1. says

    Am I the only person who thinks she looks like that character Kristen Wiig played, with the baby arms? All I can think of when I see Meg Whitman is the image of her singing with her sisters in poofy crinolines. “With my by my-self… “

  2. Anonymous says

    Bitch.. I can’t believe Princeton has a residential college named for her. Along with a Frist campus center.. great, just great.

  3. Robert In WeHo says

    All I see when I look at Meg Whitman is the Red Queen from Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland.”

  4. New jersey girl says

    Meg Whitman was born Megan Twitman. She had the T legally removed in 1984 in anticiption of negative campaign ads.

    This lady is a lying piece of trailer trash. She needs to be investigated for the Corruption she fostered at Goldman Sachs. Can anyone spell Dwindling Employee Pension Benefit Program?

  5. Curtis says

    This is sad on so many levels but top of the list is that this bungled presser showcases the level of ineptitude of someone who considers herself capable of governing the state of California. Pathetic.

  6. THETRUTH says

    They say she is not in charge!

    I say she is simply another useless billionaire that feels we are all stupid enough to elect her, with blindfolds on!

    Are we?

  7. says

    she’ll get away with it for a little longer than a man, because women are expected to be cockteases, and (cue finger down throat for the number of times this has been abused) “it’s a woman’s perogative to change her mind”.

    a man is expected to be direct.

    i hope she fries for this stunt. what a waste of time for everyone. but like i said, some people are going to expect this crap because she is a woman. kind of like how palin only really gets away with her stunts because she’s a woman.

  8. robert says

    HUH? You call a press conference and then refuse to answer questions,let me guess this must be the Greta Garbo approach. Man you guys out in Cali gotta give her the heave ho! Or as my sainted Irish granny used to say “give her the the gate boyos!”

  9. Alex says

    Sometimes I wonder whether she is playing a joke saying “look at me I want to be Governor” and at the last minute she’ll say “gotcha”