U.S. Postal Service Temporarily Blocks Anti-Gay Bulk Mailing


Dear Supporter,

Well, a Democrat is President, and gays-in-the-military is up again for debate!
This month’s newsletter deals with this issue, as do the excerpts of the following Feb. 8 letter from a Captain to Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

“This letter is in response to your shocking statement last week that you advocate homosexuals openly serving in the military services. I seriously question the wisdom of your position… I am a retired Navy Captain… and… in my more than 31 years of active duty, I commanded two ships, served as Executive Officer on two ships, commanded Coastal Squadron ONE (Swift Boats) in Vietnam, and was Chief Staff Officer on an Amphibious Squadron.… I received a Juris Doctorate from the Hastings College of Law. Like you, I encountered homosexuals throughout my Navy career and in civilian life. Unlike you, I do not find they are more deserving than non-homosexuals or that they constitute a viable or necessary body of troops for the defense of our country.

“My experience is Naval… the best analogy to a ship at sea is a prison…. During my enlisted service, homosexuals seemed to be a clumsy lot. They had a tendency to repeatedly fall headfirst down an engine room ladder. Some were even known to trip on deck and “fall” overboard. The crew had a way of policing themselves to eliminate homosexual advances.… It has been my experience that if sexual favors are available aboard ship, some enterprising sailor, petty officer, or officer will find a way to take advantage of the offer. There is usually a senior/junior relationship in such exchanges and the senior partner will reward the junior with preferential treatment, such as duty assignments, watches, leave, liberty, and advancement. Such preferential treatment can’t be hidden from other crewmembers and tends to destroy the chain of command, discipline and morale. If a Chief Petty Officer, for example, is having sexual relations with a non-rated sailor, it will have an adverse impact on those petty officers between the two in the chain of command.… That sexual misconduct in the Navy exists to this day is obvious. I recall that a lesbian ring was discovered on the USS NORTON SOUND back in the late 60’s or early 70’s. At about the same time my wife, now a retired Navy Commander,… was aware of many cases of homosexuality involving the WAVES assigned to the Barracks. I also recall that one of the cruisers returning from the First Gulf War reported 40% of the female crewmembers were pregnant after a six-month deployment.

“In all my years of service, I never encountered a Commanding Officer who ‘asked’ a subordinate if he was a homosexual…. In regard to heterosexual behavior, the UCMJ also proscribes common law marriage under the heading of Unlawful Cohabitation (with or without evidence of sexual intercourse). It sanctions adultery and prostitution (for both the prostitute and the patron). In the case of an officer, merely “consorting with a notorious prostitute” constitutes an offense, again even without evidence of sexual intercourse. The problem is that common law marriage is legal in 11 states and the District of Columbia. I don’t believe that adultery is a criminal offense in any state today. And in my home state of Nevada, even prostitution is legal. I don’t recall you asking Congress to legalize heterosexual sodomy, adultery, prostitution, or common law marriage. There are many punitive articles in the UCMJ that have no relationship to the satisfactory performance of military duties, yet you single out homosexuals for preferred treatment. Again, I must ask ‘why?’

“The argument I hear most often expounded by the homophiles is that the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy deprives the military of outstanding young men and women who want nothing more than to defend their country and that they have the ability to operate a radar, or a gas turbine, or a gun as well as a heterosexual. That can’t be true.… But, even if it were true, are homosexuals really worth the administrative problems they would create by their mere existence? The Navy, today, does not willingly accept GED holders… Minor criminal records are a bar to enlistment. Visible tattoos and piercings are not permitted. Are these aberrations more damning than sodomy? Is it your contention that cohabitors, adulterers, prostitutes, young men and women with tattoos, those with only GEDs, or the obese cannot serve as well as homosexuals? If so, what is your empirical evidence to support such an argument? If we get to pick and choose which laws we uphold, which laws are next on the line to ignore? Carnal Knowledge? I would think a service man or woman who has sex with a minor (Carnal Knowledge) could perform military duties as well, if not better, than a homosexual. At least we don’t have children in combat, or in the military at large, for them to accost.…

“Have you considered the likelihood that some of the homosexuals will request sex change procedures… Do you also advocate same-sex marriage or ‘partnerships?’ Will the homosexual’s partner be entitled to dependents’ benefits, including health care, BAQ, military base access, and commissary and exchange privileges? Will they be entitled to military housing? Would they be entitled to sex change procedures at government expense?
“While serving as Executive Officer on USS CATAMOUNT (LSD-17) in 1967, one of the Radarmen was arrested by local police. While inventorying his personal effects a photograph of the sailor performing fellatio on another male was discovered. The police turned the photo over to the Shore Patrol, who forwarded it to me. During an investigation it was determined that five of the ship’s Radarmen were involved in a male prostitution ring. They declared that while in Radarman Class ‘A’ School at Treasure Island, their instructors convinced them that they could augment their military pay by providing homosexual services to gays in San Francisco. They took advantage of the opportunity presented and continued such activity in San Diego. CATAMOUNT sailed absent several Radarmen and the Class ‘A’ School lost several instructors. Are these otherwise competent Radarmen the type of sailors you want on your ships? I hope not!

Lawrence R. Jefferis, Captain, U. S. Navy (Ret.), Las Vegas, NV 89117


  1. says

    “Homophile?” “Carnal Knowledge?” What century is this guy living in? My guess is that he’s on the far side of 90.

    In my 12 years as an Army officer I saw many many instances of heterosexual misconduct, some of which would make Captain Jefferis’ examples pale in comparison.

  2. Tom says

    This retired Captain seems very concerned about behaviors rather than orientation. Most of the behavior he mentions applies to all servicemembers, regardless of orientation.

    For instance, how are pregnant servicewomen a result of having gays in the military?

    I’m all for the military policing undesirable behaviors, but the existence of openly gay servicemembers is not the problem.

  3. Taylor says

    Bad conduct, is bad conduct, and should be treated as such on an individual basis.

    If we limited who could and could not serve in the Armed Forces, based on the behavior of a few. Then there would be no one serving, either straight or gay.

    It’s a poorly reasoned argument and shouldn’t even be considered by anyone who has even half a brain.

  4. Jon Mitchell says

    I think that his alledged account of what went on during his tenure in the Navy actually supports the argument for the repeal of DADT. If everyone lives openly and truthfully then there’s no way that a senior officer would be able to take advantage of junior officers in the way he describes.

    And I agree with many of the posts here that he is an “asshat” and that his account of service is irrelevant as his time in the Navy seems to have been around the time it was discovered that the world was round.

  5. Joe says

    Was this letter written by someone who is mentally disabled? I don’t say that to be mean, I’m genuinely curious. “During my enlisted service, homosexuals seemed to be a clumsy lot. They had a tendency to repeatedly fall headfirst down an engine room ladder. Some were even known to trip on deck and “fall” overboard.” What the…? Am I really supposed to defend my non-clumsiness now?

  6. Papa Tony says

    Yes, we are talking about MURDER here, and I heard about it during my days in the Navy, a long time ago – Just as Marines were known to “frag” an asshole officer (tossing a fragmentation grenade at him when nobody was a witness), it was perfectly accepted and ignored if a known fag was grabbed while asleep in his bunk, wrapped in his sheets so that he couldn’t fight back, beaten severely and tossed overboard in the middle of the night (“He must have been clumsy and tripped and fell”).
    It’s time for the old Captain who wrote this trash to get a massive stroke and make the world a better place.

  7. JJ says

    I’m with you Tony. And this statement just really tells you how off base this asshat is: ““The argument I hear most often expounded by the homophiles is that the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy deprives the military of outstanding young men and women who want nothing more than to defend their country and that they have the ability to operate a radar, or a gas turbine, or a gun as well as a heterosexual. That can’t be true.… ” REALLY? It’s very true as evidenced by my service during the first Gulf War.
    He needs to meet Jeebus – ASAP!

  8. says

    “They took advantage of the opportunity presented and continued such activity in San Diego.”

    San Diego? Where I live?
    Who knew we were considered such a little Peyton Place?

  9. CKNJ says

    Having THAT piece of shit written by a piece of shit as their evidence of DADT’s effectiveness in keeping us at bay, says a LOT about the stupid, brain-dead, hateful, ignorant, simply fucking disgusting pieces of garbage that are part of the FRI. God, I hope they read these comments… let them know just what low esteem I hold them in! They are WORTHLESS HUMAN BEINGS! Makes me even MORE determined to see DADT repealed… wish I had been in DC so I could have chained myself to that White House fence in solidarity with Lt Choi.

    President Obama… REPEAL THAT PIECE OF SHIT LAW NOW!!!!!!!!!!


  10. jamal49 says

    What is sad about this is that this fund-raising letter is going out to MILLIONS of recipients. What is even sadder is that the Capt.’s letter is full of inaccuracies and unprovable hypotheses.

    The Capt.’s letter is vile but I can vouch along with Papa Tony for the “clumsy, falling headfirst into an engine room” and the “trip on deck and fall overboard” scenarios (aka, murders) that the Capt. alludes to.

    In the next sentence, the Capt. basically confesses that such murders occurred (and probably still do, I suppose) and were condoned by him and the Navy: “The crew had a way of policing themselves to eliminate homosexual advances. . .” The Capt. even writes his confessions of murder with some kind of vainglorious, perverse pride.

    The Capt. does make a point: military conduct is governed by the UCMJ and is independent of any civilian jurisdiction, except when a crime is committed off-duty and off-base. That is the only way civilian law enforcement can come into play, but the military jurisdiction always takes precedence.

    The UCMJ is considered by many to be archaic and outdated in many of its proscriptions. There have been calls over the years, since even when I was an enlisted man,to modify, streamline and update the UCMJ.

    But, the military by nature is conservative and only grudgingly accepts change, especially where the UCMJ is concerned. And the military ESPECIALLY does not take kindly to any civilian pressure to modify the UCMJ. Changing the UCMJ is a long and tedious process requiring Congressional review and approval by the JCS.

    As I read the Capt.’s “letter”, I see the insidious hand of the FRI and its lurid logic all over the place. The letter is prurient as only the FRI can be when it takes on the issue of all things gay (which emphasizes always in voyeuristic detail their perverse fantasies of gay-male sex and completely ignores a gay man’s humanity and spirituality). it is filled with the usual, baseless, ill-defined and poorly-reasoned arguments for which the FRI is known.

    As I said before, the “arguments” presented are anecdotal and not empirical. But where the FRI is concerned, what price truth if such filthy slander about gays and lesbians sticks in the minds of those millions of the letter’s gullible and homophobic recipients?

    And yet, no coherent argument has been made by the Capt. or the FRI as to what harm will come to the military, the oft-mentioned “unit cohesion” or “unit moral”, or even our nation if gay and lesbian people can serve openly and honestly.

    My naval service was late 1960s to early 1970s. When I enlisted, I knew I was queer but even at the tender age of 18, I knew how to clamp-down on my feelings. I even believed that by being in a macho environment is probably what I needed in my desire to be “straight”.

    Laughably, I was way wrong–of course! But, what surprised me is the “queer underground” that existed in the military, whether it was Navy, Army, Air Force or Marines.

    The Air Force seemed to have the most closeted gays, followed by the Army then the Navy. The Marines? Well, let me put it this way: they were a weird, conflicted bunch who did not very well handle the closet or the suffocating, macho expectations of being a Marine. Most service Queers I knew avoided Marines like the plague. Marines were nothing but trouble. Period.

    The point being that gays and lesbians served, and continue to serve, in our nation’s military with honour and dignity. IMHO, gays and lesbians make better service men and women than straights do. Gays and lesbians are more dedicated and more disciplined. They are more likely to be team players than straights. They are more likely to endure the burdens of hard duty, deprivation and tedium better than straights. Gays and lesbians are more obedient, more productive in their tasks and more resourceful than straights.

    Regardless, this letter is disgusting and outrageous. The USPS was right to label it obscene because it IS obscene.

    I say it again: what is most disturbing about it is that by the weekend it will be in the hands of MILLIONS of Americans.

    It is a shame that we cannot fight back with a mailing that would also reach those same millions and more to provide a step-by-step refutation of this Capt.’s bigoted,immoral and baseless “arguments”.

  11. Charlie says

    The question I have is “Why is the government subsidizing, with a non-profit mailing rate, the dissemination of this crap?”

    And the author of this letter is 79 years old.

  12. Papa Tony says

    Just to complete my previous post about this elderly hatebag bragging about murder… It goes further.

    It was a terrorist, hatecrime act, every time.

    If you haven’t been onboard a Navy vessel, imagine a big, metal-walled room full of bunkbeds, three beds high, and very close together. No privacy. That’s where all of the enlisted men slept, back in the old days before women were allowed to serve at sea.

    Let’s say somebody is spotted coming out of a known gay hangout in a local port. The Navy always issued official warnings to avoid these “Off-Limits” places. After a few days, the ship heads out toward deep water. In the meantime, a group of guys make plans. They wait until there is no chance that the subhuman fag can make it back to land without drowning. They arrive, pummel, toss the homo overboard. Sharkbait. Job done. The sissy queer deserved it, obviously.

    Think about it – There are dozens, maybe hundreds of OTHER sailors who are witness to this atrocity (can’t muffle the screams very well, you know). Just like any hate crime, it’s meant to tell everybody else “this is what will happen to YOU, too, if we catch you!” Anybody who squealed to higher-ups was no better off. Best to go along with the mob mentality.

    Unit cohesion, in action.

  13. Kurt Newyork says

    If this guy knows about murders, we need to press to open up an investigation of what happened under his command. Seriously. Lets refer this to the Service Members Legal Defense Network and GLAAD.

  14. Ben says

    I was offended at this guy’s insane rant until I got to the point about sex changes–then I realized that the letter is more laughable than anything. I’m almost more offended that the USPS put a block on the mailer: this is a Westboro-type guy who makes us look good.

  15. Ben says

    Just to clarify, not that I find anything funny about it–just the opposite. My point is essentially that if the other side is represented by raving lunatics, that’s good for us.

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