1. says

    Did you catch the web poll at the last second…people in that region opposing same sex dates at proms by a 2 to 1 margin.

    Taking a same sex date to a prom in Chicago is brave….taking a same sex date to a prom in Georgia is heroic.

  2. rich says

    dude what ur doin is epic n u deserve the medal o honor 4 it! i jes came out 2 my parents n my teammates n i know how hard it is.. n i hope ur parents will come 2 know what a hero u r!

  3. LAXJFK says

    That young man’s parents should be so proud of him. How dare they kick that intelligent, wonderful kid out of their house? Anyone would be lucky to have him as their son.

  4. Doug says

    The poll at the very end asks “should schools allow same-sex dates at proms?” and the response is 35% yes / 65% no.

  5. Michael says

    As a gay man in Middle GA, I could not be prouder of the support shown to this young man. At the same time, I could not be sadder by the comments, the judgment and the borderline hate spewed forth in the comments. However, I must take comfort in the outpouring of support for this brave young man and thank all of you for doing the same.

  6. says

    The parent should be brought up on charges of child abuse/neglect and should be arrested for throwing their child out. Derrick, otoh, is a true hero and every gay and lesbian should congratulate and promote this young man. Could YOU have done such a thing when YOU were in high school? Consider that. Now you know how monumental his actions are. We need more Derricks in this world! Step forward gay America!

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    This is a news site. He cant see your words of encouragement. Try and look for his facebook or myspace or something and post there.

  8. Zlick says

    Wow, love the qualifying statement by the school. We don’t like fags or their filthy lifestyle, but our asses will be sued if we don’t allow these queer practices to happen at our public prom. Geez.

  9. says

    @Nate – Because it’s a news site, he won’t read this? This blog is one of the most popular gay blogs, I’m sure he’ll come across it. I was featured on this blog over a year ago and it’s how I started reading it.

    Stay brave, Derrick

  10. Dennis K says

    His parents need to be slapped. A parent’s love should be unconditional. I have a a 17 yo and a 15 yo; I don’t always like what they do and quite frankly at times they irritate the living day lights out of me. However, during every moment of the day, I LOVE MY CHILDREN, no matter what. They are the two most important beings in my life.

    Derrick, if you ever need a LOVING PARENT, you just let me know. Good on ya boy, I applaud and admire your courage.

  11. Fabrizio says

    The future looks brither when we see this new generation of kids standing up for what’s right!

    Stay brave!!!

  12. Paul R says

    @OS2GUYOS2GUY: the kid is 18. His parents can kick him out with no fear of legal backlash.

    Of course, it shows that they’re heartless bastards, but community opinion means more to them than their own child. My mother was the exact same.

  13. kodiak says

    it’s good he’s outta his parents house. it prob wasn’t easy. pity the parents-they are missing out being around a wonderful person.

    funny-the lesbian who gets full support from her dad, but the prom is cancelled, the gay boy who gets kicked outta the house but can go to the prom. i hope the boy is okay and can find food and lodging. can we get an update on that?

  14. says

    As for the poll at the end, remember, it is a red Republican state, therefore, discrimination is permitted. Note the statement by the superintendent and how she worded it, explaining why she permitted him and his bf to the prom; not supportive, but slyly drafted to deflect any criticism in her direction.

  15. Robert Rhea says

    Constance McMillen got a 30K scholarship and tickets to award shows. Is anyone doing anything to help Derrick? The poor guy just got disowned by his parents and you know he’s looking to go to college as well.

    The support Derrick Facebook page has a PFLAG donation link. Does anyone know if its Legit or how much of the money will actually go to Derrick?

  16. rigs says

    it’s funny how different some parts of America are. I graduated high school in 2004 in MA, taking a same sex date wasn’t even an issue, we just walked up and bought tickets (we had to give them the name of the date, but no one even blinked).

    We also had over 35 out gay students at one time, that helped.

  17. walter says

    hrc or glaad should set up a scholarship for this young man and get some big names to help get him through high school and into college.he would make everyone proud and show up his ignorant parents who were unable to accept their son for who he is

  18. E. says

    I am disgusted by the actions of his parents. This young man is a perfect example of the courage, independence, and resourcefulness we should be encouraging in all kids, and they should be deeply grateful to have such a remarkable son. I really want to know what is being done to help him get through this time… He seems like such a smart guy, but how is he going to pay for college?

    I hope others follow in his path so that pretty soon we won’t have to call it an act of courage for a young guy to stand up for his rights and be seen at prom–or anywhere in public–with his boyfriend.

  19. WizardBoyW says

    So was this a Tweet — or do we suddently have a limit on using complete words — or are you part of the new ILLITERATI?

    I agree with what you said — but can we please use English words and not Twit-bonics?

  20. Yogachick says

    I’ll go ahead and ask it for everyone, I wonder how hung Derrick is, and, whether he’s a top or bottom.

    H8trs : talk to the hand!

  21. therighteoussword says

    @ Robert Rhea. Just to be clear, this is the correct Facebook page where the link appears.!/group.php?gid=112406088769420

    The Paypal link is in the Information box on the left hand side of the page and yes it’s legit.

    Derrick and his boyfriend have both appeared on the site and Derrick has indicated that he intends for 25% of donations to go to Constance with the rest going to prom/housing/college or whatever you request.

  22. therighteoussword says

    CORRECTION: The Paypal link has been relocated to the Info tab on the same Facebook site.

  23. says

    18 or not, for parents to put a kid like Derrick out on the street is unthinkable. This is not what decent people do. They are despicable.

  24. X says

    People are out there who’ll support you, kid, even when your parents don’t!

    Hope he knows he’s helping lots of others!

  25. Jeff says

    I wish that I had been as sure of myself and as courageous as Derrick is when I was a teenager in rural TN. Unfortunately, it took me moving out on my own after high school to become this secure. I truly hope that his future is already secure with or without his parents being involved, and if not I hope that one of these organizations supposedly devoted to the “gay” cause will take donations to help him through college in their stead.

  26. ravewulf says

    @notshychirev Yeah, I caught that poll at the end. Dispicable.

    My heart goes out to this kid. Really sucks to have parents like that.

  27. Brian says

    Dear Derrick,
    Thank you for being so brave and wise. I only wish I had your strength and courage when I was your age. Small steps like this DO change the world!
    Thank you,

  28. JamesR says

    Now is the time to support him and also show the intolerant what we’re made of.

    His first support page on Facebook and confirmation of the next link here:

    As Steve posted on the previous page (as this loads on my browser) the Paypal link here:

    Check it out. It goes directly to him. Every $ donation no matter how small is a vote and support for him, his town and his school. And it feels damn good.

  29. voet says

    I have a slightly different take on the comment of the Superintendant. Because the area is so homophobic, it is probably necessary for her to state that the schools action is “not an endorsement.” It is difficult manuvering through a minefield. She may be more supportive than some are giving her credit for. It is easy for us to play Monday morning quarter back, much harder to function in a community that is not accepting.

  30. JT says

    His parents are morons. Clearly he was gay and out if he had a boyfriend to bring to prom. They didn’t kick him out then. But once his gayness got media attention, that’s when you do it. Because the best time to do something completely shameful is when everyone is looking at you.

    He’s probably better off without them. Though Derrick should take note as to how to treat his aging parents when they need something.

  31. Disgusted American says

    Best of Luck Derrick…I just donated $25, its not much….but I hope it helps…will be sending positive thoughts your way young dude! SHAME SHAME to his parents….I hope they get Publically SCORNED!

  32. hephaestion says

    What kind of parent throws out a son who is an honor student who helps underprivileged kids as a tutor? What kind of parent throws a child out just because he is gay? Barbaric! Derrick is better off WITHOUT such moronic and immoral “parents.” They should be ashamed of themselves. We should make sure he gets a college scholarship from PFLAG.

  33. ChrisM says

    It is unfortunate that Derrick couldn’t have kicked his parents to the street instead of the other way around. Exactly what kind of parent is it that kicks out a child? Bet you that it was their “religion” that made them do it. I hope he is able to distant himself from these hate filled people and move on to a successful life – nothing would be better than having a wonderful life in spite of their hateful actions. And personally (and I know I’m vengeful) I would take every opportunity to rub their noses in whatever success I might have.

  34. Bill says

    I fully support Derrick. But some gay person needs to tell him to stop comparing our struggle to that of black people, it’s a losing argument no matter how close they both are. We can stand on our own.

  35. ChrisM says

    the poll at the end proves virtually nothing … had the question been “should teens be allowed to bring a date of a different race to the prom” the results would have been exactly the same … thing is that interracial dating is not, and cannot be deemed, unacceptable by law but there are plenty of people out there who wish they could stop and/or prevent it … hate seems to have no boundaries … this why majority cannot always rule …

  36. dm says

    If you follow some of these links you’ll find that his father is a teacher at the school! On the father’s info page he states “I am the father of a bright young man who is attending Bleckley County High School.”

  37. Eugene says

    What’s pretty interesting is that, according to PayPal’s information, donations for Derrick actually go to his father, Raymond Martin, and appears to be his e-mail address, not Derrick’s.

  38. TANK says

    Raymond Martin? I highly doubt that this is some contrived plot to raise money…don’t you?

  39. Drew says

    I was wondering about that too. Maybe “Richard” is his first name but he goes by “Derrick”. I want to donate but unsure.

  40. Henry Holland says

    “But some gay person needs to tell him to stop comparing our struggle to that of black people, it’s a losing argument no matter how close they both are. We can stand on our own”

    As a black friend said “The reason we get pissed at the comparison is that you gays can hide, you can pass, unless someone is really light-skinned and has blue eyes, there’s no way we can pass for white. When I walk in to a store, I’m immediately the focus of attention of the security guards just because of the color of my skin, you don’t have to deal with that”. I don’t make the comparison anymore, you’re right, we can stand on our.

    Eugene, I hope you’re wrong about the money going to the dad, good catch.

    “I’ll go ahead and ask it for everyone, I wonder how hung Derrick is, and, whether he’s a top or bottom”

    Dreary unimaginative ass-fuckers, maybe he’s NEITHER, maybe he’s a cocksucker or does frottage. Memo to you and homophobes: not every gay man does butt sex, not by a long shot.

  41. Bear says

    Yesterday I was proud of the attitudes of his community, today I’m appalled. I live in an area in northeast Florida very similar to the Georgia community where Derrick resides. The only thing I can say, do or offer is this: I have an extra bedroom in my home with a walk-in closet and private bathroom with a separate entry from outside. I was going to post it for rent to one of the local college students. If Derrick wants it, he may have it rent free for as long as he is in school. There are a choice of colleges near enough to here to attend.

  42. Eugene says

    >> Henry Holland

    1. Your black friend is uninformed. He doesn’t know what the closet does to a gay man’s self-esteem. Yes, “gays can hide”, but this option isn’t as good as he thinks it is. More importantly, the closet harms gay men around you – they hide because they have to, not because they want to. I’m pretty sure that homophobia is more acceptable than racism in the US precisely because gays “can hide”. In fact, the difference between openly gay men and closet cases is not unlike the difference between Rosa Parks and “conformist” blacks of that time. They all could sit in the back of the bus. But some of them decided to take a stand against bigotry. Your friend got his civil rights only because they didn’t want to “pass”. Sadly, you and your friend don’t seem to understand it.

    2. I can’t be wrong about the money going to the dad – it actually is a “Donation to Raymond Martin”. For some reason, Derrick decided to use his father’s PayPal account. Perhaps, it’s because he’s a minor. Or maybe his father supports him, but his mother hates him? I don’t know.

  43. AGMC Member says

    Congratulations to Derrick, who tonight was made an Honorary Member of the Atlanta Gay Mens Chorus! Welcome new Chorus Brother! :-)