1. Brandon says

    The lights have been showing up for five nights in a row for two hours at a time, and NO ONE has thought to bring along a decent camera to film it? Why is it that any UFO sighting is always captured with a video camera with no zoom and a photographer with Parkinson’s?

  2. Jason says

    I have never seen a UFO but I recently discussed a sighting that 10+ people saw near a fish camp we frequent over 25 years ago. After talking with one of the guys that saw it I am convinced there is something going on that isn’t from here.

    These guys saw a light that was like daylight over the water; no more than 300-400 yds away. They turned off all engines and flashed a bright spot light at it; it then showered the boat with a light so bright it was like having the sun on them. The light went out and without any sound disappeared with no flame and no noise in a blink of an eye. One of the fellows on the boat said there is nothing he knows of that can move that fast. The most eerie part is that he said he could see a massive dark shape around the light and yet moved that quickly and silently.

    I have always thought that they may not be traveling in space as we know it at all. After watching a piece by Carl Sagan on other dimensions or space time realities; its more plausible that is where they are from. If you have a few moments google “flat land” and Carl Sagan. Its quite interesting.

  3. Bobby says

    Most cameras when zoomed will shake. Has nothing to do with the person filming, but the camera itself.

    To think we are alone is the ultimate egotism.

  4. rich says

    Jason, you get a gold star AND a happy face.

    I won’t tell you why I know, but I know you hit the nail on the head.

  5. Vince says

    Brandon may have been making the point that if the light was consistently showing up for eight nights in a row around the same time, SOMEONE would think to bring a f*cking tri-pod.

    Just sayin’.

  6. Brandon says

    Exactly, Vince.

    I don’t think we’re alone, but could someone please get a decent shot of our visitors for once?

  7. TANK says

    And don’t forget the “leroys” with chaw stained overalls who get abducted. It’s never a person with even a sixth grade reading level.

    Um, no…these aren’t “alien” ufos. Anyone with a basic understanding of physics would know that even if there’s intelligent life out there (and there very likely is), it hasn’t visited earth. Too far.

  8. Klaatu says

    I think young Eugene is just hoping to be probed anally. He doesn’t have to wait for aliens from another planet for that.

  9. johnny says

    The elephant in the room:

    Why always the bright lights?

    Assuming they’re intelligent beings, you’d think they might not want to make themselves so stupidly apparent to us. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just study us without all the fancy lighting? Unless these are gay club-aliens, the minute I see lights, I think “man-made”. Show me a decent UFO during the day and I’ll believe.

    And I really hope they ARE gay club-aliens.

  10. Drew says

    There are just so *many* technologies required to visit Earth, that even an advanced civilization would have a hard time discovering them all. Of course, then you have to combine them into a usable craft of some sort that can occupy a living being. If real at all, perhaps UFOs are just mechanical drones like the ones we mere humans send out…?

  11. Kyle says

    When we were kids we used to sit with our parents at the cottage and watch strange things move across the sky at night. Up, down, not any way an aircraft moves.

    Then one evening at about 5 pm while out on the lake, I saw a disk shaped “thing” traveling at a high rate of speed clear as day. No lights, just a big grey circular shaped vehicle. No noise… and then it moved off extremely fast. A friend of mine that was in the boat with me saw my face and said “please tell me you saw that too!”

    Though I think that they’ve had a hand in some of our history, I don’t understand why any advanced civilization would want to bother with us, but I believe they exist.

  12. says

    i’m with Jason, RIch and Kyle. I think things like this could very well be just different dimensions, same space. For whatever reason, I think we can glimpse inter-dimensionally some times… maybe tears or rips in the strings or waves of dimensions. i totally think they played a part in our past, too. heck, they could be the future us, visiting the past us and guiding us along in some way. Perhaps that last tinyspark that separates humans from every other life form on earth, is a gift from another dimension or life form. There is so much more than we’ll ever understand. i want to know it all right now.

  13. Robocub says

    I agree with the comment above that if these things keep showing up night after night, why is it that no one has thought to use a quality camera with good lens and a frakin’ TRIPOD? Why is it that anytime anyone takes photos or videos of this stuff, the images are so distorted, fuzzy, and out of focus that it’s really just impossible to tell what it is.

  14. Matthew says

    Here’s a crazy idea, why don’t they find someone to fly up there and get a good look?

  15. Blake says

    Jesus fucking Christ Jason, that is stupidest comment I have read all month.

    “After watching a piece by Carl Sagan on other dimensions or space time realities; its more plausible that is where they are from. If you have a few moments google “flat land” and Carl Sagan. Its quite interesting.”

    Did you literally just say that without the slightest hint of irony or sarcasm? Carl Sagan?! THEEE FUCKING CARL SAGAN, who spent practically every waking hour of his life debunking this stupid shit??! You quoted this inveterate skeptic, this brilliant scientist, this breathtakingly poetic popularizer of the wonders of the cosmos, this god among men, in support if your wacky ‘theory’ that UFOs are real and are actually from other dimensions!!? And other people here are AGREEING WITH YOU and think your wackloonery is plausible??!!! Christ, there really is no hope for our species, I think I’m just going to go top myself now.

    Watch it, you credulous bitches.

  16. Blake says

    Also, I would like to say that I would totally fuck scruffy-goatee-baseball-cap-dude. Totally.

  17. dave says

    also live in cleveland, actually work in euclid and have not heard of this at all either

  18. TANK says

    Even if I were to grant that it’s not logically impossible such that it’s conceivable, at least, that spacetime be bent to facilitate intra and intergalactic travel (I guess…), for example…something tells me that if a species were that intelligent, it wouldn’t be making a curiosity/courtesy call. We would have nothing to teach a species like that–nothing to offer. They’d know everything about us before making the trip…which would be intentional on their part. Not so cool.

    But yeah, this is another hoax. And really? Interdimensional travel? Carl Sagan? Lovecraft couldn’t have come up with crap like that… That’s like saying aliens exist, and prefacing it with “stephen hawking might have said”.

  19. Klaatu says

    “Also, I would like to say that I would totally fuck scruffy-goatee-baseball-cap-dude. Totally.” — Blake

    Well, there you have it. Eugene doesn’t have to wait for aliens for an anal probing. Blake, who is human and apparently highly intelligent, will do him.

  20. Jason says


    First you need to chill out this was an interesting discussion until you went off your meds. Secondly, it’s obvious you have not read Carl Sagan’s extremely boring paper that describes why he believes that it is very un-likely we would be visited by beings from our own time from some distant place in the Universe. His basic premise was that our advanced period of existence is extremely unlikely to coincide with another highly advanced civilization at the same time and even if that unlikely event occurred that we would find one another. Throughout the paper he states that it is very likely that there is a plethora of intelligent life; his problem resides in coinciding time frames.

    With that said; my only use of Sagan’s name was because of his incredibly interesting discussion and simplistic representation of how we would perceive beings or creatures from another plane of existence. More specifically he attempts to show what a 4th dimension figure might look like; a Tesseract.

    I personally understand his statistical view of why we likely won’t see flying saucers however, I don’t agree with him and extrapolated his conversation about other dimensions as a possible explanation of what people are seeing. Since I do believe in an intelligent hand or hands at work in the construct of the Universe; I can’t accept that the rest of the Universe is un-accessible. I am a huge fan of Carl Sagan and he was always the consistent scientist and atheist. His atheism probably served him well but it leaves no room for the outside influence of a creator or creators. To use a line from the movie Contact ”If we are the only ones here; its an awfully big waste of space”.

  21. Mad Dog says

    Thanks Andy for wasting our time on this useless piece of reporting. Time better spent watching “Torchwood,” which is the most awesome view of a fantasy reality.

  22. alan says

    hmmm… carla didn’t see the ufos and she ain’t no expert, but by golly, we ought to listen to her. In fact, anything that happens in the news, let’s interview Carla!

    and a big thank you, to american main stream media…

  23. rigorous empiricist says

    There are about 500 alternative explanations that I’d want to rule out before concluding that an alien spaceship, or other extremely out of the ordinary event, is the cause of lights some people say they’ve seen over Lake Erie.

    It’s fun to think that it’s an alien spaceship, or a blip spitting out a wormhole or something, but reality is generally not as fun as our imaginations.

  24. Drew says

    I’d like to see Carla bitch-slap Eugene and then both can go out for coffee and laugh about what a moron Eugene was for thinking a flare tied to a balloon could have been a UFO.

  25. Darrell says

    No Mystery at all, it’s just we Canadians on our side of Lake Erie showing off all our gold medals from the Winter Olympics again!. Sorry if the refection if bothering you folks in OHIO, LOL.

  26. josh says

    well im from a small town in ohio called toronto and i also have seen light like that and i have done some research on it and from the descriptions i feel what the pepole of cleveland are seeing are blackhawk helicopters the goverment will deny it and so will the airport so having said that you will never get the truth and i am a big believer in ufos but what your seeing is not ufos but the goverment playing with their toys

  27. SusieQ says

    Nasa and the Government are not going to try covering up anymore. They’ve always known whats happening. They know that its going to be very soon that we will all know so there’s no more need to cover or deny anything. Otherwise they would have made up more stories concerning these sightings.
    Sighting have tripled since 2009.

  28. Pitt90 says

    I have to join the chorus of “live in Cleveland; not heard about this” people. Maybe the aliens have a media blackout on people actually in Cleveland? Maybe …?