1. says

    @DAVID: LOL!

    As a Dem I have to say that I love watching them eat their own. All of these “gay” Republican’t groups are like field slaves auditioning for a job in the big house.

  2. ravewulf says

    In other words, “GOProud” is going the same way as the rest of the Republican leaders: to the extreme right where they fall off a cliff where they will never get mainstream support. Can’t wait till both of them become irrelivant.

    In another note, can we PLEASE get some Bold Progressives on the Democrat side!

  3. Jon says

    Every time we talk about how fucking stupid and self-hating gay Republicans are, there’s always someone who tells us that it’s important for some queer people to be in the party, working to change it from within. And then the gay Republicans do this, undermining the guy who doesn’t hate us in support of the candidates who do.


  4. walter says

    goproud is a contraction in terms. how can you be proud gay and repuklican. i used to vote repuklican every election but never again. you don’t vote for people who hate you and wish you only harm. gay repuklicans must really hate themshelves to keep voting and supporting canidates that want to take away our rights. it is time to start thinking of ways of electing LGBT friendly canidates and that means totally turning your backs on the repuklicans. they may meat some of your social goals but they hate you and will do everything to take away
    your rights.goproud and log cabiners must finally realize the party of Lincoln has become a party of hate and limiting people’s rights

  5. HawaiiBill says

    These idiots have also endorsed the Republican City Council member Charles Djou who is proudly AGAINST civil unions here for the 1st Congressional District. Both of the Democrats running in the special election are supportive of it and Ed Case supports marriage equality.

    So how ridiculous are these Republican “activists”?

  6. says

    GOProud and Barron in particular are sad cases: they’re a group of boys whose parents do not love them.

    They’re Republican suck-ups, not because they believe in the GOP, but because it’s the only way their parents will Tolerate them, and let them sit at the Big Kid’s Table at holiday dinners.

    Make no mistake, the “men” of GOProud are building no bridges, nor are they changing hearts and minds. It’s all about saving their own asses to their bigoted families, who are indeed anti-gay. The GOProud hatred against, uh, “liberals”, is just very sad. These little boys are angry at the very people responsible for any freedoms and liberties as gay men that they now have.

    Why so angry, then?

    Simple, it’s called “I don’t want what I haven’t got” – they have to convince themselves that liberals are the enemy, as it’s the only way for them to make it though each day ….keeping themselves from accepting the reality that their parents are utterly ashamed to call them their Sons.