Watch: Meredith Vieira Has Gay Panic About Hugs Between ‘Hurt Locker’ Stars Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner


During Monday morning's Today show Oscar coverage Meredith Vieira pointed out the hugs between Hurt Locker co-stars Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner from the time the film was nominated to Oscar night, and asked if it was something she needed to be "worried" about.

VIEIRA: "You hugged him pretty tight, I must say, in the moment. There was a lot of man lovin' goin' on last night. Do I have reason to be worried?"

MACKIE: Not from me. No reason.

VIEIRA: "Okay, you're fine? Yeah?"

Al Roker expresses astonishment at the line of questioning.


In related news, Renner hugs generously and often.

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