1. says

    Has reporting really come to this? Ever since she joined the Today Show the quality of the show has drastically deteriorated. I am glad I do not watch this show anymore and I would like someone to tell her to ‘shut the fuck up’ when she asks another dumb question like that.

  2. JC says

    This woman is such a bitch. She also called Kristi Yamaguchi a “hoochie” among other horrible on air gaffes.

  3. Dan Cobb says

    Say what? Jesus Christ! Some women can’t stand the fact that men can have genuine affection for one another without it being a “gay” thing. She sounds like an insecure teenager fer crying out loud!

  4. androjai says

    Go Al for at least calling her out on the stupidity of that question. That is some BS

  5. David in Houston says

    Obviously, Meredith has some deep-seated issues with man-on-man affection between two straight men. Big shocker. Multiply her homophobia by 200 million, and you’ve described most of America.

  6. Dawnell_do says

    Okay, she has got to be joking. That or she really a dumb bitch asking dumb question.

  7. B-rod says

    So typical from that gap-toothed, no-talent on-air “talent”…god, get her off the air or send her back to hosting games shows. She’s worthless.

  8. Paul says

    I am so glad we are finally paying attention!! I was shocked and pissed off when I heard her stupid question! I thought I was the only one ofended by her question. She is either really really stupid or just a typical homophobe! She needs to apologize for it!

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    Who wouldn’t hug Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie? They’re both babes.

    Mackie, as I hope Towleroad readers know, played a gay man in “Brother to Brother” — a marvelous little indie about the Harlem Renaissance that was released a few years back.

  10. northshore says

    What in the hell should Meredith mean when she asked “should I be worried?” — not like she’s dating either of them!!
    I generally like Meredith and don’t think she’s anti-gay — I’m hoping it was just a playing question that came out wrong. I have straight friends give me a “hard time” when we hug and its all in good fun — hopefully that’s all she was trying to do. But I LOVED his answer.

  11. daftpunkydavid says

    i think it’s not only some straight women and men that have similar homophobic reactions but all too often we do the same in the lgbt world.

    many times you’ll have some straight guys do something that demonstrates their affection for one another, and then you’ll read on this very site and on so many other, comments that aim to put in doubt their sexuality, as if being gay would be the worst thing… it’s sad. so since we’re bashing vieira (rightfully so), let’s not forget the beams in our own eyes.

    can i just add that anthony mackie is super hot in brother to brother?! you should check it out! his co-star in that movie is equally easy on the eye.

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    Not to mention, actors tend to just be more affectionate with their co-workers. It’s an intense and intimate experience working on a creative endeavor with someone. The only straight guys I know who hug and kiss me freely are actors/writers/directors.

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    Email The Today Show and demand and apology from Ms. Viera at the top of next broadcast. Stay on this.
    NBC makes more homophobic jokes than any other network.
    #1 violator: Jay Leno. This must stop. It will stop if we speak up.

    Doug Baron

    Bite back!!

  14. Dback says

    I adore Meredith–she’s ALWAYS been good on gay issues, and back in her “View” days was a big “Brokeback” fan/proponent. (I think she was one of the few the day after the 2006 Oscars who dared to wonder about homophobia influencing the upset, as opposed to the rest of journalists who just went, “What an upset! Wha-hoo!”) Maybe she’s had a glass or two of champagne and it came out wrong. Still, somewhat disappointing.

  15. jack says

    i doubt ms viera is homophobic, but rather heterocentric, and a creature of times past. it would not be like the personality i have seen over the years, say the time on the view, to injure or offend ANYONE delibertely. twenty years ago, or STILL on fox, that question would have been okay.

    i will be very surprised once she is made aware of what that comment was conveying, if she does not come forth with a public apology.

    and i am STUNNED to find that al roker had the sensitivity to realize just how offensive that was. he BRISTLED! good on him.

  16. says

    She’s not stupid…she’s simply clueless of the message it sends just like MANY others in “show biz” who technically are liberals, “for” gay rights, and have close gay friends. [How long ago was it George Stephanopoulos trying to bait Ewan McGregor about kissing Jim Carrey?]

    Add to her gay baiting Monday morning, Colin Farrell’s “joke” about spooning with Locker star Jeremy Renner during the Oscars. Farrell has a gay brother whom he’s publicly expressed love for, was in his recent M2M wedding but was clueless about making his little gay joke in front of the most watched TV program in the world outside of the World Cup.

    Sometimes such cluelessness comes in virtually the same breath as CELEBRATING gays. I LUV Sandra Bullock, am confidant she would take on the world for us like her character did for her black adopted son in “Blind Side” but while I was thrilled that she included “sexual orientation” in her moving Oscar acceptance speech as one of those “differences” of no importance she TWICE threw in a reference to her “Ha Ha, we’re not really gay” kiss with Meryl Streep. Yep, she’s BLIND to the implications of creating and recycling that “joke.”

    We all know, at least between female celebs, this lame from the first schtick just seems to be spreading like a virus. And it’s Typhoid Mary is Jimmy Kimmel who ran two slight pre-recorded video variations Sunday night on his “affair” with Ben Affleck, this time getting Mrs. Affleck to join in the “gag.” The second was during his post Oscar show, which also included a longgggggggg and borrrrrrrrrrrring skit about the “Handsome Man Club” which, while not involving days of location shooting and tens of thousands of dollars to produce like his 2008 “I’m Fucking Ben Affleck” video similarly got several other “straight” male celebs to play along this time. “Nudge nudge we vote that man ‘handsome’ but that doesn’t mean WE’RE gay wink wink.”

    Anyone think I’m being too sensitive about the self-metastisizing Kimmel cancer [hey, look at all the eye candy] just rewrite the schticks enough so that the “joke” is that White Kimmel is fucking a Black woman [or Bullock kissing a Black man or Collin spooning with a Black woman (yes, I know about the sex tape) or Viera asking if we need worry that a White ACTRESS was being hugged by that Black actor.

    If Viera was wrong, Kimmel is wrong. And anyone who defends such shit is guilty of the same thing Kimmel and all these stars [many with virtual membership cards in the Gays Are Okay Club] is — looking at such things through OUR “liberated” eyes.

    The damage such things do is not just reinforcing to straight adults that there’s something to laugh at in same sex love [or just sex] but to kids, either who might still be trying to accept that THEY would like to hug Jeremy Renner or sleep with Ben Affleck or discuss how hot Robert Pattinson is with Rob Lowe, Dr. McDreamy, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon, Lenny Kravitz, Ethan Hawke, et al….or who might think kids like that deserve to be beaten up.

  17. Frank says

    We’ve known that Meredith Viera was a homophobic ghoul ever since she disinterred and raped Matthew Sheppard’s corpse on 20/20. She should be fired.

  18. John James says

    This is when you know homophobia is real. When you are paid a lot and are in front of the camera…,support for “Brokeback” etc is easy. But in the moment, comments such as hers are nothing but pure unadulterated homophobia.

    UNACCEPTABLE PEOPLE. Don’t fool yourself.

  19. UWSGUY says

    I just emailed The Today Show and asked that NBC and Viera publicly apologize to Anthony Mackie.

  20. Erick says

    What a fool.Two men hugging doesn’t have to do with their sexuality, Meredith.Its called affection.

  21. says

    Good point Erick. Women are always saying they want guys who are well-adjusted and sensitive, able to show affection… but then when it happens, noooooooo… they can’t handle seeing a man be affectionate toward another. How is this any different from the maddonna/whore complex that so many women complain about… you know, the male delusion in which they want strong, forthright women in bed, but quiet, submissive women to raise their children. If straight women don’t like the macho homophobic attitude straight men put out there so often, then they only have themselves to blame.

  22. niles says

    She’s always been a somewhat dimwitted loose cannon – I can never get out of my mind her comment on not wearing panties.

  23. Randy says

    To be fair, I think it was all misconstrued… Earlier in the chat one of the guys in the hug was flirting with her, calling her “hot” or whatever, and I think in her sleep deprived haze she was trying to be funny “are we okay” as in “are we flirting”.

  24. Hank says

    And don’t forget it was morning television. If they kissed, (which they totally should have) the censors would have gone into overdrive.

  25. Paul says

    Few years back when they were celebrating Derek’s 45th birthday on the Derek and Romain show (Sirius/XM) they had her call in as a surprise guest. She called Derek a faggot but they brushed it off as a joke. Derek thought it was cute that she was that comfortable with him to call him that. But then both the people on that show drop fag/faggot like it’s going out of style. Which is a shame considering Romain was Matthew Shepards friend.

  26. Rascal says

    Unacceptable. Please write NBC. here’s my letter.

    To whom it may concern:

    As a devoted watcher of The Today Show for many years, it feels like an especially personal affront that the program would allow its integrity to be undermined so effectively by the stunningly bigoted remarks made by Meredith Viera when she articulated a rejection of male affection in comments about a hug between Hurt Locker co-stars Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner. She went on to convey in explicit terms that the possible indication of homosexuality was unhealthy, and cause for “worry.”

    Had any on-air personality of Viera’s stature — or any stature, for that matter — made parallel remarks about any other minority group, they would undoubtedly be subjected to suspension or censure.

    What does NBC propose to do about this egregious offense to the sensibilities of millions of Americans?


  27. Gabe R L says

    Well, this is an improvement on Towleroad! I believe there weren’t too many twat and cunt comments in this thread, for once when a woman says something you don’t like!

  28. write! says

    I agree that Viera’s comment was obnoxious. Admittedly not the biggest offense ever, but still, she should be called on it. I hope everyone who posted a comment here takes a moment to email nbc. It only takes a minute.

  29. JusticeontheRocks says

    I find a lot of offense to it. And what would she have to worry about? Not getting any from them. Fat chance.

    NBC’s final answer to her should be take a hike.

  30. Bobby says

    The clip is full of homophobic bullshit machismo banter. Don’t make excuses for that kind of thing just because you like someone. The covert homophobia is sometimes worse than the blatant.

  31. Michael J says

    I am disappointed to read this, because Viera always seemed to me to be one of the smarter TV personalities, which I know isn’t saying very much. I would like to think that no homophobic malice was intended, but that Viera like so many are insensitive to their own heterocentrism, as an earlier commentor put it. Perhaps she thought she was doing Mackie a favor by giving him a chance to deny that he’s gay. I don’t know how to interpret his answer — whether he is basically saying “No, you don’t have to worry about my being gay” or “I have no problem with what I did, which is all that matters, and I’m not going to bother to explain myself.”
    But why should Mackie have to explain what he did? Why should it be anyone’s business why Renner and Mackie were hugging so long, and why should it matter if they are gay or straight, or whether their affection for one another includes any explicit or implicit sexual attraction?
    I hope there were some intelligent questions about the experience of making the film and seeing it rise to prominence. I can’t really think of a valid question about the hugging other than some open-ended question like, “You all were clearly so happy on stage when the Best Picture award was accepted by Katherine, hugging one another and beaming from ear to ear. What were you thinking or feeling at the moment?”
    Of course, if Mackie’s answer to this were something like, “I was feeling Jeremy’s hard-on against my own”, I would have been thrilled and hard myself!”

  32. CPT_Doom says

    I emailed both the Today Show and GLAAD about this comment yesterday morning. I literally dropped my spoon back into my breakfast when she made the comment. I simply could not believe it. I got a note back from GLAAD that they have already contacted the Today Show producers. I didn’t watch this morning, but I would not be surprised if she had to apologize.

  33. josepe says

    worried about what?
    is she going out with him?
    what a bitch and what a way to kill the party,
    she is a road kill

  34. Pot Meet Kettle says

    Ironic that Anthony Mackie starred in the film “Brother to Brother” about the devastating affects being gay has on people of color. I guess it’s also ironic that none of you posters mentioned that which points to your own biases. Give Meredith a break and go look in the mirror.

  35. Brian says

    Wow, that was just an awkward interview all around… and what’s up with the “grown up men” comment? That somehow gay men can’t be considered “grown up”, only straight men comfortable in showing affection? I don’t think anyone really knew quite how to respond to Meredith in this situation and it threw off everyone’s game…

  36. Rocco says

    call to complain instead

    Thank you for contacting TODAY.

    Your feedback is important to us. We do read and answer as many inquiries as possible but for immediate help, please visit our website – or you can call us at (212) 664-4602.

  37. Earl says

    She is the reason I don’t watch TODAY.
    I always thought she was an idiot.
    I think she is a horny, homophobic bitch.
    Fire her ugly ol’ ass, replace with a handsome
    young man to sit next to Matt.

  38. Trace says

    Just sent this email to NBC… Everyone get on board!!

    To whom it may concern,

    As an avid Today show fan, I have to express my shock and displeasure with the comments the Meredith Vieira made while interviewing the cast of the “Hurt Locker” To ask if she had something to be “worried” about smacks of homophobia and outright disregard for the LGBT community. Even Al Roker could see how horrible this question was. It was NOT funny or amusing in any way.

    NBC and Meredith owe the LGBT community an apology for this offensive question and the tone in which it was delivered. It is bad reporting in the most general sense and makes me wonder if Ms Vieira has had and significant training on how to interview someone.

    A response to this email as well as a public apology is in order.

    I hope we hear from NBC universal soon on this subject!

  39. Rodney says

    Anyone notice Brian Geraghty’s reaction to the question (his face reddened a little and he was most definitely interested in the exchange)?

    You ask me, Meredith’s “gaydar” is off. I firmly believe in my gut that Geraghty and Jeremy Renner celebrated in their own special way late Sunday.

    Or maybe that’s my own fantasies talking, hahaha.

  40. Rob says

    What is more stunning than the fact that she asked the question is that it was completely premeditated. They had the video clip cued up of the two of them hugging, so it was clearly something Meredith and her producer went over before the interview.

    Stunning. I’ve lost all respect for her.

  41. dw says

    Bravo to Michael on his brilliant post – Meredith isn’t dumb – but you’re so right about the cluelessness about the message she sent and that so many others send unintentionally.
    And I TOTALY share your feelings about Jimmy Kimmel being the BIGGEST offender in terms of mainstream media homophobia. His prejudice isn’t unintented – he’s the epitome of the frat-boy homophobe, grown-up. So glad Sarah Silverman isn’t with him any longer.
    FRANK – correction – I’m pretty sure the awful hatchet job on Matthew Shepard was reported by Elizabeth Vargas, not Meredith Vieira. Incredibly -shockingly, really – it was produced (INFINITELY more important than the anchor role… ) by a gay producer at ABC.

  42. Thomasina says

    @The Milkman: I have a problem with your blanket generalizations about (and seeming anger toward) straight women. As a straight women myself, I have always valued the ability to show affection for other men in the men that I’ve dated, and any man who “protests too much” about gay people or issues, or has a problem with displays of affection between men (be they gay or straight) is off my list. Here is the email I wrote earlier today:

    Subject: Meredith Vieira’s “Hurt Locker” comments
    Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 9:22 AM
    On Monday’s Today Show interview with cast and crew form the movie “The Hurt Locker,” Meredith Vieira asked actor Anthony Mackie about his hug with his costar Jeremy Renner. Ms. Vieira asked Mackie, “Do I have reason to be worried” about the hug? I would like to object to her question, and to the entire premise that there is a reason to be “worried” if men hug each other. The question and the attitude comes from an default position of “gay panic” (whether or not the men in question are gay) and from the damaging attitude that is unacceptable for men, gay or straight, to show friendliness toward each other. This hurts straight men as much (if not more than) gay ones. I urge Ms. Vieira to better-educate herself on this subject, so next time she will not make herself sound so ignorant.

  43. jaragon says

    So many media figures wear a liberal mask and in this case the mask slipped- or perhaps she was jealous that she did not get such a man hug from Renner?!

  44. shane says

    But does anyone here (maybe Rodney who commented above) think that Jeremy Renner is very likely Gay? Anyone see the Ben Affleck interview (Barbara Walters special) with Mr Renner where he sent coded signals about his non-normative sexuality? And Colin Farrell’s wink-wink nudge-nudge insider comment about their time in Mexico ‘spooning’? He’s very sensitive to gay issues. And now his costars, and even Meredith Viera’s question? What if Mr Renner is in fact gay, not closeted, just not OUT? It would explain all this confused “joking” that they all “get” but we on the outside are “enraged” about…

  45. atheist says

    what a patronising cow! Ye Gads!! Does she seriously think that any of those guys would be interested in her tired old punani?? not to mention that awful unmade bed of a face ??

  46. charlie says

    men are only allowed to show emotion if someone dies.. and even then it has to be a spouse or child… otherwise look at what happens. of course these are also the same people that will complain that men never open up and talk about how they feel. our society sends such mixed messages. just once i’d like to see some women stand up and complain about gay male jokes.. why aren’t women insulted more when jokes are made about men who show a so called feminine quality.

  47. says


    both Viera’s question and Mackie’s answer.

    Mackie seems okay with GLBT stuff in film and on stage in both Brother to Brother and that recent Shakespeare in the Park Eurypides event with yummy Jonathan Groff bewitching/seducing him and convincing him to wear makeup and a dress.

    wonder if he turns on this machismo just for cameras or if he’s just different when he’s acting?


  48. Anthony G. says

    Ugh, that is cringeworthy. “Worried”? What would she have to be worried about? Does she think they should be interested in her? Is the possibility of someone’s being gay worrisome to her? That crone needs to wise up or shut up.

  49. Jersey Moose says

    Really guys?

    Are you so super sensitive to your own hypocracies??

    If it was a gay man saying this on TV you’d all laugh… you would laugh, admit it.

    But because it’s not… and it’s a flippant comment… you need to pull the gay flag out for the sake of political correctness.

    give it the f*ck up already.

    If it was a guy and girl hugging and she made that comment or a black man and a white woman hugging… you wouldn’t be crying so hard and ignore it.

    But no…. lets make it a homophobe moment….

    have we become this overly sensitive to the wrong things???

    Pick your battles wisely, fight for the truly right things that need to be addressed, not the petty stupid bullshit such as this.

    drama queens.

  50. says

    Let it be known that Meredith Viera is a bitch. She treated the cast of Jersey Shore like crap, a show she’s never even seen. But to treat the cast and crew of an Oscar winning movie like a Spanish inquisition is inexcusable.

  51. John says

    This clip is incomplete and posting it without what went before is bordering on disingenuous. Anthony Mackie was flirting with her at the start of things and telling her she was pretty from before the start of on-air comments. She asked him if he was going to behave. So her question about the man-love hug was a joking reference to their joking relationship established earlier on. THIS IS A MOLEHILL. Email The Advocate about Sean Hayes – more importantly email EVERYONE about Ashburn and Massa and closeted politicians. Once that’s all settled, email The Today Show about an out of context comment.

  52. GE says

    It was a joke you morons. Why isn’t anyone appalled by the words which followed. “We made art, we transcended fil making…”

    Wow. They had been drinking not champagne, but their own Kool-Aid.

    It was a good movie which will not stand the test of time, and barely stood my two hours of patience. But believing they changed film making, no.

  53. jack says

    sometimes i call them right…

    i said i would be shocked if ms viera did not apologize once she was made aware of the import of her jibe, and she has indeed done so, while affirming her support got glbt causes and people. that is how she has carried herself publicly for decades.

    i am however surprised the no one else commenting seems to be as shocked as i was at al roker’s immediate and harsh intervention. i was VERY impressed.

  54. TampaZeke says

    Oh for the day when a “grown man can stand up and hug another man and say ‘I love you'” without having “made art” and without having to have any other excuse to justify it other than “I felt it, I meant it, I’d do it again and I don’t need to explain myself or my actions to you or anyone else”.

    That is the day that homophobia dies and males, straight and gay, are truly liberated from their emotional, psychological and physicality prisons.

  55. Andy Humm says

    FRANK: Viera’s comments were represenhisible, but she did NOT do the 20/20 piece on Matthew Shepard that you are so upset about. That was Elizabeth Vargas. ALSO, the sexist “dumb bitch” comments that many of you are posting are not better than Viera’s slight to us.

  56. says

    I must defend both myself and my beloved Meredith Vieira. Paul is incorrect about what happened on our show five years ago. I was celebrating my 35th birthday, not my 45th!!! For crying out loud. That’s just mean. And Ben Patrick Johnson was on the show with me when Meredith joined by phone as a surprise guest. It was Ben who called us both “a couple of old faggots” when Meredith spontaneously said, “Happy birthday you old faggot.” I refuse to penalize Meredith for being nice enough to join a radio show and trying to jump into the conversation in progress. If you want to criticize someone for the language on that show, you can criticize me and my friend Ben. Romaine wasn’t even there on that show and in this case, I see Meredith as something of an innocent victim of our shenanigans.

  57. daws says

    Wow, what a stupid and insulting question. Why would you even ask them that? Two men hugged, FOR SHAME! They should be fighting, burping, or hunting something right? Kudos to Al for saying something.

  58. James says

    I’ve sent Ms. Vieira an email asking her to explain what she exactly might be “worried” about and asked her to apologize, on air. I’m realistic, I know she won’t – but it doesn’t hurt to ask and let her know the severity of the situation.

    I hope she gets it, or some staffer gets it and reads it to her.

  59. Philip says

    well Jeremy Renner IS gay but so what
    Merrideth the only thing you have to worry about is how bad your coming across lately

  60. d says

    why can’t she say what she did i think it was totally normal and glad she felt uncomfortable it shows she is one of the few left that has a head on her shoulders. it never has been normal to watch 2 sex couples do anything together not even shopping it just is not the way we were created.

  61. jon says

    Homosexuality is evil,vile and filthy!
    Sticking a penis in a crap hole is unsanitary and unnatural! Repent!

  62. Brand says

    She didn’t mean she would be worried to know these guys were gay—and in fact I saw the question as giving them the opportunity to come out if they were—it was a klutzy way for her to say she thought they were cute and “wink-wink, don’t break my heart and tell me I don’t still have a chance with you” kind of thing. She was trying to combine a celebration of their emotional embraces/an opportunity for them to out themselves as gay or straight/an opportunity to flirt, and it was clumsy and not just dropped like a stone but landed on our collective foot. On the face of it, it’s offensive, and Roker was right to bristle; you don’t stand by and let a colleague be offensive. But it was inadvertent offensiveness, and was not homophobia. Now if she reviews “John Carter” and says “that’s so gay”, I’ll take off the gloves. 😉