Evan Lysacek Slams ‘Whiner’ Johnny Weir: ‘They Only Hire the Best’ for ‘Stars on Ice’

You may remember that in early March Johnny Weir was making headlines after he was rejected from the "Stars on Ice" tour for not being "family friendly" enough (read: too gay). The snub inspired action from GLAAD and a press conference in which Weir defended his individuality.

Lysacek In a new interview, Evan Lysacek slams Weir for "whining" saying he wasn't chosen because he's just not good enough:

"'Stars on Ice' is really selective of who they hire and they only hire the best of the best to skate. It would’ve been hard of them to justify hiring him, and I think he was really upset because he wanted the financial benefit of the tour. A lot of us in the skating world were really disappointed in the way he reacted, basically whining that he wasn’t chosen."

Writes Outsports: "No Evan, Johnny wasn’t whining. He was reacting to perceived homophobia. But I guess you wouldn’t know anything about that, since you’re straight as an arrow.

At least Evan left this little gem for us in the interview…  "'Last question: Are you seeing anyone?
I’m single. The reason, well…(laughs)…I’m limited to who I can see. I’m dating in L.A., but I just haven’t found the right girl.'"


  1. Jonathan says

    Truthfully, Evan isn’t completely wrong. The reason Michael Weiss was selected was because at the time he was hired he was the best America had. Arguably, right at this moment, Weir is third best. Usually only Olympic and current World medalists are selected.

    The truth of the matter is that Scott Hamilton really really doesn’t like Weir for a number of reasons other than his being gay. Scott Hamilton is a tremendous person and I suspect his reasons are valid and have to do with professionalism and a personality clash. It’s Scott’s tour. He can choose who he wants.

  2. SkepticalCicada says

    Scott Hamilton is a homophobic bigot, Jonathan.

    And Evan can go fuck himself, or whatever hole he secretly prefers.

  3. realitythink says

    He could just keep his pretty little mouth shut and stay out of it. How about a “no comment”?

  4. dan says

    Its obvious he wasn’t chosen b/c he’s “too gay” (or not family friendly as they put it). The thought of something being “too gay” in figure skating is beyond me. Although I personally find Weir annoying, I think he’s a good role model and is family friendly. He works hard, is one of the best in the world at what he does, and seems like a nice guy. These two clearly hate each other (Weir’s appearance on Chelsea Lately and now this by Evan).

  5. Jonathan says

    You mean like Weir’s little wink on Chelsea Lately. Weir has his ridiculous reality series. He does not give the appearance of taking anything very seriously. His Olympic performance was kind of a shock actually. Had he medaled he would have been selected. But it was iffy at best for him with Stars on Ice coming in 6th. Scott Hamilton is not homophobic.

  6. JH says

    Wot? But, no. The REASON given for Weir’s not being included was his not being ” family-friendly” enough. THAT was the reason, not his skill, as Evan suggests in contradiction to the official reason. This exclusion came on the heels of a string of anti-gay slams against Weir. Weir was absolutely right to speak up.

  7. Jamie says

    See, this is Johnny’s problem – he runs his mouth so much about everything and everything that when he does actually have a legitimate leg to stand on, everyone just chalks it up to him being his “usual whiny self.” Still, SOI’s reasoning behind not including Johnny is basically that he’s too gay, so Evan was off the mark with this one. Although I’m sure Johnny failing to medal or even place within the top 5 at the Olympics certainly didn’t help his case.

  8. Hank says

    Evan just jumped on the homophobic slam bus. May he rot in hell with the other closeted bitches.

  9. says

    Bottom line in my opinion? Scott Hamilton, Evan Lysacek, and the institution of skating have been outed as homophobic by their treatment of Weir. Whatever the caliber of “Stars on Ice”, it’s clear that a) Johnny Weir is popular among key skating demographics, b) he’s been clearly discriminated against for his ENTIRE career, and c) the reason Johnny Weir was rejected was not because of the caliber of his skating, no matter how his former rival says months later. If Hamilton had thought he could get away with discrediting Weir then he would have rejected Weir as a hack, not because he wasn’t “family friendly”. Whatever queers there are in figure skating have let themselves become the bullies from whom they fear reprisals, and there is nothing more despicable than a self-loathing, hypocritical bully.

  10. says

    Just so y’all know, “whining” about perceived homophobia is not the same as outting people classlessly, acting like a jackass while masturbating with a massaging wand and blaming homophobia for the reason for not inclusion in a family show…

    If anything, Lysacek is being kind by keeping the issue a criticism of Weir’s professionalism and skill.

  11. Taylor says

    Lysacek’s comment might make sense, as long as you don’t look at the roster of skaters who have previously skated with Stars on Ice.

    Johnny Weir has credentials equal to or better than a number of people who have skated with this company.

  12. kerry says

    if evan wants to be in the closet….so what. he’s not out there making laws that affect our lives.

    it’s his business…not ours.

  13. Eugene says


    “Johnny – love him, love his honesty.”

    Honesty? Are you kidding? He never admitted that he’s gay. That’s why the whole Weir-Lysacek thing is just closeted gay men being catty. Weir is not a hero.

  14. Robert says

    The thing is, Johnny himself did NOT make an issue of the Stars on Ice thing. The media hopped all over it and asked about it at every turn. And Johnny made it clear that he had NEVER been invited, even when he was the national champion.

    Retire, Evan, I’m quickly becoming sick of you and your “girlfriends.”

  15. Eugene says


    “if evan wants to be in the closet….so what. he’s not out there making laws that affect our lives.”

    Politicians make anti-gay laws precisely because many gay people “want to be in the closet”. Have you never heard how anti-gay bigots dismiss gay rights because gay people are “a tiny minority”? We’re all in this together.

  16. JimmyD says

    Amazing. All the seething, loathsome, HATE that is being spewed from gay people to/about a gay person.
    Why should straight people get all the fun of gay bashing, eh?

  17. Eugene says


    “Amazing. All the seething, loathsome, HATE that is being spewed from gay people to/about a gay person.”

    Do you really believe that we should never criticize a gay men just because he’s gay?

  18. rduke says

    Evan you are a coward and a hypocrite. Disgusting. I really can’t stand cowards who hide in the closet while others fight for their rights. Then he’ll come out when the coast is clear.

    F#ck off Evan!

  19. TANK says

    lysacek has worse gayface than weir. Stars on ice IS very selective…in choosing which dude gets to skate in a sequin vest. Not just any homosexual can wear the frilly shirts and over the top hats–it has to be a closeted one. It’s in the rulebook near having sex with men doesn’t count if you say no homo exactly three times before and after.

  20. Rick says

    Weir is a three-time US champ who has never been invited to do SOI. It’s nonsense to say he wasn’t good enough.

  21. Philip Wester says

    Can people stop making excuses for “Stars on Ice”?! We have PROOF that they are homophobic. They expressively stated that Weir was not hired because he wasn’t “family friendly” enough. It’s not about personality clashes, professionalism or anything. It’s about “the gay” and that’s all there is to it!

  22. Paul R says

    Johnny attracts lots of attention but could hurt ticket sales in parts of the country because of his gayness. It seems to me a business decision informed by homophobia.

    I’m sure some tween girls (or boys) would love to see him perform in outrageous outfits (he’s kind of like a male Lady Gaga in that sense), but their parents would feel squeamish about attending or allowing the kids to attend.

  23. Trasker says

    Oh please. Weir is one of the few skaters non-skate fans would actually know and pay to see. This high-school-girl back and forth makes me hate both of them.

  24. Bill says

    Evan Lysacek is gay. Every person who pretends to be heterosexual and hides their homosexuality only to water carry for heterosexual prejudices needs to be outed. Evan is out there making sure gay people can’t be openly gay in figure skating AND be successful.

    Johnny’s free skate program at the Olympics was the third highest in terms of difficulty. He skated it near perfect yet placed sixth despite three competitors ahead of him falling once or twice. There was massive prejudice to keep Johnny off the podium and out of the exhibition skate.

  25. Tonic says

    Johnny Weir is the only current skater who would get me to buy a ticket. His skating is artistic and technically fantastic as well. For me, it has nothing to do with him being gay or not. It has to do with what I see and hear from him.

    To me, Evan Lysacek is dull, paint-by-numbers skating that is technically good, but missing soul. Being catty and deceitful only adds to the pile that is Evan. He’s a homophobic gay…ugh.

  26. Deborah says

    This is all about their perception of Johnny and his sexuality, but since when has Evan been with a woman in a long-term relationship. Never! At least Johnny is himself and doesn’t pretend to be something he is not. He is genuine and not phony unlike Evan. Johnny is the greatest figure skater of my generation and I think Evan is jealous of that. His fans always fight for him on everything, but not Evan’s. Johnny has been a three-time champion and sells out the tours in other countries and would have helped Stars On Ice make a hell of a lot more money than they are. He and Mr. Hamilton are bigots, plain and simple and they deserve bad things to happen to them for their treatment of others.

  27. neverstops says

    team Weir all the way

    i like his rebel spirit

    exactly what figure skating needs to expose its hypocrisy

  28. Tralfaz says

    @ Jakeinlove – You know that’s right! These two twunts need to get a room and fuck their brains out.

  29. nic says

    the only queer who comes out on top ethically is johnny. evan can go suck hamilton’s dick.

  30. Spongey says

    I thought Evan was on People Magazine claiming that his “beard/gf” was Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin? Did he forget about her already now that’s been hanging out in WEHO? LOL!

  31. Jim says

    I don’t care if Evan is gay or not. He is so much more classy than Johnny. I’ve never liked Johnny, he gives the rest of us gays a bad name.

  32. Teryn says

    Do you really believe that we should never criticize a gay men just because he’s gay?

    I think it depends on why you’re criticizing. If we criticize because they’re “not gay enough” or “not gay like you think they should be” or because “they’re not out” then no we shouldn’t.

  33. EJ says

    What about the consistency that is required to perform at every performance, Evan has that ability Johnny doesn’t . . . check out their competitive records. You can’t just do it when you feel like it; Athletes of this caliber have to be professional, not Prima Donnas
    This is a business to make money; Scott Hamilton is smart enough to hire only individuals he knows will perform at each and every performance. Get off the gay/straight bandwagon, Let Johnny write his book, go to fashion design school, produce another TV special (without any merit) and worship at the shrine of Lady Gaga,

    None of which have given the Gay community any merit it just keeps the frame of homophobia live and well, Grown up boys!

  34. Sooki says

    Evan also insulted Plushenko in the interview but that part isn’t mentioned. It’s not just an Evan/Johnny thing. Evan is not a nice person, never has been.