Parents in Lesbian Student Constance McMillen’s Town Organize Private Prom — and Constance is Still Not Invited

The Itawamba School District filed a brief containing several new revelations on Friday. The brief says prom was called off to settle the "very explosive and disruptive" issue of the district's ban on same-sex dating, the Clarion Ledger reports.

Constance So the school actually has an official ban on same-sex dating?

The paper continues

"The filing by school board attorney Benjamin Griffith states that Itawamba Agricultural High School senior Constance McMillen 'wishes to make the defendant district the site for a national constitutional argument over gay and lesbian rights.' … Griffith said the student's rights were not violated.

'This is not an issue where anyone has been denied an education or suffered a constitutional deprivation,' he wrote in the filing. 'Rather, this is a social event that, in light of rapidly escalating circumstances, was disruptive to the school environment because people are on all sides of the issue.'

An affidavit filed Friday by attorney James Keith says school board members have been been under 'tremendous pressure' as a result of the controversy."

According to information in the newly filed briefs, parents have organized a private prom — and Constance isn't invited to that prom either:

"The school board's response states that parents have organized a private prom at a furniture mart in nearby Tupleo (sic). Now that the school district has withdrawn from the event, any constitutional claims are irrelevant, Griffith wrote.  [ACLU attorney Christine] Sun said she had only heard rumors of the private dance until she read it in the brief.

'Constance has not been invited, so it is clear to me that what is happening is that the school has encouraged a private prom that is not open to all the students,' she said. 'That's what Constance is fighting for — a prom where everyone can go.'"


  1. rovex says

    Gay Apartheid plain an simple. Despicable hateful people they should be ashamed. I bet most of the men involved in this jack off to lesbian porn all the time rather than have sex with their wives.

  2. Tone says

    The school is modeling some pretty toxic behaviour to the student body. It is beyond shameful that an entire community could be so hateful toward minorities. I’m thankful that I live in Canada where at least same-sex rights are more settled.

  3. Mrs. Sippy says

    It is time to start contacting the Tupelo Furniture Market to see if they are going to allow a segregated event to be held on their premises.

    Integration now, segregation never!

    Tupelo Furniture Market
    1879 North Coley Road
    Tupelo, MS 38801
    Phone: (662) 842-4442
    Fax: (662) 844-3665

    Melinda Ware

    Vicki Hitchcock

    Housing/Hostess Home Program

    Marketing/Advertising Information
    Connie Clayton

    Sales/Exhibitor Information
    Janice Coleman

    Krissy Dickerson

    Patsy Harris

    Peggy Young

  4. walter says

    missisippi isn’t that one one the states that cried out for compassion after katrina and people, including LGBT people sent millions for compassion. hell should have let them float back to the swamps where they belong. the people of these towns never asked it was a gay person who sent the money, would they have refused it?bet not. they want compassion on their terms like most bigots.

  5. says

    Out of curiosity, doesn’t the student body raise the money throughout the year to put on the prom? If so, is any of that money going to this “new” exclusive prom where Constance is NOT invited? Considering the back-ass-wardness of these cockroaches, I’ll bet you might last dollar that it is.

  6. Mrs. Sippy says

    Keep in mind, I do not know if they are using the place as a rental, if the place is sponsoring. I just hope that gets cleared up so people can know how entangled this business is with a segregationist event.

    You know, I have a huge problem with those who believe they are supposed to convert people to their religion and who can’t tolerate other folks who are different. The difference though, I would never seek to ban them from an event.

  7. Derek says

    @ Mrs Sippy – just sent an email to their staff members there so thanks for doing the legwork! Perhaps Andy could put up the emails in a more visible place?

  8. joey says

    Mississippi and it’s intolerant behavior is about as un-christian as you can get. Don’t call yourself a good american or patriot if you deny equality to any fellow citizen. Next time a hurricane slams into Mississippi I know where I will not send aid to. These hate filled sons of bitches can be washed out to sea for all I care.

  9. David says

    Dear Ellen,

    It’s great that you helped get Constance a scholarship, but can we ask one more favor? Please help schedule a kiss-ass prom that all the students would want to attend. Perhaps you can twist Lady Gaga’s arm into performing.


  10. Nick says

    Not surprising coming from a state that held segregated proms.
    And that is why no place in the South is worth
    supporting with tourist dollars.
    VA,SC,FL,MS,LA,AL,TN and lets not forget TX-
    a state of unusual sensibilities.
    None deserve money from compassionate people.

  11. BrianKeith says

    This entire situation just blows my mind… I’ve lived in bum fuck AL my entire life, and my high school had tons (okay, maybe 2 or 3) of gay and lesbian couples that came and this was in like 2001… Not sure if the tickets were cheaper for M/F couples and they had to claim an opposite sex friend as a date or whatever, but one of the girls was in a tux and no one gave a shit. And the school paid for our prom, tickets were maybe $20.

    Totally feel for Constance, but all of this bullshit will probably allow her to go farther than most of her dumbass classmates and their trashy, ignorant parents. Brightside =)

  12. kujhawker says

    Forget throwing a kick ass prom for all the students it is obvious they are happy to go to a private prom where Constance is not invited.

    Let’s use the money collect for a prom to send Constance her date, Constance’s support family on a kick-ass vacation. Let them go to some place Constance and her girl can dance and enjoy themselves.

  13. Randy says

    Where can I donate money to send Constance, her date, her family, AND ANY OTHER Itawamba Agricultural High School LGBT’S or friends, to an awesome prom? I want it to be perfect for them.

  14. PHIL says

    I think Constance is the “BRAVEST” teenager – I was never that ballsey in high school. Its a shame that she can’t bring the date of her choice to her prom…I personally don’t see what difference it makes but obviously it bothers some people.
    Also I think its way cool that Ellen Degeneres gave a scholarship to her – nice way to give a boost to the up and coming gay youth. Isn’t there a web site we can all email and flood the school district with complaints???

  15. DanB says

    I take comfort in knowing that Constance has been given a pathway that will enable her to move out, move up and move on to greater things and better places in this world. 30 years from now, if she goes back to that town for a visit, I’m certain she’d find that (a) most of her classmates still live there, still doing the same menial jobs they picked up the year before they graduated high school and (b) they’re still talking about “that time the lesbian almost ruined our prom” because it’s probably the biggest thing that ever happened in their lives. These people are self-limiting, and I’m happy they’re walling themselves off from respectable society.

  16. Jeff in NC says

    So, they’re providing furniture for all them innocent young’ins so they can have a more comfy place to fuck their brains out? I’m sure the chaperones will be in every square inch of the Tupelo Furniture Market at all times monitoring that them respectable students don’t do any nasty stuff like them dykes do. And since them dykes won’t be there, those good kids will not have any of them negative homosexual influences corrupting their goodness in any way. Praise Jesus‼‼‼‼‼

    Can’t wait to see the upswing in sales for the companies that produce e•p•t, clear blue easy, first response, etc. home pregnancy tests coming right out of the fine god-fearing and respectablelike ayy-ree-ah of Itawamba. These nimrods probably figure they are protecting their spawn from the hands of satan.

    Gotta luv it or laugh at it, otherwise your brain can end up exploding from the sheer ignorance of it all! Or maybe we should all meet up right outside the “market” and have ourselves a Homo Hacienda Fuck Fest.


  17. Brian says

    Go to the Tupelo Furniture Market website at and look for their suppliers list. Then start opening gmail accounts with those names and send in your letters about not doing business with companies that don’t support diversity using the email addresses provided by Mrs. Sippy above. We’ll see how long that private prom will last without a place to hold it.



  19. says

    @Sister Maria


    In a free country (see above) we the people have certain indelible rights. Free to live, free to work, free to be regardless of the “discomfort” of others. Out of curiosity, did you hold this same position about black people during the 60s? Were they “ramming” it down your throat?

    The nuns that taught me were better educated than that.

    May you also be blessed and hopefully the good lord will knock you upside the head with some sense.

  20. X says

    Ah, Mississippi. Where bigotry is born.

    Guys and gals in that state, seriously, I’m really glad that you all fight against this stuff. Remember there are always other places that’ll take you in even if your “home” does not.

  21. Robert says

    Just a question. What about those students who aren’t impressed with:
    a) bigoted school/parents.
    b) a fellow classmate who is apparently turning their lives into a media circus.
    c) Now face the ‘choice’ of a media circus prom, a discriminatory prom, or no prom?
    What about the student’s right to have a private life? Don’t they get to go to school without cameras and reporters interfering with their education?
    BTW, claiming everyone in a town or state to be ignorant or antediluvian, is unfair
    and intolerant. Claiming this ‘event’ will be the high point of Constance’s classmates life (at 18, no less!) is the height of chutzpah. A pox on both your houses. Only in America? I’m glad I live in Canada!!

  22. irishtxn says

    This is such a reminder of Beaumont TX way back when! A minister lost a child due to a traffic accident after a dance and had all High School dances banned! Sound fimiliar? It should, it was turned into a movie and is now touring as a stage production! The name Footloose! BTW, Beaumont now allows dancing! It’s sad that a private dance, whether being referred to as a Prom or not, has to be ruled by a school district who has such Black Water Views of things! Black Water is another way of saying swamp! A private dance that includes everyone from the school should not be governed by the School Board! If the monies were raised by the adults of those involved, who the hell are the on the school board has a right to deny anoyone to attend?

  23. jim says

    looks like this is going to be a battle between the proms—the bigoted parents prom vs the homo prom. lets just make ours fabulous so that all the kids come to the gay prom. how about a major Hollywood performer agreeing to come to the homo prom and entertain–for free? that would pack ’em in leaving the bigots prom empty!

  24. Robert says

    I feel sorry for the dozens of kids who are being treated as cardboard cut-outs by both sides, using their prom as either bigotry or gay egotistic grandstanding. Did Constance consult the student body before forcing her senior class into the media goldfish bowl? Did the homophobic school officials/parents try to include everyone?
    No, polarizing the entire town is what everyone decided to do. If it were me in that senior class, I’d donate my prom money to a worthy charity and tell both sides to get bent.

  25. JohninBR says

    Living in Louisiana, having grown up in Mississippi, I am disgusted by the actions of the Itawamba School Board. They are totally backward and, hopefully, will be voted out of office.

    However, the attacks on the entire state of Mississippi and the South, in general, are uncalled for. It is true that there are many bigoted people in the South. There are many bigoted people in EVERY state. Calling the entire population of a state or area bigots is detrimental to the cause of inclusion.

    In the US, everyone has a right to their opinion, whatever it may be. They don’t have the right to force it on everyone else. This is the crux of this issue.

    One story that may interest you. A small high school outside Baton Rouge produced the play “The Laramie Project” recently. It was discovered that the nuts from the Westboro group were going to show up and protest. More than 400 people showed up to counter-protest and support the kids. The play was sold out and went on without a hitch. Only 1 protester showed up and he was from a local church.

    Don’t throw the entire South under one all inclusive label.

  26. Chris Hough says

    As Wanda Sykes said when she invited Constance to present her with the GLADD award, “Mississippi never disappoints us for being on the forefront of the wrong side of history.”

    Go Mississippi. At least you are consistent: a regular embarrassment to yourselves, aren’t you?

  27. Chris Hough says

    My letter to the Tupelo Furniture Mart:

    Some day, your furniture mart will become a civil rights museum, complete with each of your faces featured clearly as the staff and owner that participated in the biggest civil rights fail in Mississippi History. Congratulations for participating in something that has made you famous already, not as just an event facility, but personally for each of you. This museum will be complete with the name of Constance McMillen’s name featured on the building, and the following names on the list of bigots in your state history:

    Melinda Ware
    Vicki Hitchcock
    Connie Clayton
    Janice Coleman
    Krissy Dickerson
    Patsy Harris
    Peggy Young

    Your children and grandchildren will remember you for this event of the past and will not celebrate anything about your life because this will overshadow anything good you have ever done in your lifetime. In the meantime, I hope the protesters and media drive you all mad and your conscience keeps up all night for years to come.

  28. Chris Hough says

    @JohninBR While I totally agree with you as someone who grew up in Atlanta, I have to ask the citizens of the state of Mississippi to stand up at the outrage and speak out against it to save the reputation of the state. Unfortunately, most are unwilling to take a stand, and the loudest voice maintains. Therefore, Mississippi will likely take the brunt of the joke in this case. Unfortunately it is not a joke to Constance McMIllen.

    When this happened during the Olympics in Atlanta, the people of Georgia spoke up and managed to get all events out of Cobb because of a similar issue. Mississippi residents need to voice their outrage and get state funding pulled out of this school district until new leadership can be installed.

  29. Adrian Kimberly says

    Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, the same town as the Tupelo Furniture Market. In the 1970’s Elvis met with J. Edgar Hoover, the cross-dressing gay founder and leader of the F.B.I., in an attempt to become a “drug agent.” There is a famous picture of them together, J. Edgar in drag (a suit) and Elvis is wearing a CAPE! It’s priceless and indicative of the mental derangement of those born in places like Tupelo, Mississippi… Even if you are a very pretty-boy singer of some fame.

    NOTE: Elvis liked to hire Vegas prostitutes to have “lesbian sex” while he watched, occasionally jacking off and sometimes shooting out the suite’s TVs.

    It’s a small world after all.

    What has all this to do with the Prom situation? Ponder what Mississippi has wrought. Should we just go ahead and kick ’em out of the Union?

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