1. John says

    Details are coming in fairly quickly now.

    It was “Miss Gay Latina Sacramento” night at the club. Which given Sen. Ashburn’s stance on immigration is another blow to what’s left of his credibility. And since the scandal has made it into the pages of the Los Angeles Times, I’d say the countdown to Ashburn’s humiliating press conference – with the obligatory attendance of wife and kids – is forthcoming.

  2. Mike says

    Love the Mayor. What a cool, articulate, smart guy. What’s more astonishing than outing a fervently anti-gay republican (okay, not that astonishing) is the power of denial and how one can compartmentalize their lives to such a degree. Live two lives so blatantly and expect that he won’t be exposed. I actually feel sorry for the guy, he obviously thinks he’s living in 1970 or something.

  3. John says


    If you live in Bakersfield, then it is 1970 for all intents and purposes.

    I think Ashburn is a shady character who needs to resign. But he does have reason to fear his constituents. Bakersfield is, by far, the most “redneck” area of California. It has more evangelical churches than Lubbock, cattle ranches as far as the eye can see, and white supremacist groups galore.

  4. B says

    People! Why do we have to rush to judgment? I’m sure he was just out doing field work a la Porno Pete and that his wife will vouch for their robust sex life… on his birthday aka Strap On Day.
    I have no doubt he is not gay nor has he ever been gay.

  5. REYnoldo says

    John – Don’t expect Mrs. Ashburn is show up anytime soon w/ Roy. They divorced back in ’03. Can’t imagine WHY!!!

    Also, I grew up in Bakersfield and you pretty much painted the correct picture of it.

    Google “The Lords of Bakersfield” however and you’ll find about more closet case GOP-pigs from there.

  6. peterparker says

    I’m sorry, Steve, but I don’t even begin to understand how you can say Cabaldon “outed” Roy Ashburn or that Cabaldon “remains vocal about the hypocrisy”. If we are to believe what Cabaldon says today, he has known about Ashburn’s homosexuality, for six months yet the only action he took was to grumble about it on his Facebook page. That’s not what I call being ‘vocal’. If Cabaldon had spoken out about Ashburn’s hypocrisy to the media or contacted Equality California, HRC or GLAAD to inform them that Ashburn is gay *that* would be being vocal. In my opinion Cabaldon played into the collusion by merely posting a stupid Facebook status update.

  7. JBL says

    It certainly appears Sen AssBurn is a living breathing hypocrite of the first order. If he is indeed living a lie, then all I can say is how sad. Not only for him and his family, but more importantly for all the Gays and Lesbians who have been denied equal rights in California by this man and others.

    But I don’t understand how people can frame his voting record as anti-immigrant for having opposed the issuing of drivers licenses to undocumented (illegal) ‘visitors’. Once an undocumented person obtains a DL, they have virtually assumed citizenship without any of the proper protocol that so many millions of others have had to and are going through.

    It’s a very slippery slope that can lead to dangerous breaches in national security. And in some cases, undocumented persons obtain US Passports. I suppose opposition to that is anti-immigrant as well.

  8. John says

    I am always leery of people who trout out the driver’s license issue whenever someone mentions immigration reform. It is similar to tying all LGBT rights to same-sex marriage. And insisting universal health care is Stalinism. The right-wing always brings it up because it has propaganda value. It is the perfect weapon of mass distraction.

    Fortunately for us, conservatives just can’t help themselves. And they usually go full hog with the bigotry. The good senator has weighed in on more matters than just that.

    Ashburn opposed a resolution recognizing the contribution of immigrants to the state. He sponsored legislation to make Prop. 63 enforceable on local governments in a state where only 57% of the population are native English speakers. And he voted against allowing giving non-citizens financial aide to attend college through Cal Grant.

    Denying rights to gays and lesbians is a travesty. Denying them to immigrants is patriotic. This attitude is, in a nutshell, why one shouldn’t expect too much progress in repealing Prop. 8 anytime soon. Instead of building political coalitions, California gays are only good at tearing them down. The irony is if Sen. Ashburn – being the hypocrite that he is – had the chance to vote on deporting his fellow gay “brothers” to Mexico in exchange for 100 million dollars, I suspect he’d probably do so without hesitation.

  9. JOE BLOW says

    I don’t think the senator is gay. If he is, he is one ugly senator, YUCK!!!If the senator was against gay rights then it serves him right and the mayor outing did him the favor. But for anyone to force an outing of someone that isn’t a racist or homophobic isn’t right. He should be allowed to explore his sexuality at his own pace without politics shoving him into it. Going to a gay bar shouln’t be grounds for a scandal. The process of coming out is a very sensitive and timely process that shouldn’t be done in such a callous and politically motivated way. No one should be forced to comeout. It should be a voluntary thing. I think that the “Don’t ask don’t tell policy” was a good idea but the only reason it isn’t effective is because there is no accountability for those people who take the initiative to forcefully out someone. The “Don’t ask don’t tell policy” Should be redone as “THE DON’T ASK DON’T TELL UNLESS YOU WANT TO.”

  10. says

    What does his stance on immigration have to do with his liking Latinos? You all assume by tying the two together that his passenger and all of the people in the club are not US citizens or here legally simply because they are Latino.

    Sorta racist.

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