1. nick says

    Great post and great comment! My sentiments exactly. We need all the very famous gays out there, that mainstream audiences love (Ellen, Elton, etc, to come out and demand the same rights that everyone else enjoys.

  2. Rinnie says

    With technology I don’t think we need representatives anymore. We should be able to vote from home on everything we want or don’t want. All of those turds should go. They’ve done NOTHING that I agree with. ARGH!

    Grown individuals should not need permission from the State to get married, to have children, to own a dog…whatever.

    I’m a hettie, but I voted for gay marriage and campaigned for it because I think it is absolutely ridiculous that a taxpayer can’t use whatever government services they choose.

    Either you guys should have the ability to get married or they should give you a tax break.

  3. Steve Cruz says

    My admiration for Cynthia Nixon flourishes. I am joining, contributing and supporting the efforts of Nixon and her allies.

    New York City is the foremost cultural center of the United States and marriage equality there will influence the nation.

  4. mez says

    Hiram M was expelled by the senate on Feb 9th. and from what i read about him, he’s a real CAD! and he was DEMOCRAT! i had to research who he was and WIKI would not really post what his political party was until i had to find it on the lower bottom section of his page… i am not a democrat and it bugs me when i hear the liberal media or news papers or websites claim that Democrats are more supportive of the gay community than any other political party. so this proves my point. and i love Cynthia Nixon!

  5. AndrewW says

    I’m glad Cynthia told the truth about the “carrot” of lobbying – it doesn’t work.

    We’ll learn soon that Tim Gill’s attack Ads don’t work either. Monster-ette didn’t have a chance before the Campaign, now he might win. The Churches are rallying to support the guy that’s being attacked by the homosexuals. We’ve made him viable again. Big mistake.

    Indifference is much more effective than expressions of anger or attempts at revenge. This will teach us a lesson.

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