Lady Gaga Bares Her Gold Vampire Grillz


Lady Gaga showed off some new teeth over the weekend, via Twitter: "RUSSIAN ROSE GOLD VAMPIRE GRILLZ
early birthday present from the haus, gravediggaz! i've been begging for these."

She also filed a counter-suit against a former boyfriend who sued her last week for $30 million, claiming that he created her persona.

Douglas Hopper at NPR gushes, Lady Gaga, you make me feel like a teenage boy again. "Gaga, you have taken the reins. You have turned your inner misfit inside out, for the world to gawk and stare at. And just like me in my pierced and platinum days, you relish and thrive on the power of repulsion. You like dancing on the edge, watching the onlookers gasp or turn away with disdain. You are the official embodiment of a 'parent's worst nightmare,' and I love you for it."


  1. Ted says

    Don’t care what you say, she’s the best thing that has happened in the entertainment industry in a long time. She provokes. The guy from NPR got it right.

  2. Tony Baker says

    Really? Has been? The woman breaks some sort of chart record, it seems, every other week. Not the happenings of a has been. And even with all of her successes so far, I don’t even think she’s peaked yet. SO excited for anything Gaga: past, present AND future.

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