachy.

    Sickens me that you all are such jaded bitter people that will not allow her to have her say.


  15. FunMe says

    As STEVE RIBISI suggested, her apology should be in person with Mexican GLBT organizations and press there. She should explain that she has a “change of heart” and will now lead a NATIONAL MEXICAN ORGANIZATION that will educate people in the country about equality and that she will personally speak out and fight against homophobia in Mexico due to ignorance and self-loathing hate.

    She should be using that famous quote from Mexican Indian President Benito Juarez:

    “El respecto al derecho aheno es la paz”

    “Respect for the rights of others is Peace”

    Otherwise, a “disco” with loud noise will simply mean nothing.

  16. JusticeontheRocks says

    I don’t get the continued anger here. She admits what she said was wrong and ignorant. I’d say that’s a win. Is a disco the best place to do it – no. Is it much better than no apology at all – hell yes.

    No one except the lady can say whether she is sincere. It doesn’t matter – what’s public is that she’s doing it. Enough. Move on.

  17. Dawnell_do says

    I don’t care if she admits it was wrong and ignorant! It still doesn’t change the fact she said it in the first place.

  18. TampaZeke says

    Just a couple of days ago she did an interview where she complained about how unfair it was that she was be “attacked” for “her opinion”. She did not mention that her opinion was wrong or that she was sorry or remorseful for what she said.

    Some of you would have believed and forgiven Hitler if had had left a “Whoops, my bad” note behind in the bunker.

    TRAVIS, do you get this bent out of shape when people call male jerks “dickhead” or “asshole”? Do you consider these terms misandristic and those who use them “man-haters”. Sometime “cunt” and “bitch” is just a term to show disgust with a person who is female just as “dickhead” and “asshole” are used to show disgust with a person who is male. Stop being such a pussy. Oops, I’m sure you’ll have something to say about that too.

  19. jason says

    Since when does a gay disco represent the general gay population? I just think this is an insulting tokenistic gesture designed to get a headline. The gay disco stunt is an insult, if the music they play isn’t already.

  20. wtf says

    So…this apology at the disco: is it free? Oh, let me guess – there’s still a cover, the bar is still cash and she gets a percentage. This is NOT an apology. It’s another way for her to make money while appeasing her gay fanbase. For those of you who are SO offended that some people are still pissed, THINK ABOUT IT FOR A MINUTE: is this REALLY an apology? Are WORDS JUST ENOUGH? How about some ACTIONS. Ya stupid fuckin’ bitches.

  21. walter says

    this bitch just found out who brought most or her recording and all of sudden her poor upbringing is to blame. dumb bitch what she said can’t be taken back so now it is back to the barrio.

  22. TampaZeke says

    I wonder how many of you who are so quick to forgive and forgive are parents yourselves. It seems to me that if you aren’t a gay parent then you aren’t in any position to determine if this woman’s apology is sufficient or not. It strikes me as being akin to a white person determining if an apology for a racial slur is sufficient, or a straight person determining if an apology for a gay slur is enough, or a man (TRAVIS) determining if an apology for a misogynistic slur is enough.

    As a gay full-time parent myself, I can assure you that you will find few of us who think her publicity stunt is sincere or sufficient, especially considering that she was playing victim of the mean gays for attacking her “opinion” just YESTERDAY.

  23. says

    The only reason she back peddled is because of the backlash she got. She probably expected more support, but it didn’t come. If she had gotten support, she wouldn’t be issuing an apology, she would be making speeches against gays. Now she is making faux amends due that her popularity and legacy are in jeopardy. She knew exactly what she was saying when she said it, she isn’t a teenager who doen’t think about what they say.

  24. chuy says

    She’s just apologizing for what she said, but she still says she doesn’t believe gay couples should adopt. It came out wrong she said. So i don’t forgive her.

  25. occono says

    Well, I just don’t see much of an explanation as to why her opinion would have changed. And it’s not like she said Fag or something: she said kids would be better off dead then adopted. It’s less cynicism and more a seeming lack of motivation for her to suddenly change her mind on such an extreme view.

  26. Arturo Beeche says

    There is always space for redemption…let us hope that in her case it is true and not one caused by the effect her ignorance may have on her pocket book and record sales…a bit skeptical though…

  27. David says

    So she made the homophobic statement in a setting with significant mass media presence, but she’ll apologize in a disco, where there will be no serious media and the attendees are likely to be totally politically unaware?

    Even if they eliminated all charges, the environment smacks of being chosen so as to ensure that most of her straight fanbase never ever hears of it.

  28. Zach says

    Bullcrap on any apology she has to offer.
    I hate when people say cruel and hateful things and then “apologize” when they are called out on it or people respond in a bad way. If she didn’t mean what she said, then she wouldn’t have said it in the first place.
    She is only sorry because people are rightfully responding to her like the hateful bigot she is, nothing more than that.

  29. Mark says

    This is the same woman who in a recent interview said she has performed for drug lords and that they are “very refined people for whom she has a lot of respect.”

    I think that puts her lack of perspective in perspective. Anyone who would extol the virtues of criminals and murderers in one interview–yet say a homeless child should die rather than be taken in by a gay couple in another–is an absolute idiot and hypocrite.

    La pendejez no conoce fronteras.

  30. Morten says

    So she makes an apology in which she basically says that poor people are ignorant bigots and she is one because she grew up poor?
    I think the guys who called her a cunt called it. Hope no-one shows up to her gig.

  31. says

    Matthew R says it best in his post:

    “It’s always nice when someone gets educated and/or changes their mind and/or is shamed into making amends, but how could anyone accept her apology?

    Her comments were so SPECIFIC—she’s rather a kid die than be with a gay couple? That’s not a little PC oopsy.”

    ps. I would never accept her apology, but because I don’t know who the heck she is, and chanced are she will never “make-it” now in the USA, whatever she does and says is just useless information at this point.

  32. Rick says

    More than just homophobic, this woman comes across to me as mentally unstable. She might be sincere in her purported remorse, but does it matter?

  33. Pete says

    How did she have such a sudden conversion? her agent told her it would be bad for her finances. She is a fat pig Mexican Anita Bryant.

    Let her wrestle in a guacamole pit with Maggie Gallagher.

  34. Keith says

    How can one say they’d rather have their child be killed than be raised by two homosexuals, and then claim that they have gay friends and then have the audacity to say, “I don’t have anything against anyone.” She meant what she said at the beginning, and no apology or claims of friendship can ever take that away.

  35. truthteller says

    I was a huge fan of Paquita.
    My favorite song was “3 veces te engane.” I cheated on you 3 times. The first because I was angry, the second was a whim and the third was for pleasure.

    Her music is fun and campy, but her apology is useless. First of all, I read it and I am convinced her publicist wrote it. It simply is not the way she speaks, at all.

    The fact that she is a regional Mexican singer (very successful) and the blogs in English have picked up the story is powerful. She is hurting from the Latino communities and the LGBT community have disowned her. This hurts her pocket and this is what the apology is about. When she takes sensitivity training and starts making real amends, then and only then, might I buy another of her CD’s. Not!

    A good thing has come out of this though. People who think the same way she does, now have an opportunity to examine their erroneous thinking and become enlightened about their views and feeling about gay people.

  36. Erick says

    Too late, the damage is done. What little career this bitch had is gone. She is just apologizing to salvage her career. The apology is NOT sincere and not accepted.

  37. Art says

    She only apologized because it affects her career. If “‘the majority’ of her friends are gay” she must be a back stabbing son of a wet bitch to talk like that about them!

    Just another ignrnt hota from messyco.

  38. truthteller says

    @ ART

    “she must be a back stabbing son of a wet bitch to talk like that about them!

    Just another ignrnt hota from messyco.”

    It’s not messyco, it’s Mexico, and it is a wonderful country with rich traditions and contributions to the world. You are ignorant and you have no class. If you want to be respected, then learn to respect others.

    And it you want to call someone an “ignrt hota,” (ignorant she-fag,) you should learn how to spell it, because it reveals your ignorance. Google is your friend, and so is spell check.

  39. truthteller says

    @ Eric
    Paquita has a huge career. The world is much bigger than your surroundings. Although I’ve been very critical of her and won’t support her career any longer, I find your comment arrogant. Very typical of people who think the world revolves around them.

  40. Sami in Vancouver says

    With all the rabid comments on this blog, why is she any different?

    People say things that they really never meant to say.

    Forgiveness is a sign of charitableness.

  41. CKNJ says

    The only way I would think she was sincere in her apology is if she took a job assisting gay couples adopt in Mexico… THEN I might think she actually truly meant her apology… some half-baked show at a gay-disco to apologize does not ring true… she has to try a little harder to convince me that she can so radically change her position in such a short time and really truly feel it. I am with those that think she is simply doing a publicist inspired ‘fix it’ to salvage her career…

  42. Erick says

    Yes the fucking world revolves around me asshole. I bet most people didn’t even know who this cunt was before all this happened. And from what I why know and heard, this bitch is only famous for bashing men in her songs. A one note wonder.

  43. says

    WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT WHAT THIS LADY HAS TO SAY ANYWAY? she will see her sales drop. Let people find consecuenses to their own actions and stop worring about them. Worry about yourselves… not freaking paquita from the hood, i mean c´mon!

  44. Jacqueline says

    Why is it we judge people when we hear something we don’t like, out of her comments the one thing that I did not like was that she would rather let the kids die, I feel people should have the rights to there own opinion even if we don’t agree with it.