Roseanne Doesn’t Hold Back On The Mormon Church

Roseanne Roseanne has taken to her blog to blame both the Mormon Church and Marie Osmond for the suicide of Osmond's son. In a post titled "Marie osmonds poor gay son killed himself" Roseanne proceeds to explain why the teenager, who had been reportedly fighting depression, took his own life last week. She continues:

"because he had been told how wrong and how sick he was every day of his
life by his church and the people in it. Calling that "depression" is a

Yet the Osmonds still talk lovingly about their church, saying nothing
about its extremely anti-gay Crusade. Marie also has a gay daughter!
Hey, I want her and all the gay kids in the world to know that they are
just fine being gay and that they deserve love and respect instead of
insults and rebuke! I have gay people in my family and my circle of
friends and I am kicking bigot ass and taking names!"


  1. Duvalin says

    I love Roseanne.

    While the Osmond family hasn’t made any statements about the son and his sexuality (I believe it’s all from anonymous sources, so far), I find it difficult to sympathize with people who want to keep their church and yet choose to differ in certain theological terms.

    You can’t say you love your gay daughter but consider yourself a devout member of the LDS church. You can love your daughter and consider yourself a DEFIANT member of the Mormon church, however. And if that’s the case, then what’s the point?

  2. Tami says

    Uhhh….if it is known that Marie’s son is gay, don’t you think Marie’s lesbian daughter would have spoken about it already? (And besides we all know Marie’s daughter is gay…I think she came out publicly some time ago.) But, she hadn’t said anything about it, and and whether he was gay or not is yet to be proved. Rosanne should have made sure she got the facts right.

  3. Smartypants says

    Roseanne’s post is gratuitously vicious. It is beyond despicable to attack a parent who has just lost a child.

    I’m no fan of Osmonds and hold the Mormon and Catholic churches in equal contempt. But Marie Osmond has been publicly supportive of her openly lesbian daughter and I don’t doubt that if her son was gay, she would have been accepting of him too.

    My own mother is a devout Catholic, but she has always been loving and supportive. She has challenged homophobic remarks in her bible study group and generally ignores the Vatican’s ridiculous statements on homosexuality. So I can readily understand Marie Osmond loving her faith and her children equally. In this case it’s not hypocritical, it’s simply human.

    For pity sake, leave the poor woman to mourn in peace.

  4. Scooter says

    @smartypants: I guess this is the truth of life in the 21st Century: you can’t be Marie Osmond, a loving mother, a grieving parent, or faithful member of your church all at the same time.

    Truth is, if you have any fame at all nowadays, then you automatically have a platform. If you have admittedly gay children whom you have publicly accepted, then that platform is already established for you by many in society. It no longer becomes an issue whether her son was gay, but that she has accepted one child publicly, and the other (for whatever reason) has fallen. Trouble is, she is still on that platform regardless. It is a pity!

  5. Bryan says

    If one were to remove the all the accurate information, sanity, and taste from “The National Enquirer,” Ms. Barr’s blog would be the result.

    Shame on your, TR, for quoting this slovenly lunatic’s opinion on anything at all. Is there no depth to which you won’t stoop in your search for more and better ways for us all to regard ourselves as victims?

  6. everette says

    Tell it, Rosanne! Sure, Marie lost a child and should be given space to grieve. The Mormon Cult, however, is another story. I’m sure there are folks from UT that can tell you first hand that if you oppose “The Church” in any way that your magic panties will be yanked and you will be “shunned.” And if you saw that show that is one long “” commercial, do not give them money. It’s a Mormon enterprise.

  7. TANK says

    Awesome! Good for Roseanne. You can’t fault her for lyin’, so something else irrelevant to the post to criticize her on…

    The mormon church needs to be taken down.

  8. B says

    How quickly so many have forgotten how Marie has been supportive of her lesbian daughter. This is a very sad situation and Roseanne is just a fucking cunt.

  9. alguien says

    it’s a little strong to call roseanne a cunt. although i take exception to her laying blame on marie osmond while she is grieving, it’s important to be aware that roseanne had the misfortune to grow up in utah as a jew. she knows first hand how the LDS treats outsiders and the truly dreadful things it’s done to its gay members over the years.

    she knows what she’s talking about.

  10. Rowan says

    Go Roseanne! You’ve annoyed the weird conservative gays on this website!!

    Oh, and I agree with you but hey, I don’t think anyone cares. Celebs are invinicible and far better then any humans could be. Truly…

  11. Zlick says

    Interesting string of comments, almost pro then con in alternating order. That demonstrates, at least anecdotally, Roseanne is neither 100% wrong or right here. Like just about everything, it’s a matter of perception.

    Personally, I find it in bad taste to attack a grieving mother. But it’s also true Marie Osmond has only herself to blame for becoming a public figure.

    I don’t know enough about the situation, particularly whether the son was gay and, if so, if that was an element of his tragic troubles.

    But if those things are true, I agree with Roseanne that Marie Osmond has a singular opportunity here … and she should be reminded of it now, when it counts – though perhaps a bit more tactfully than Roseanne is known for.

    Still, I’ve always admired Roseann’s no-shit style. If she’s not gonna pull any punches in this situation, then I hope she’s damn sure got her facts straight … (um, ya know, about the gay).

  12. FunMe says

    Well guess what I did? I was in Texas for the holidays visiting my mom. I was in her front yard talking on the cell phone with a friend from New York. I told him, wait a second, I see 2 young guys with black pants and white shirts walking around my mom’s neighborhood. I think I know who they are. If they come to me when I am on the phone, they are going to get a piece of my mind.

    Well they did come up to me! I innocently asked them “are you guys Mormons”. They smiled and said “yes” and thought I was happy to see them. They enthusiastically smiled and were ready to start their talk – but I interrupted them by asking:

    “You guys are the Mormons? How dare you guys go to California and mess in other people’s lives with Prop H8! You guys don’t have God in you lives. You guys don’t have Christ in your lives either! How dare you guys go to another state and mess up with other people’s lives. God and Jesus would be so ashamed of you guys!”

    They tried to get a word in edge wise, but I would not even acknowledge what they were saying. I continued …

    “How dare you come to my house after all the hate you people throw to others! Get off my property! I don’t want people like you with so much hate in your heart on my property. You don’t have God! You don’t have Christ! Your so called “religion” has nothing to do with God and Love since you all have so much hate.”

    One said “some of my friends are gay”

    I ignored him and again refused to acknowledge anything he said.

    I continued “how dare you guys come to my house when you have shown so much hate toward others! Off my property!!! God would bee so ashamed of you people. Out of my property or I will call the police!”

    They finally left (with tale between their legs).


    And I am so glad Roseanne is telling it how it is.
    As a friend told me, more people need to stand up to the Mormon H8 cult.

  13. Arturo Beeche says

    Mormons = freaky church.
    Mormon followers = freaky people.
    Osmonds = Mormon Church.
    Osmonds = Freaky Mormon people.

    I once dated a gay Mormon boy…Boy was he screwed up…and not the way he wanted to be…the weird undies…hotness…but freaky!

    Confused people…so sad…

  14. Gast says

    Have you guys noted how there is no mention of her daughter or her son being gay on her Wikipedia page? Not even in the entry for Michael’s suicide.

  15. Miaulement says

    I love you, Roseanne, I couldn’t agree with you more. Turns my stomach how people pick and choose what they practice from their religions, if you’re a member of the club, you represent and stand for what the fucking club represents and stands for.

  16. Rikard says

    really fucked up that anyone feels thay have the right to out this sad dead boy. how is anyone so sure he was gay. just because you were a depressed gay teen from a religious family does not mean he was. truly disturbing that we hide behind screen names to comment viciously about people we had never heard of a week ago.

  17. NancyBoyDrew says

    Roseanne may have gone a bit too far. Tough. That is just the way she is. Theology and public figures = Public adoration, hatred, scorn, love and any other emotion one can express when it comes to religion. Marie Osmond has to take it on the chin. I’ll say it again; The U.S. is a Republic, not a Theocracy. Anyone that would choose religion over a child is f*cking crazy. I don’t think that is what Marie has done but who really knows the full story?

  18. DR says

    Aside from the fact that none of you posting or Roseanne KNOW this young man was gay, she has shown even more than her usual lack of class and intelligence in venomously attacking the mother of a child who just committed suicide.

    I can honestly say that Roseanne has stooped to a new low and totally disgusts me right now.

  19. Olive Yurdich says

    Poor Marie Osmond. It was her son’s own own fault he grew up with the confusion his mother loved him yet also loved a venomous gay-hating institution like the Mormon church. He shouldn’t have taken all the hate and intolerance he was exposed to as a child during his weekly all-day Sunday church meetings so seriously. And, his mother now, after 20 years, says she really does support her gay daughter, so why would he be so distraught? And it’s not like Marie abused him or anything. Poor Marie Osmond.

  20. BCLance says

    @GrabbinNewscum: I’m not sure what’s more execrable, that you use the language you do in order to criticize someone that you think overstepped, or that you don’t seem to think there’s a contradiction. How unfortunate for us all that you feel compelled to share your comments.

  21. vincent says

    This is B.S. How does Rosanne know the reason why this guy killed himself? Is she psychic?

    For all we know, he could have flunked out of school, broken up with a lover, realized he had no career options, etc. and those could have been reasons that led to his depression.

    It’s appalling that in a time of crisis for Marie Osmond that Rosanne would take a swing at Osmond like this.

    Unless Rosanne has definitive proof, she should have kept her mouth shut. Why add to Osmond’s pain?

    Depression is a serious mental illness. Does anyone know if the young man suffered from it throughout his life? Does anyone know if he suffered from bipolar disorder?

    Mental illness can be caused by genetics and not just external factors.

    Again, unless Rosanne and you folks have this guy’s medical history, stand down. It’s one thing to take on religious bigotry but it’s another to demonize a mother for a supposed sin with ZERO PROOF!!

    This is a disgusting attack on Marie Osmond based on conjecture. It’s the kind of stereotypical crap that is always dumped on women. A child kills himself? Blame the mother! Blah! Grab the torches! It’s time for the villagers to have a public lynching!

    Facts? Truth? Hell, who needs them!

  22. Shawn says

    Right on, Roseanne! I heard about Marie having at least one gay child and I knew after his suicide that “depression” was code for being gay. In my life I’ve been told countless times that I’m “unhappy” because I’m gay…NO, If I’m unhappy it’s because I can’t have a life like straight people, not because I’m gay.

  23. GrabbinNewscum says

    >@GrabbinNewscum: I’m not sure what’s more execrable, that you use the language you do in order to criticize someone that you think overstepped, or that you don’t seem to think there’s a contradiction. How unfortunate for us all that you feel compelled to share your comments.
    Posted by: BCLance | Mar 6, 2010 10:13:33 AM

    Oh shut your hole, hon. I’m just doing what many other commenters here do when they disagree with someone’s opinion, calling them names instead of engaging in polite discourse.

    Roseanne’s a fat cunt kike so deal with it!

  24. Mike says

    I have very mixed feelings about this, but I think it was good that TR posted Roseanne’s comments. This is first and foremost a tragedy, a young man has killed himself and left behind grieving family and friends. I have the utmost empathy for Marie, I can’t imagine the pain she is going through. That said, I agree with Roseanne’s point. Who knows why he committed suicide. Obviously however, societal, church disapproval of his sexual orientation didn’t help.

    There was a movie called “Prayer’s for Bobby” about Mary Griffith’s gay son who killed himself because of religious disapproval. If you haven’t watched it yet, do a websearch, read about Mary and her son, rent the movie.

    This happens everyday folks, some people aren’t strong enough to withstand the ostracising. Roseanne was extremely blunt, but you know sometimes it’s better not to sugar coat these things. People sometimes need to hear the raw shocking facts so they listen and hear the message. Marie can’t bring her son back, but she can possibly save other people by taking a stand – and for that matter, Donny should do the same. The Osmonds are very famous Mormons. If they were to criticize their church on this issue, it would make headlines and also possibly save lives. Religious persecution of gays needs to be exposed and stopped. It should be socially unacceptable. Now, it is permitted as “religious freedom”.

    Yes, what Roseanne said was horrible, but the suicide was much, much worse. The bluntness was shocking, but sometimes people need to be shocked out of their sleep to address an emergency. This is one of those times.

  25. Democracy ruled as a True Republic says

    Marie Osmond is grieving so she can get back to Las Vegas this coming Tuesday to continue to do her show. What an oxymoron. Then the Mormon’s are a Cult Religion that spent $25 Million on Prop 8 in California as the Mormon Cult Religon is against the L.G.B.T. Community in America. Now Marie is promoting her first Gospel CD she has worked on for 2 years. Talk about ‘Promotion on new CD’ when her son has died because he was victim of a Cult Religion that did not give a rats ass about him as a equal human. The Mormon Cult Religion is off the charts and the only reason Marie Osmond and the rest of the Osmond Family have given a free card to go on TV and do their Broadway acting and shows is to bring more money into the Cult Mormon Cult Religion. Sad. The Mormon Cult Religion needs to close up shop as they hurt more than they ever do any good. Stepford Wifes Club is what the Mormon Cult Church is all about. Have as many women as you want and be a part of the Breeders Club, just don’t let the general public know. It is also true, no one wants to sign up to as they are owned by the Mormon Cult Religion and it is a public fact the Mormon Cult Church sends out it’s two males not to get one to join the Mormon Cult Church as much as they do this to get all the family information as the Mormon Cult Religion has been working with the Federal Government for decades and decades in providing information they get and put in their huge computer base. So sad to hear the young man died but growing up for 18 years in the Osmond Family Mormon Cult Religion would cause anyone to die the way they act towards others. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

  26. cookie says

    Ms. Osmond has already said she’s going to do a performance the night after the funeral. Life must go on. Money to be made. Stars must shine and be role models. Thanks, Roseanne, for telling us what goes on, around and in back of, that Famous Face of Mormonism.

  27. sharksfansd says

    Based on the split comments it was right for TR to post this story (i.e. the debate of it).

    I am not the biggest Roseanne fan, but it is hard to disagree with some of what she is saying. If you know or have grown up with someone who is Mormon, which I have, it makes her posting easier to digest. And maybe I am bias being here in CA, but what the Mormon church did with Prop 8 was despicable. I have a difficult time respecting anyone that belongs to that church. Also, I have been to Utah and I can tell you it was an interesting, yet somewhat scary experience (creepy too).

    I wish Marie Osmond the best in dealing with her loss, but if there is more to it I hope that she will do some serious soul searching.

  28. says

    “Weird conservative gays”, as one poster described them, really freak me out.

    Yes, we don’t know if her son was gay. Just because you sensitive and go to fashion school doesn’t make you gay.

    However, we do know for a fact the Mormons are viciously, proactively and politically anti-gay. We also know for a fact that many gay mormon kids have offed themselves rather than be an outsider in their kooky religion.

    Roseanne rocks!!!! I’ve always loved her even when I disagree with one position or another. On this issue she is spot on, especially having grown up in Utah.

    And I don’t think she was cruel or insensitive. Sometimes things need to be said. And when she wrote this …

    “Marie please don’t talk about how your faith in your church has helped you get through this one! Please get some integrity and tell that church of yours that you will leave it and stop giving it ten percent of your money if they don’t stop trying to destroy your kids’ and all gay people’s civil rights and dreams and hopes!!”

    … she could be more right.

  29. says

    While I appreciate Roseanne’s support of our community and agree with her disdain for the mormon cult, this is just appalling. Roseanne is a mother herself, and how she can say such things about Marie Osmond at such a terrible time is utterly incomprehensible.

    Roseanne honey… get some help. Really.

  30. John D.B. says

    No pain, no gain. Though, full frontal anger definitely leaves little left from which to build. Ashes and oil creates balm, but then, hell, you get more religious symbolism. I would settle for the light of day anytime, even if it hurts. Truth is the only way to settle this matter. Hope it gets confirmed fast and air tight.

  31. vincent says


    You’re idiot. No one here knows why the guy killed himself! Right? Instead, you’re all jumping to conclusions.

    Do you know the young man who died? Do you know his medical history? Do you know anything about his social life? Do you anything about him other than conjecture and rumor?

    The answer seems pretty clearly no, you don’t know sh@t!

    Attacking Marie Osmond is gross. You don’t know if she was a kind and accepting mother.

    What about all of you gay folks who have Catholic or other Christian friends who love and support you even though their churches teach differently? So, if their kid killed himself, would you immediately blame them?

    Or, would you actually ask about the kid and what has happening in his life?

    What if the kid had bipolar disorder, which is largely genetic or some other form of organic mental illness? Do you understand how common suicide is amongst people who are bipolar?

    Again, why are you people so quick to judge and demonize? You don’t have the facts.

    Why not just grab your torches and pickforks and a rope and head over to Marie Osmonds house?

    A woman has lost her child and you don’t know sh@t about the real cause of the suicide.


  32. nic says

    what roseanne said is as succinct as it gets. the foul mormon church has done much more harm than good. why is it that a puny state like utah and the cultists there can exert influence in California, Massachusetts and new york? this is ridiculous. anti-gay marriage donnie can go straight to hell and take the whole inbred clan with him.

    but here’s the thing, they will continue to come a-tapping at my front door in their button-down white shirts, black pants, and black ties. don’t they realize that the right-wing fringe has out-stripped them? according to texas (and other primitive red state’s) law, i can shot-gun any bozo who steps foot on my property. ain’t reactionary justice grand?

  33. sharksfansd says

    @VINCENT You won’t find me defending the Catholic church here, but don’t expect a free pass on the Mormon church and its supporters. If the son was gay and the church is to blame then it looks like the said torch is appropriate.

  34. Jose Arribas says

    Most of my female friends now view the word “CUNT” as a celebratory thing to be proud of and not an insult. My guess is that Roseanne would probably react the same way if you call her that to her face. I don’t know Michael was gay or not and I don’t know what I would do if I had to choose my faith over my family. All I know is that the Mormon church is a hypocritical, evil cult that needs to be exposed for everything they have done. And for that, Roseanne is my hero.

  35. Olive Yurdich says

    Vincent, Why the attack? I was agreeing with you. Poor Marie Osmond. I’m sure bringing up a child in a cult atmosphere had nothing to do with his suicidal tendencies.

  36. Ealan says

    Does somebody know something that I don’t? I haven’t read ANY anonymous sources stating that the man was gay. I’ve read that some people wondered if he was gay because he went to fashion school and he committed suicide. If anything, I’ve heard sources say that he was gay-friendly, but not gay himself. I get what ppl say about Mormons & I find their beliefs hateful, but I wish Roseanne (who never seems to pass up an opportunity to get into some controversy that keeps her in the spotlight) could have made her point without kicking a grieving mother while she’s down.

  37. sharksfansd says

    @NIC You are right the right wing nut jobs and you make a good point about Texas/red states.

    Sorry if this is considered hijacking the thread, but how many of you Republicans (and I know you are on here) defend the Mormon Church?

  38. GrabbinNewscum says

    >>Ms. Osmond has already said she’s going to do a performance the night after the funeral. Life must go on. Money to be made. Stars must shine and be role models.

    You mean like how Olympic figure skater Joannie Rochette decided to go ahead and took to the ice to compete just two days after her mother died of a heart attack?

    Did you criticize her as well?

    People grieve in different ways, dumbfuck.

  39. GrabbinNewscum says

    >>Again, why are you people so quick to judge and demonize? You don’t have the facts.

    Oh, that doesn’t stop some of the fags around here, especially when it comes to the Mormon Church.

    But just wait until some black kid commits suicide – Will we see this level of criticism of the black church for perpetuating homophobia? Oh hellz no! Dat be racist!

  40. vincent says


    My apologies, I wrote your name in mistake.

    I just don’t get how people can be so easily persuaded to throw out common sense and viciously attack Marie Osmond based on very little evidence.

    We just don’t know any facts about the cause of the suicide. Jumping to the conclusion that it resulted from poor self-esteem caused by the victim’s Mormon faith is too facile a cause.

  41. MK Scott says

    Roseanne has always had isues with religion, and likes to talk. I wrote a piece a few years ago about how a majority of the Osmond Family supported Mitt Romney for President, BUT NOT MARIE or DONNY. They were neutral. The Donny and Marie show was one of the gayest shows of the 70’s, so they have also had a great GAY following. I believe Marie, when she supports her Lesbian daughter. Her son has some other problems, like with drugs, as I know the daughter does not. If the son and daughter were blood related to the Osmonds, that would be different, they are adopted and have not soiled the Osmond Blood lines as yet. (Jimmy hasn’t even come out yet!) Marie has been divorced twice, so Marie is not not heavy in the Church.

  42. sharksfansd says

    @GrabbinNewscum I don’t think that is a good analogy. The dream of reaching and performing in the Olympics vs hustling yourself at the Flamingo Hilton?

  43. Paul says

    As a former Mormon (I was “voted off the island” in 2003 after coming out) it is entirely possible for me to see many sides of this story. Of course my empathy lies in the direction of how sinister the Church is and how it treats its people. To wit, the group-thinking for which Japanese culture is famous, is the model for Utah culture as well. If you do not fit in, you get “fellowshipped” into finding the appropriate path (which means conforming). Those of us who have difficulty conforming, Marie Osmond’s son for example, end up confused, angry, psychotic, or apathetic. Sad.

  44. says

    Gast: If you can find me good information that he was in fact gay (e.g., from a reliable secondary published source), I’ll get that onto the appropriate Wikipedia page. While I personally *believe* that Roseanne probably knows for sure, and I am damn angry, as she is, about what I believe happened, WP asks for more than my belief before putting something up there.

  45. sharksfansd says

    @NIC Sorry for the confusion. I read my post above. No, that wasn’t meant toward you. I actually agreed with everything you said in your earlier post. The question I asked after was a general question to readers/posters. Thanks for not using the “F” word on me though. LOL

  46. Olive Yurdich says

    Let us pray together, Vincent.

    Oh Heavenly Mormon Father, who hates gays and considers them an abomination, please accept Marie’s son in your loving arms in Heaven, regardless of whether he is gay or not. We ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son, who is not gay regardless of what Elton John says. Amen

  47. Tom Steele says

    From the very first time I saw Roseanne’s comedy act, decades ago, I loved her. She’s one of the too-few celebrities who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. And as far as I’m concerned, she’s always right!

  48. Mike In Philly says

    I have no great love for the Mormon Church and I’m sure that every gay child raised by Mormons go through hell. I did being raised Catholic. But I have read this over and over and I don’t see how Roseanne knew that the boy was gay. Or how she knows that the daughter is also gay.Or if Roseanne even saw a picture of these children.
    Now having said that I also believe that Mormons are bat-shit crazy. But no one needs unsubstantiated guilt thrown on them at a time like this. My brother took his life. He had depression. That is what killed him. He was 50 years old and very straight. The last thing my family needs are fingers of quilt pointing at us from the OUTSIDE.
    Roseanne, I love you sweetheart, but this was a mistake.

  49. Mike In Philly says

    Oops, it seems like Marie Osmond gay daughter was out of the closet. So Roseanne knew that, but I still don’t know how could have known about the son.

  50. says

    There was an interview sometime back in 2008 I think it was where two of the top leadership of the LDS Church were being interviewed about the homosexuality issue.

    They made it quite clear that ostracizing a child simply for being gay was not proper behavior and not in keeping with Mormon values.

    They also explicitly stated that merely having homosexual attraction is not a sin within the LDS Church.

    Of course, they aren’t budging on the gay sex thing, but it’s not quite as bad as a lot of the commentary has been making out.

  51. says

    Who knows if the kid was gay, or very secretly afraid of being gay, deep in his heart? No one can know. Just because a parent is publicly supportive of an older child who comes out, doesn’t mean that it’s easier for a younger sibling to come out. In my case, it made it harder. To my older gay brother’s face, my parents were supportive. Behind the scenes, when he wasn’t around, I saw how freaked out they were, and how relatives and family friends reacted negatively and often with outright disgust. Then I became the “great straight hope” for them to have a straight son. So the fact that his older sister was gay, may in fact mean that he tried all the harder to be straight or force himself to be straight. Also, he was a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Not that that makes him gay. I’m just saying.

  52. BobN says

    The audio of Marie Osmond discussing her daughter coming out is a bit jumbled and unclear (not her fault, her answers are impromptu and on a subject she might not have expected to discuss), BUT she doesn’t actually say she believes her daughter should have FULL and EQUAL civil rights. It might just be something she meant to say and it got garbled OR it’s just like Dick Cheney’s construction on the subject: people get to have relationships. Of course, while he doesn’t mention ANY civil rights, i.e. legal recognition, Ms. Osmond clearly does. She might mean civil unions. She might mean actual marriage. I doubt it’s the latter, based on the other things she says.

    As for her son and what Rosanne said, if Rosanne is right, good for her. If she’s just spouting off, she should bite her tongue. HARD.

  53. fred says

    I cannot believe the comments which have been made here as the result of what one woman has said about the Mormon Church and Marie Osmond.

    As an ex-mormon, because I am in a gay relationship, I find it very interesting everyone has attacked the LDS Church.

    It is certainly obvious nobody on this link knows anything about the LDS Church, it’s bleiefs, or what we are all about.

    Let me ask ZLICK, or whomever wrote he or she was so proud of telling off the Mormon Missionaries. These young men and woman go out into the world to spread the word of Christ, and of God found in the scriptures. They do not go out, as representatives of the LDS Church, to defend the Church’s beliefs or standings on such matters. They are peaceful men and women, who love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They did not deserve that at all. So to you I say, “Shame on you for attacking two innocent young men” SHAME ON YOU!!!! yes, for having said all those things and unloading on someone who meant you no harm.

    Next. Roseanne Barr has been a hater of the Mormon Church, because of her alleged up bringing. That has not been validate to this date, except from her foul mouth.

    Oh don’t get me wrong. I watch Rosanne Barr all the time. I enjoy her style of comedy, most of the time, until she gets way to foul for me. She has done some good in the world. I say some, because I think she could do a little more than just sounding off all the time about anyone and anything. I really wish she would have spoken to Marie Osmond about what happened to her son instead of just assuming she was not supportive of him, and if he was gay, not accepting of how he was living his life.

    Being gay myself, having 6 children and 8 grandchildren, an ex-wife, in-laws all in the same city, and all at church, yes the Mormon church,I think I have the authority of supporting the Church in their beliefs.

    If anyone would take the time and rememeber the newest pamphlet on what the stance of the Mormon Church is on homosexuality, they will find a very loving Church, and it’s beleifs. The Mormon Church admits they do not understand why some people are gay and from whence it comes, but to choose to be in an active homosexual relationship, which they believe to be wrong, one must be excommunicated from the Church. However, having said that, they will allow a homosexual all the rights of being a member of the Church as a gay son or daughter of a loving God, whilst not having an active homosexual life style. You can indead be gay and be single, and participate fully in the Church, the temple, and all of the blessing which come from being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Therefore, please stop bashing the Church, Marie Osmond, et all until you have the truth.

    I feel deeply sorrowful for the passing of Maries son, as I am sure she does as well. I am sure she loved her son with all her being. I am sure she misses him, and would give anything to have him back with her. I am also sure she loved him for who he was. I am sure she did not brand him as being awful or horrible. I am sure she loved him with all her heart.

    I think, when all is said, the gays, yes I am included, make it more difficult for themselves, being gay in a heterosexual world, than we/they need to make it.

    It is not a big deal being gay. I love my partner, and he loves me, most of the time, but being gay has never been a big deal in my life. I am just glad I have come out and I am enjoying a life I have wanted for so many years. I have been out for almost 3 years, and though different in so many ways, my life is what I make it. It hasn’t chanaged because I am gay.

  54. TANK says

    Hey, Fred…argument=0. Leave the heavy liftin’ for thinking people. Funme did a service. Thank you, funme, for telling off those missionaries.

  55. TANK says

    Of course, you are going to get delusional people like fred in every post about the mormon church, or any church…really. These people need to be ignored. Delusional and gay…go figure. These people need to be shuffled to the side for real progress to occur. People that deny that the world is round, and that mormonism is antigay. Just shrug ’em off and know that they’re damaged, and treat ’em like those tinfoil hat folks you see talking to themselves on the streets. Have compassion, but ignore their ravings.

  56. fred says

    What an asshole Tank. If anyone is delusional it is you. Where do you get off on thinking I am delusional and gay? It is people like you who cause thoughts of hatred and lack of compassion for anyone.

  57. TANK says

    “Where do you get off on thinking I am delusional and gay?”

    “newest pamphlet on what the stance of the Mormon Church is on homosexuality, they will find a very loving Church, and it’s beleifs. The Mormon Church admits they do not understand why some people are gay and from whence it comes, but to choose to be in an active homosexual relationship, which they believe to be wrong, one must be excommunicated from the Church. However, having said that, they will allow a homosexual all the rights of being a member of the Church as a gay son or daughter of a loving God”


    You were closeted for most of your life. Fuck do you know about being gay and proud? Nothing, that’s what. You’re also an idiot for subscribing to such foolish fairytales that are about as likely of being true as unicorns dancing on the head of a pin. The mormon church is ADMITTEDLY the enemy of lgbt americans. You are a damaged, sad little man. I pity you. But don’t you begin to lecture me or any out proud gay man or woman on the damage that these fairytales and its practitioners willfully and zealously inflict upon the gay community. You have no claim to that. Go away. Live your sad little life, but don’t you pretend for one moment to be role model for gays and lesbians who are escaping the clutches of the mormon church, who actively push its young members who aren’t going to do what you did, and remain a closeted shell of a human being for most of their lives, to commit suicide. You are an agent of intolerance, to quote granddaddy mccain, and you actively abet homophobia. Go away…disappear into the darkness, and never fuckin’ return. Live your wasted life until its over. You are damaged goods, from a generation and upbringing that has no claim to gay enfranchisement or acceptance. A throwback to be dealt with contempt when you voice your backward opinions about gay people and their interface with the lds church. As evidence, you say it’s all based on a misunderstanding…that the belief that the mormon church is antigay is in error or somewhere near. Reality: you can’t even begin to recognize what being antigay is because your mind has been so warped by tradition and your environment, that you are useless in characterizing anything as such. You’ve been antigay for most of your life, IN FACT. And I can’t stomach the sight of your posts for some reason. It’s guys like you that hold us all back. Shell of a human being. Character is what we need, not your falsities and cowardice.

  58. Mike says

    It is really amazing to me the damage which has been inflicted on this world in the name of religion. Religion continues to be used as an excuse to marginalize gays. If a church was to say today that interracial marriage was an abomination, they would be run out of town on a rail – but it is perfectly acceptable for someone to say their religious beliefs are that gays are damaged goods. That is the problem, we currently have institutionalized religious homophobia. The best way we can fight this is to come out of the closet. I also support the outing of public officials who use their power to continue gay discrimination – they have lost their right to privacy with their hypocrisy.

  59. Dev says

    People can say all they want about tolerance and religion going hand in hand, but if anyone tells my child that he is an abomination who will spend eternity in hell because of the way he was born there is no way I can reconcile my parenthood with that. Anyone who cannot make such a commitment to one’s own child does not deserve to be a parent.

  60. jamal49 says

    Nice to see Roseanne get all the LCR’s in an uproar here.

    To my mind, she’s not dumping on Marie Osmond, but she is calling out Mormons in general for their execrable cult and its animosity against LGBT people.

    I do object to the “outing” of the boy but my first thought when reading of his death is that he was probably gay. I always think that when I read of an adolescent boy who has committed suicide.

    We are still a long way from giving our youth (gay or straight) a hassle- and pressure-free environment in which to grow up and not feel obligated to conform to rigid expectations of what is “normal”.

    I feel for Ms. Osmond. I sent her a small letter of condolence. When one loses a child-no matter what the circumstances-it hurts. It’s devastating. Whatever the reason for her son’s suicide, she deserves our sympathy.

    But, Roseanne is right to criticize Mormons-in general and that damnable “church”. They are very sick, psychopathic people. They should not be allowed to fund any political campaign that seeks to take away the basic, fundamental rights of a group of American citizens.

    Tax ALL churches that openly interfere in politics. End their tax-exempt status. Stop treating politicking churches as if they are untouchable and above the law.

  61. says

    Was there no one there to help this kid ? Was there no one in his church or his family to tell him that his life would work out fine , that he would have friends and love and affection and joy with others ?
    a religion that does not give this, gives nothing. Hate seems to be the new currency of religion.

  62. Leah says

    Rosanne clearly doesn’t know what she is talking about. Mormons do not hate gay people they are allowed in the church, since marriage is defined as between a man and woman they must remain celibate, I am a single woman in the Mormon church and I must do the same to abide by the covenants I have made.
    At such a sad and devastating time in Marie’s life, comments like this is not necessary nor is the press Rosanne is making due to these statements, who profits here? Using gay people to get ahead Rosanne? PS Rosanne, my son is gay and LDS.

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