British Officials Shamed as Pope is Mocked in Provocative Memo


The Pope's visit to the UK in September will go on as planned, despite the disclosure over the weekend of a memo written by a staffer at the British Foreign Office which mocked Benedict and the Vatican, suggesting a provocative itinerary which included the launch of a line of Pope condoms, the blessing of a gay civil partnership, and a speech on equality. 

The AP reports: "The document featured a diagram listing people likely to have an influential role during, or in commenting on, the visit — which ranked Scottish singer Susan Boyle, the surprise reality television star, as more important than Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols, the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

An accompanying note acknowledged many of the ideas contained in the memo were extreme. 'These should not be shared externally…,' it read, explaining the document was 'the product of a brainstorm which took into account even the most far-fetched of ideas.'''

Memo  Ministers have apologized for the memo:

"The proposals, which were then circulated among key officials in Downing Street and Whitehall, also include the Pope opening an abortion ward; spending the night in a council flat in Bradford; doing forward rolls with children to promote healthy living; and even performing a duet with the Queen.
In reference to the hugely sensitive issue of child abuse engulfing the Catholic Church, the Government document suggests that the Pope should take a 'harder line on child abuse – announce sacking of dodgy bishops' and 'launch helpline for abused children'.
The document was sent out by a junior Foreign Office civil servant with a covering note admitting that some of the plans were 'far-fetched'."

It has been revealed that the author of the memo is a 23-year-old Oxford graduate and junior civil servant named Steven Mulvain:

"It was dreamt up in a Foreign Office brain-storming session to generate ideas for the Pope's visit.

Mr Mulvain has not been punished because a more senior civil servant who authorised him to send the document has now been 'transferred to other duties'…Vatican sources told The Times that the incident could have jeopardised Pope Benedict's first tour of Britain and senior Church officials are said to be outraged that no one has been fired."


  1. ravewulf says

    Course practically all of those are things that they really should be doing.

    Ah, well. The Catholic Church is slowly dying and fading away anyway.

  2. Taylor says

    “…senior Church officials are said to be outraged that no one has been fired.”

    Church officials are outraged that no one has been fired? Really??

    Now they know how people feel about child molesting priest being transferred from parish to parish instead of being defrocked.

  3. walter says

    the catholic church should be more upset over the abuse scandal and coverup than this stupid menu. this is a way to deflect protests over the visit. the church shouldn’t act as a moral authority on anything.the memo should get people looking at some enlightened views, safe sex, gay rights, women’s rights all opposed by the church. and the topper is why should it cost the british government 25 million to protect this man when his plan to go there and lecture them.henry viii threw priest into jail maybe qe2 should throw this guy into the tower of london when he gets there.

  4. voet says

    Amen. This was exactly my reaction. The RCC enabled child abuse and molestation, but wants someone fired for writing a cheeky memo? You can’t make this stuff up.

  5. Robert In WeHo says

    The only thing that the Brits should be ashamed of is that they weren’t able to embarrass the Pope enough to cause him to cancel his trip. Let me have a chance at it. I’m sure I could come up with something to keep that criminal from visiting.

  6. Fenrox says

    What was embarrassing about this? Rational brainstorming and the realization that random reality stars are more important to peoples day-to-day than church leaders.

  7. Hawt says

    I wonder what was more offensive, the opening of an abortion ward or the accountability of dioceses and their bishops and the establishment of an abuse helpline?

    Maybe the insinuation that Benedict would use a condom…

  8. Soren456 says

    Where’s the insult in that memo? Where’s the mocking?

    I see nothing in it that the Pope and his church shouldn’t be answering to.

    (Except maybe a duet with the queen, but that’s an insult to her.)

  9. stephen says

    Does the Pope object to the derisive tone of the memo?

    Too f’n bad… you GD crook!

    They ought to issue another memo with alternative funding options for the $25m it will cost to host this clown.

  10. says

    Beware of men in dresses

    Who feel the need to pray

    EXCEPT those wearing make-up

    (Or, if they happen to be gay!)

    Avoid all men in dresses

    Unless they are in Drag

    And mince around in high heels

    and call themselves a ‘Fag’

    Steer clear of men in dresses

    Meaning Clergymen, not Lay

    They wear gowns whose very fabric

    Society should FRAY!

    Run a mile from men in long frocks

    Be they Bishops, Priests or Popes

    UNLESS they are Cross-Dressers

    and act in Prime-time Soaps

    If a man you know wears dresses

    UNFROCK him! Bid Goodbye!

    ‘Cos if he’s not a Queen or Tranny

    Then I fear…..the END is NIGH….

    Helga Hewston

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