1. Jerry says

    I dated a guy living in the Pacific NW, and he has a very small dick!

    Hunk: maybe
    Hung: not!

  2. Rann says

    For the life of me I cannot see what many people seem to find so appealing about him. He is okay looking and has a nice body but I have seen many many more sexy guys. Plus he looks too young for my liking. And, his face is just odd looking. I have not seen any of these movies either.

  3. Paul says

    well…he is young, but he is a beauty. and he wasn’t even offered the role of Jacob until he beefed up. and if you saw him on SNL he did some martial arts moves that were phenomenal.
    he may be gay…but he isn’t going to come out now when he has legions of young female fans.
    i know people like to crititize the vampire and the series books genre, but I am just glad that kids are reading again. and they are great books and the movies are okay…the scenary of the Pacific Northwest with musical scores is just beautiful. the acting isnt great, but the characters are!!

  4. Mike C. says

    Jesus, just because you guys have a crush on him doesn’t mean he’s gay. He’s not gay!

  5. Henry Holland says

    Nice body, pity about that face.

    “In my opinion, this borders on child porn. Where are the shirtless MEN?”

    Oh for fucks sake, he’s 18, he hasn’t been a “child” in at least 5 years.

  6. Erick says

    Wow! He is so sexy. He is my motivation to go to the gym and its been working. I don’t feel that weird droolong over him since Im 20 and hes 18.

  7. jamal49 says

    @Paul, I agree with you 90%. I don’t think The Twilight Saga books are great literature, but they ARE fun and good reads and I’ve enjoyed every book.

    @Yuninv: Child Porn? STFU.

  8. Dick says

    The author of those books tithes 10% to the Mormon church. Taylor looked great in a tux at the Oscars.

  9. Rob says

    Y’know, the movie is popular among its crowd (young girls and older women) but I’m more interested in the movie that comes out a few days later: The Last Airbender.

  10. El Brucio says

    Taylor Lautner is indeed mighty fine. And I can understand if he isn’t your type, but to the people who claim he’s ugly? That just comes off as sour grapes.

    It’s a pity then that I’m never going to see any of the Twilight movies or buy the books due to their Mormon connections.

  11. Jack says

    Snarky Bitches!!
    I find the whole package delectable…awesome smile to boot!
    What a dish….

  12. Jimbo says

    He pings like a basketful of kittens, bless him. I doubt he’s got any worries if he came out: that harmless gormless look is pure catnip to Japanese schoolgirls!

  13. says

    He is very sexy, exotic-looking….young (lucky boy, he still gets to Become a Man! Lucky Us..we get to Watch!)…and I actually saw the first Twilight movie and was surprised that I liked it! Had No intention of seeing it, but it was Free, right there on my cousin’s DirecTV, so why not!?
    So, I will see the next ones…if I can see them for free. Okay…for $1 in the Red Box, but that’s my final offer!


  14. Darrell says

    Guys If Taylor came up to you and said “do me” I seriously doubt many of you would say

    Jerry, sorry about your “stud gerbil” you dated, any of the boys I have run across in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver BC prove you WRONG!

  15. Riley says

    I’ve never understood why girls sit there and drool over him, get a life, me being a girl makes me understand yea, he’s cute, ut i wouldn’t drool over him like that. There are plenty of cute guys living right down the street, and you waste time on him. He has a cute face to me but if, if people don’t like him, and they post things on the site anyway it makes no sense why waste time on disliked people?