Pope Knew About Pedophile Priest in Germany

The NYT continues to uncover evidence of the Pope's involvement in clergy sexual abuse scandal, taking a look again at the case in Germany involving a pedophile priest (accused of forcing an 11-year-old boy to have oral sex) who was sent to "therapy" and then allowed to return to work.

Pope According to a London Times article published last week: "Mgr Gruber said that the Pope, who was made a cardinal in 1977, had not been not aware of his decision because there were 1,000 priests in the diocese at the time and he had left many decisions to lower-level officials. 'The cardinal could not deal with everything,” he said.'"

The NYT now finds otherwise: "The future Pope Benedict XVI was kept more closely apprised of a sexual abuse case in Germany than previous church statements have suggested, raising fresh questions about his handling of a scandal unfolding under his direct supervision before he rose to the top of the church’s hierarchy…An initial statement on the matter issued earlier this month by the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising placed full responsibility for the decision to allow the priest to resume his duties on Cardinal Ratzinger’s deputy, the Rev. Gerhard Gruber. But the memo, whose existence was confirmed by two church officials, shows that the future pope not only led a meeting on Jan. 15, 1980, approving the transfer of the priest, but was also kept informed about the priest’s reassignment."


  1. bozemanmontana says

    ‘The cardinal could not deal with everything…’
    Yeah, because pedophilia is no biggie in the church. What’s the difference between one boy claiming abuse, to 200 deaf boys being abused.
    The cardinal had bigger things to deal with. Like buying new shoes.

  2. patrick nyc says

    Sadly he can not be ‘impeached’. Since these fools believe he was ‘chosen’ by God and the first Pope, St. Peter. What a crock of shit. I hope they do throw his ass in jail though, not likely since the Vatican is a sovereign state.

  3. John says


    Baltasar Garzón Real’s career is basically over. They’re impeaching him for overstepping his authority. He opened an investigation into Franco era crimes. Which is a major taboo subject in Spain. The Spanish Parliament had granted a blanket amnesty as part of a deal that was struck in the transition to democracy. The right gave up their undemocratic claims to power and accepted civilian control of the military. In exchange, the left abandoned all their efforts to bring the dictator’s henchmen to justice and allowed the Francoists to go about their activities in peace.

  4. Katie Murphy says

    Where is my God Vesuvius II?- The vatican and its criminals still stands. it was the CAtholic church who brought the world the crusades. Where upwards of 50 million Muslim people were murdered by the catholic hordes.

    And the same church that gave the world the hatred of the Jews, Jesus own people. Which the still Unexcommunicated hitler used to leverage his election in Germany, and 50 million more died.

    The Germany of the Pope and his Pedo brother Georg RATZInger

    May Vesuvius II open his mouth under the vatican, and swallow it into the hellfires of the earth.

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