Chai Feldblum Recessed Appointed As Commissioner of EEOC

6a00d8341c730253ef01310f53273a970c Yesterday, President Obama announced that he would make fifteen recess appointments in key government positions and expressed his frustration with a lack in progress with the nominations due to delays in the process by the Senate.  Reasoned Obama: "I simply cannot allow partisan politics to stand in the way of the basic functioning of government.”

One of those appointments is that of openly gay Georgetown law professor Chai R. Feldblum, who will head the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

You may recall that homophobic right-wingers opposed her nomination arguing that "Feldblum intends to use her position of influence as EEOC commissioner to force private institutions to follow her radical vision of society, through the enforcement of aggressive and intrusive employment non-discrimination laws."

Feldblum testified with the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee back in November. A "secret hold" was placed on her nomination just earlier this month.

This appointment makes Fledblum the first openly gay Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


  1. bernard says

    This is a disgrace to this country and to equal rights. She should never have been nominated….This wicked life style will always be wrong no matter how many radicals sneak into high positions or how many evil laws are passed for it…you can’t turn something that is twisted, perverse and wrong into something that is right…the world will always be round no matter how hard you homo’s try to make it square. And since you left wing pinheads invented the word homophobe and like to label good, God- fearing, hard working Americans, we can make up names too…so to be politically correct, you can all be classified as “common sense-o-phobes”.

  2. BOOTumALL says

    Now that people who are concerned about promoting rather than discouraging activity that 40 years ago would have been justification for increased scrutiny, at least, shows we have come a long way. The only problem is its a long way down the road to ruin. Vilify the Boy Scouts adore the left wing fringe. While right center groups are vilified by the press (homophobic right wingers above) (let me say this as a definition) the people practicing perverted sexual habits are iconized as advanced thinkers. I suggest the progessivism that is so prevelant now, that has been advancing for the last 70 years, is self perpetuating. Creating from the left to the left.

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