News: iPhone 4G, Empire Diner, Pope Benedict, Aqua Tweet

 road Gizmodo finds "lost" prototype iPhone 4G.

 roadConservative foes take aim at Elena Kagan's stance on military recruitment at Harvard.

Empire  roadChelsea's iconic Empire Diner is closing. Btw, this New Yorker cover was drawn on an iPhone.

 roadCancer can suck it: Vajazzled Kathy Griffin gets poolside pap smear.

 roadIowa Family Policy Council, the group which continues to work feverishly to repeal the state's marriage equality law, received over $3 million from the federal government between 2004 and 2009: "In 2004 and 2005 the IFPC received a total of $850,000 from the Administration for Children and Families’ Compassion Capital Fund. From 2006 to 2009 they received $2.2 million through the U.S. Healthy Marriage Demonstration Fund, which is doled out in yearly increments of $550,000 and will be awarded to IFPC through 2011."

 roadJohn Lennon fans find his hidden LSD stash, but it's gone.

 roadMississippi veteran claims he's Oprah's father.

 roadHouston mayor Annise Parker talks about her first 100 days in office.

 roadAlexander Skarsgard in Coachella scuffle.

 roadKris Allen shows off his pale pecs in the Bahamas.

 roadLance Bass tends to his fauxhawk.

Benedict   roadPope meets victims sexually abused by priests in Malta.

 roadConservative Catholic group calls on Massachusetts priest to apologize for suggesting Pope Benedict should resign if he doesn't take stronger action on the clergy sexual abuse scandal. Swiss theologian calls Benedict the 'mastermind' of the sex abuse scandals.

 roadFederal District Court rules National Day of Prayer unconstitutional.

 roadUK firemen to attend conference on issues gay people face: "This conference is designed to help us find out more about the gay community and identify some of the risks that they may face so that we can design our preventative measures to meet their needs and help ensure their safety."

 roadMale model fix: Mikus Lasmanis.

 roadAnti-gay Pastor Ken Hutcherson was silent on Day of Silence.

Underwatertweet  roadFirst underwater tweet sent.

 roadGay conservative blog Gay Patriot attacks Constance McMillen, gay youth: "So have you heard of this story where the high school girl who wanted to attend the prom with her “lesbian girlfriend” (I use the quotes because, really. Call me an old stick-in-the-mud*, but are high-schoolers self-aware enough to realize they’re lesbians already? And even if so, are we encouraging kids that young to identify themselves sexually? What ever happened to the innocence and beauty of youth?"

 roadWestboro Baptist Church takes its hate to Denver.

 roadProgressive Party in Serbia (SNS) meets with country's Gay-Straight Alliance: "The circumstances of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) individuals in Serbia were discussed at the meeting, as well as the steps that the state and society must take to stop the violence and discrimination.

It was added that SNS officials said that the state institutions must respect the constitution and laws, and stop all kinds of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and an other type of prejudice."


  1. says

    Gay Patriot is fucking disgusting. That guy is claiming it’s somehow a ruining of innocence that some (um, LOTS OF!) teenagers are mature enough to realize they’re gay? What’s next, arguing homosexuality is all just a phase? The blog shouldn’t even call itself “Gay Patriot,” it should just call itself “Teabagging Assholes Who Happen to Sleep With Men.” And no, I don’t think they’re self-loathing, I just think they’re loathsome.

  2. Derek Washington says

    Gay Patriot is pretty lame. They would rather kids stay in the college ,or, take daily tormenting in private. I KNEW I liked boys from the time I was 4 or 5. Would I have taken a guy to the Prom? NEVER, not in my time and place. I am so proud of folks like Constance and Derrick who stand up for who they are and serve as role models for kids like themselves.

    I too am disgusted by the Gay right who say they are proud ,but, just want the straight world to tolerate the fact that they like peen.

    I don’t need anyone to “tolerate” me.

    I bet Constance doesn’t either.

  3. Zach says

    Comment by Evan Hurst — April 18, 2010 @ 3:37 am – April 18, 2010 “Fucking god, Nick, what kind of monstrous self-loathing piece of shit are you?”

    I think that about covers the Gay Patriot piece.

  4. Zach says

    Dear God, I started perusing the other topics under Gay Patriot. I think it’s almost as depressing as the story about the elderly gay couple.

    The sheer apologetic profusion is astonishing. Gay Republicans could be lining up to be lynched and still arguing about what nice, reasonable fellows their fellow right-wingers are.

    I do not get it. I simply do not. Do they not realize that – like David Brock once did – they’re only tolerated because they willingly parrot all the slogans?

  5. Paul R says

    I was tempted to look at Gay Patriot but realized that would be an utter waste of time and would increase his page views/visitors, making it seem like people are actually interested in reading that crap.

  6. Michael @ says

    Don’t be fooled by a bit player on the Far Right dissing Kagan who would feel right at home on “Gay ‘Patriot’.” because the LEADERS of Repug religiofascism LOVE her and ObamaRahm is busy not just denying that she’s, horror of horrors, GAY, but asking people to attack progressives whose blood runs cold at the thought of such a Right Winger on the Court, Lesby Anne or not.

    “The Huffington Post’s” Sam Stein wrote recently that the White House had “reached out to progressive allies” and asked them “to dismiss” articles written by Salon commentator & author Glenn Greenwald, a GAY, former civil rights attorney, and winner of the Izzy Award named after famed independent journalist I. F. Stone, arguing against the selection of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. What has them so upset? Greenwald:

    “Whatever else one might want to say about Cass Sunstein — or, for that matter, Elena Kagan — it is simply false to claim that they would fit within the so-called ‘liberal’ wing of the Court on matters of executive power and civil liberties. The replacement of John Paul Stevens could have a very radical impact on the Supreme Court, and it’s certainly not too early to begin combating pernicious myths about the leading candidates. . . .

    When President Obama chose Sonia Sotomayor to replace David Souter, that had very little effect on the ideological balance of the Court, because Sotomayor was highly likely to vote the way Souter did in most cases. By stark contrast, replacing Stevens with Kagan (or, far less likely, with Sunstein) would shift the Court substantially to the Right on a litany of key issues (at least as much as the shift accomplished by George Bush’s selection of the right-wing ideologue Sam Alito to replace the more moderate Sandra Day O’Connor).”

    Greenwald is no lazy hurler of ad hominems. He researches his opinions, and documents them with both biography and direct quotes by Kagan and others. If there is a colloquial, overarching theme it is that Kagan is the textbook example justifying judging someone by those who admire them:

    “National Review’s Ed Whelan, a former official in the Bush/Cheney OLC and a far-right legal ideologue, LAVISHLY PRAISES Kagan’s record on ‘national-security and executive power’ issues.”

    Greenwald quotes several “New York Times” articles, including this one:

    “When Elena Kagan went before the Senate Judiciary Committee in February as President Obama’s nominee for solicitor general, Republicans were almost as effusive as the Democrats in their praise for her.

    There was no daylight between Ms. Kagan, who was the dean of Harvard Law School, and Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, as he led her through a six-minute colloquy about the president’s broad authority to detain enemy combatants. . . . Indeed, THERE WAS SO MUCH ADULATION IN THE AIR FROM REPUBLICANS that one Democrat, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, joked at the hearing that she understood how Ms. Kagan ‘managed to get A STANDING OVATION from the Federalist Society, a conservative legal group.”

    Characterizing the Federalist Society as merely “a conservative legal group” is like saying the KKK simply did a lot of good for the white sheets industry. Two names: Bork and Scalia.

    Graham, for those unaware, is, in addition to being rumored to being gay himself, is one of the most powerful, Cracker-voiced flame throwers for the Far Right and a tireless warmonger who has voted twice to amend the US Constitution to ban marriage equality, strongly opposes domestic partner benefits, voted against legalizing gay adoptions, strongly favors teacher-led prayer in public schools, has a 0% rating by the ACLU, HRC, & SANE; a 100% rating by the Christian Coalition & the National ‘Right to Life’ Committee, & an “A” rating by the NRA.

    He asked Kagan:

    “If our intelligence agencies should capture someone in the Philippines that is suspected of financing Al Qaeda worldwide, would you consider that person part of the battlefield? Do you agree with that?”

    ELENA KAGAN: “I do.”

    In other words, Kagan believes suspected terrorists/“enemy combatants” can be held indefinitely without charges and trial. [NB: OAG Eric Holder believes the same.] Kagan has “also agreed that an American citizen could be prosecuted for drafting a legal brief or WRITING A NEWSPAPER ARTICLE in coordination with a banned group.” – LA Times.

    TRANSLATION: Maybe-A-Lesbo Trashes 1st Amendment.

    In February, representing the Obama Administration before the Supreme Court in “Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project,” Kagan said, “What Congress decided [in the Patriot Act] was when you help Hezbollah build homes, you are also helping Hezbollah build bombs. That’s the entire theory behind the statute.” – NY Times.

    “[The HLP] say they want to provide support for the legal, nonviolent activities of a Kurdish political party and a Tamil group, both of which have been designated as terrorist organizations by the State Department. One plaintiff, Ralph D. Fertig, a retired lawyer, has said he wanted to help the Kurdish group, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, find peaceful ways to protect the rights of Kurds in Turkey and to bring their claims to the attention of international bodies.” Ibid.

    Ironically, it was the very Justice whom she may be nominated to replace, John Paul Stevens, who asked her, “if there was an authentic risk that Mr. Fertig would be prosecuted were he to make a presentation on behalf of the Kurdish group at the United Nations. He seemed to expect a NEGATIVE answer. But Ms. Kagan would say only that the matter would involve a ‘prosecutorial judgment’.” Ibid.

    My first personal opposition to Kagan was based solely on her betrayal of her own past legal protests against DADT. Greenwald’s research proves there are even greater, chilling reasons to oppose her, and I urge everyone concerned about whom Obama may nominate for the lifetime seat on the Supreme Court to read more at…..09/stevens

    Greenwald has since added a lengthy, detailed deconstruction [read: shredding to bits] of the three articles defending Kagan that have appeared since the White House “reached out” at:…..index.html

    It closes with:

    “I’m still waiting for someone, anywhere, to point to something about Elena Kagan that demonstrates commitment to anything other than her career ambitions and institutional loyalties. It’s very understandable why a President would want someone like her on the Court during his time in office, but that’s a far cry from making a case as to why progressives should consider her an acceptable choice to remain on the Court for what likely will be decades.”

  7. says

    I just wanted to report that the Empire Diner isn’t closing, it’s changing ownership. For a second there I thought it was literally shutting down and being carted away like so many other Manhattan diners in the last decade.

  8. jack says

    and now for a moment of shallow…

    OMG.. did anyonc check out kris allen’s brother the cheerleading coach in the pictures on just jared.

    no WONDER he was so comfortable with adam lambert and has been so generally gay positive. my gaydar came out of retirement for that one. not bad looking either, and he DEFINITELY ought to be picking out his brother’s swimwear.

  9. says

    “Call me an old stick-in-the-mud*, but are high-schoolers self-aware enough to realize they’re lesbians already? And even if so, are we encouraging kids that young to identify themselves sexually? What ever happened to the innocence and beauty of youth?”

    Wow. What a patronizing, insulting thing to say. I can’t believe he makes this a left/right issue. So far as I know, encouraging young kids to identify themselves as *heterosexual* has been part of the “innocence and beauty of youth” since the year dot. If a straight kid is self-aware enough to take a girl to the prom, a gay kid is self-aware enough to take a boy.

  10. chris says

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