Jamie Foxx: I’m Not Gay (and I Could Eat Pizza in a Male Shower)

Late last week Jamie Foxx denied he's gay in response to suggestions made earlier in the week by fellow Sirius radio host Howard Stern. The two radio hosts are in the midst of an on-air war.

Foxx Said Stern of Foxx earlier last week: "He seems to be in some bizarre thing where he wants to start in with me so that he can get some attention for his channel on the Foxxhole, which is an interesting name too. The hole. I wonder which hole they're referring to? How many holes are in Jamie? He's got an ass and a mouth. I don't know what he does with them...I gotta sh*tload of stuff on Jamie which isn't a lot of fun...even the name change to Foxx, it's interesting that he chose the name 'Jamie,' I could get into the whole f***ing thing...My guess is we're probably not on the same team. I think he's playing for a way different team. I don't know what team he's on but it ain't my team."

Said Foxx on Friday: "I'm not gay...A lot of people say that I'm gay and that doesn't bother me, because I could eat a pizza in a male shower and not feel anything because I'm secure with myself. And I'm not gonna take that, Coward Stern. I'm not gonna take that from a person who has chronic gonorrhea."