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Jamie Foxx: I'm Not Gay (and I Could Eat Pizza in a Male Shower)

Late last week Jamie Foxx denied he's gay in response to suggestions made earlier in the week by fellow Sirius radio host Howard Stern. The two radio hosts are in the midst of an on-air war.

Foxx Said Stern of Foxx earlier last week: "He seems to be in some bizarre thing where he wants to start in with me so that he can get some attention for his channel on the Foxxhole, which is an interesting name too. The hole. I wonder which hole they're referring to? How many holes are in Jamie? He's got an ass and a mouth. I don't know what he does with them...I gotta sh*tload of stuff on Jamie which isn't a lot of fun...even the name change to Foxx, it's interesting that he chose the name 'Jamie,' I could get into the whole f***ing thing...My guess is we're probably not on the same team. I think he's playing for a way different team. I don't know what team he's on but it ain't my team."

Said Foxx on Friday: "I'm not gay...A lot of people say that I'm gay and that doesn't bother me, because I could eat a pizza in a male shower and not feel anything because I'm secure with myself. And I'm not gonna take that, Coward Stern. I'm not gonna take that from a person who has chronic gonorrhea."


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  1. I love Howard, my day wouldn't be the same without him.

    Posted by: carl anthony | Apr 5, 2010 2:04:40 PM

  2. And I don't like Howeird Stern. It's gotta hurt him that no one wants him to be gay.

    Posted by: Charlie | Apr 5, 2010 2:10:12 PM

  3. Foxx is a fox, that's for sure, but, um, is that pizza with sausage?

    Posted by: jamal49 | Apr 5, 2010 2:21:26 PM

  4. First of all, Jamie Foxx is one smokin' hot dude.
    Second of all, this guy is one of the hugest, if not THE hugest talent in the USA.
    He's a fantastic actor, an awesome singer, an amazing dancer, he's handsome and has a SMOKIN' sure-would-love-to-bed-that body!
    I've always gotten a slightly gay vibe from Jamie --not anything effeminate, just a certain reserve that I think a lot of gay men cultivate to protect themselves from what can be a hostile world at times.
    Jamie, hope you are gay! But if you're not, that's cool with me too. And while I like Howard Stern, he shouldn't try to present himself as open-minded when he's obviously got a hang-up about gay people, baiting Foxx the way he is.

    Posted by: dan cob | Apr 5, 2010 2:32:46 PM

  5. Foxx has been an arrogant asshole since he won his Oscar. Plus how many straight men take nude shots and send them out on the net?

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Apr 5, 2010 2:33:33 PM

  6. Jamie may be a Foxx, and Stern looked better as a day-shift tranny hooker several years ago, but NEITHER of them piques any interest for me. Am I missing something?

    I've been strickly dickly for ages now but I'd take a healthy dose of Rachel Maddow each and every day of the week over these two clowns...and that's quite willingly.

    Posted by: FizziekruntNT | Apr 5, 2010 2:35:34 PM

  7. Okay, that came out wrong and I was indeed comparing peaches to bananas...

    I just love Rachel Maddow and she's actually attractive enough visually AND verbally to be seen. I can't watch Stern, and Jamie? Stick to acting. Please. But whatever, I'm sure as hell not their target demographic.

    Posted by: FizziekruntNT | Apr 5, 2010 2:38:16 PM

  8. That pic of Jamie with his jeans almost down to the root of his "piece" is a REAL TURN ON for me. Keep goin!

    Posted by: dan cob | Apr 5, 2010 2:40:32 PM

  9. "Second of all, this guy is one of the hugest, if not THE hugest talent in the USA."

    I think my hyperbole meter just detonated. The song "Blame It" excludes Jamie Foxx and the word talent from ever appearing in the same sentence. Talented people don't auto-tune.

    Posted by: crispy | Apr 5, 2010 2:46:10 PM

  10. I'd like to hear what Howard Stern has on Jamie Foxx. I hope this escalates.

    Posted by: bunker | Apr 5, 2010 2:47:10 PM

  11. What does pizza in a shower refer to?

    Posted by: anon | Apr 5, 2010 2:54:38 PM

  12. Can I be excused if I don't understand the pizza in a shower thing?

    Posted by: Butch | Apr 5, 2010 2:55:32 PM

  13. Yeah, it must be a slow gay news day.

    Foxx is very nice looking, yes, with some acting talent but c'mon...well, moving right along.

    Posted by: Chitown Kev | Apr 5, 2010 2:57:53 PM

  14. What the cuss does pizza in a shower have to do with anything? I don't get it?

    Posted by: Jersey | Apr 5, 2010 3:06:19 PM

  15. I mean I can eat a pizza in the middle of an orgy, that doesn't prove I'm not gay?

    Posted by: Jersey | Apr 5, 2010 3:07:27 PM

  16. Stern really makes me angry. He's trying to "out" Foxx as if it's a bad thing to be gay, he's not doing it to be funny - he's being malicious about it.

    Posted by: KFLO | Apr 5, 2010 3:37:14 PM

  17. And Howard Stern accuses Foxx of trying to stir publicity?!

    Seriously, dude.

    Posted by: stephen | Apr 5, 2010 3:39:19 PM

  18. Go Howard!

    Posted by: TPL | Apr 5, 2010 3:46:53 PM

  19. I have a friend who has been entertainment journalist for 20 years. She has interviewed *everybody* in Hollywood. And she will tell you that *no one* has ever been as rude and arrogant to her as Jamie Foxx.

    And CRISPY is correct. Talented people don't use AutoTune.

    Posted by: peterparker | Apr 5, 2010 3:56:15 PM

  20. Team Howard on this one. Have you ever heard Foxx sing live. It's not pretty at ALL.

    Posted by: Name: | Apr 5, 2010 4:33:45 PM

  21. I used to work at a "shall be nameless" high end specialty store on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills. I saw Jamie Foxx in the store several times when he had his TV show and he was definitely cruising women. He looked hot and his career was on the rise. There were a lot of attractive men working in this store who would have been more than happy to bed down with Jamie, but he only had eyes for the ladies. Sorry, I think the Stern story is bullshit!!

    Posted by: Greg | Apr 5, 2010 4:54:40 PM

  22. Butter face, butter face and those giant Chiclets teeth. Fugly.

    Posted by: GGREEN | Apr 5, 2010 4:57:46 PM

  23. Jamie Foxx looks like that dude from

    Posted by: Allan | Apr 5, 2010 5:02:48 PM

  24. What's sad is that no one is calling Stern out for his obvious homophobia. Stern alleges that Foxx is gay in an attempt to hurt Foxx.

    Where is the outrage? Stern is trying to make being gay wrong.

    Posted by: Aldrich | Apr 5, 2010 5:29:21 PM

  25. Howard's very pro-gay. He hosted a bachelor party on-air for George Takei and it was HYSTERICAL. He's had tons of gay guests and has interviewed them with the same vigor as straight guests.

    Tag is incorrect, Andy. Howard K. Stern was Anna Nicole's lawyer.

    Posted by: John | Apr 5, 2010 5:54:04 PM

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