Towleroad Guide to the Tube #617

JASON MRAZ: Pays a visit to the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

A WHITNEY REMIX: From Rich at FourFour, with respect to her and her onions.


MARS: The most accurate fly-by of the red planet to date.

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  1. bierce says

    Jason Mraz, the man who had to change his lyric “…it’s our God-forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved…” because it upset people. Or maybe it was just because he finally realized he meant to say “God-given”.

  2. J.Wo says

    I love me some Mraz, especially some LGBT lovin’ Mraz! Since when did he have to change those lyrics to “I’m Yours”? I haven’t heard them sung any differently than on the albums, in videos, and in concert

  3. jackree says

    @ Patrick NYC
    I hope you realize that that vid was edited drastically from a 9 minute-long interview which itself was probably edited. And her answers (in the original) were no more bizarre than the questions, which were shown onscreen and riddled with typos, before her responses.

  4. says

    Lysianassoidae are Amphipods, not shrimps. Amphipods are crustacea, but not closely related to the True Shrimps(Caridea). Calling a newly discovered Lysiannassoid a shrimp because of a vague similarity is like calling Alec Baldwin a Silverback Gorilla because they both have hairy bums!

  5. TANK says

    Hey, if they taste good with cocktail sauce, who gives a fuck? Oh, that’s right…nerds.

  6. says


    No you see, Amphipods aren’t just inedible, they’re extremely aggressive predat…. on seconds thoughts, yes, try and eat one! I’m still working on my Forensic Zoology experiment about amphipods and human body scavenging, and I could some more raw data…